Friday, April 3, 2009

Page 1 HD

I finished page 1 last night and started page 2. I really needed this SAL! I'm getting stitches in my CtS. The only other thing I can say is FREAKING BLACK! Every stitch I put in on page 2 is black. I've almost gone through a whole skein already.


CathE said...

Keep at it, the black might drive you nuts but the results are brilliant. It's looking wonderful.

Carolyn NC said...

It looks beautiful! While black is sooo boring after a while, there is something to be said for stitching the same color for awhile on a HAED! :)

Gabi said...

It's looking good. And it's quite speedy too. :)

Wendy said...

This looks so beautiful, can't wait to see this one grow!

Marie said...

Hello !

I already told you that I love the chart you choose, but I want to tell you again how it is beautiful ! And your work looks gorgeous ! I know that stitching a lot of black is not always pleasant, but you'll see, this black will reveal the rest os the chart. It will highlight the other colors like the beautiful wings of the dragonfly that I can see on your finished page 1.
It really looks beautiful ! This is a very good job !
Happy stitching to you !

Cindy F. said...

Jan, right now I'd trade with you!!
I'm doing nothing but confetti stitches;)
Beautiful stitching girl!