Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Progress Passes Inspection

I have some progress to show...although it doesn't look like much, I've actually doubled how much I had stitched before. Miss Pollyrose (my dance partner when DWTS is on) got curious and had to see what was propped up on her window seat (for the best natural light) when I was taking the progress pic. I LOVE this pic!


Escher, the fish

Finally the fish. As good as on the bottom. where many fish simply hang out. Because of here in the Netherlands two weeks , nice weather, I have less time in stitching. But that's okay. Gardening is fun. The blossom of the plum tree in full bloom. Many of bikerides with my new bike. It is also the only thing I can move on. Walking is still a disaster. Tendon inflammation that would not go away. next week I get orthotics. I hope that brings some relief

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Start Sal!

So I had my rubber arm twisted to join the New Start SAL on the HAED BB!!!

I will be starting Ganesha.  He will be stitched on 22 count Hardanger,  probably 2 over 1 full crosses!


I will update this post with the after!

Can't wait!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roll Call

Tomorrow starts the year's first New Start SAL, along with the Retired Artists SAL.  So, who here is making a new start?  If you're joining in the SAL with a new start post a link here to your chart (on the HAED site).  We want to see!

I am continuing work on the retired LR chart Goblin Tree.  I'm trying to finish it this year.  So I'll be drooling over your new starts!

Also, just wanted to let you know that I am still working on the Member/Buddy lists.  We have 5 more full member openings available.  I am going through the requests in the order in which they were received.  I email the requestors (in order) and have to wait to hear back from them (or not!) on whether they are still interested in becoming members.  So it's an involved (long) process.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on Faery 2

Finished page 2, it is stitched on 20 ct. evenweave, 2 over 1.  Michele's charting is really good on these blues.  I hope you are enjoying Spring, we are raising chicks right now while waiting for the snow to melt!  Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Avarice Page 5 complete


I have been working on Dahlig's Avarice. I am stitching one over one full crosses on 25ct Lugana. Page 5 is finally complete :)

2 pics, a close up of the page I finished and an overview. I am keeping this in rotation for the time being as I seem to be pretty much stuck into it and making progress.

My Blog:


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

QS Curl Up with a Good Book

More progress has been made.  I love the colors of the books - I wish they were on my shelves.  Can't wait until I get to the dragon.

Warmth of Home by roteña30

hi this haed I asked my husband because he eencanto when he saw it, it takes a while I've been doing stand porq other haeds and now is the time to return it to resume

It is called Warmth of Home by Schim Schimmel and I'm doing in panama fabric, hope to upload soon more advances, kisses


Lady Godiva

For Christmas I received a RAK from Liz, over on the HAED BB. It is Mini Gypsy Firefly, straight from the top of my wishlist! I started on Christmas Day, but after a couple hundred stitches I decided I didn't like the way it looked. Restarted in tent, but didn't like it either. Retarted on a totally different fabric and count and thought I could live with the results. Nope. So now I've put her away to cool off until I get a new piece of fabric. I really hope a fresh start will keep my love of her alive!

Meanwhile, Lady Godiva insisted on some attention! Here she is where I started back last week.

I am a slow stitcher, but hopefully I'll find my way back here much sooner with an update on her!

Happy stitching to you all!

Monday, March 19, 2012

White Tiger, David Penfound

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Still nothing. Worked for several hours on Sat/Sun, only to realize on Sunday that I'd hopelessly miscounted and didn't know where it began. Fortunately, I really hadn't done that much, but still, to go back to the beginning . . . . Hours of pulling & cutting stitches out, so still nothing picture-worthy. Hopefully I will have better luck next weekend. I'd reallyreally like to get this project going.


27º Step

Hello! I love the way it is and I'm coming porfin face, I have wanted to ask that pretty face you have.Galindo

Goblin Tree Update

I wanted to have a page finish before I posted, but it's taking a while.  So here's the latest update on GT.  I have touched the bottom of page 15, even if it's only one stitch way down there at the bottom....
I'm continuing work on it this week.
Happy stitching to you all!
(Xposted from my blog)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cheryl's update: The Lights of Home 2 (Schim Schimmel)

It has been a long while between posts because I had a disaster happen. I lost my glasses I use to do craft! I spent a few days looking for them, then I ordered another pair via I went crazy while I was waiting and managed to do some of the black on the right hand side. The glasses arrived today so I will be able to do my beloved cross stitch again!

There is a close up picture on my blog



Samrtie Pants Pink - Hannah Lynn Update

Here is Smartie Pants Pink.I started her in February and I only stitch her at weekends.She is stitched on 18 count aida 2 over 1.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

So Its Been Awhile!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry its been so long since my last post!

But Since then I have 2 HAED Finishes!

QS"Spring Explosion Mermaid"
I gave this to a friend for their birthday in December! It took nearly 10 months, and that was stop start stitching as well!

My next Finish is -

QS"Sweet Selina"
This took nearly a year to complete! Both were stitched on 18cnt Aida using  2 Strands!

I also have brought a heap of new charts! Damn those sales! Not that I mind!

On Friday I did put some stitches into "Envy" Although I'm not moved to stitch her ATM.

I have started a new piece as well -

QS "Pearl" by Rachel Anderson

QS "Pearl"
and this is my progress after 2 or so sessions.

QS"Pearl" 14th March
QS "Pearl"
Stitched on 18cnt 2 over 1 with DMC threads

So she will go into the semi rotation I have going!

Sorry its been so long, I do keep checking the blog to see what everyone is up to and It wont be so long between post this time! Promise!

Until next time!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unicorn Dream - Week 113, Dreams of Gaudí - Week 108

The Unicorn is progressing nicely, the only thing missing from this page is a small part of the background.

And I've finished page 12 of Gaudí right on schedule! I didn't even count on seeing the first mosaic parts appear on the wall under the corner of the roof! :)

Latest Updates

Its been an age since i last updated, as i have no computer and i am using my phone to surf the web, so since i have access today to a pc i thought i would share some updates
                                              Hannah Lynn Dreaming on  the Farm
Mermaid by Alena Lazareva

QS Daffodil Springs by Hannah Lynn

Lady Godiva By John Collier

Corsair Daemira By Nene Thomas

Mini Sadness Of An Angel by Zindy Nielsen

I am hoping to get more stitched on them this year and no... ( ok not too many ) new starts

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Project

Just an update--I've been meaning to start "White Tiger" by David Penfound. I have yet to figure out how to get pictures up, but since all I have are the materials and the fabric, and no stitches, there isn't much to see.

Kinda busy with school right now (end of final semester of the final year, with the Bar Exam in July), but I'll try do do at least a little and keep everyone posted weekly.

It's a gorgeous design--I'm doing it on a very pale blue-gray 22 count jobelan-esque fabric (don't remember the name). Should look lovely!! (I hope).


Monday, March 12, 2012

College of Magical Knowledge, page 6

Hey everyone,

Just finished page 6 of College of Magical Knowledge.

This is stitched on 25 count antique white evenweave, 1 over 1 with
full crosses, and it's now about 30% done!

Thanks for looking and happy stitching.


New Start

It's been so long since I've posted that I hang my head in shame. But I've made a new start on a new project and there's a little progress to show you. Not much...a little more than 500 stitches. But here it is! Touching the Hem of God by James C. Christensen. I love all the lavenders--which is a good thing because most of the design is lavender background. I'm working one over one, full cross, on 25 count lugana. I'm surprised at how easy it is! The thought of working on such a high count was so daunting that I only worked on 18 count before.

It's good to be back. The stitching you've all posted is beautiful! Thanks to Louanne for updating our membership, which is what motivated me to get back to stitching. I can't tell you how glad I am to get my stitching mojo back!

Dancing with Pussycats

Note to Buddies

Please, please, please, add your name to the body of your email when mailing in a post!  We don't know who posted what, if you don't sign you name.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dragon Knot 2 Progress

12 pages completed. 4 more to go!!


Long time no blog

I know I know. It's been a while since I posted. I finally picked The Astronomer back up. Here is where I was on Wednesday when I started again.

 And this is where I ended last night. I got most of the top of the cage in. I have about a column and a half to do on this page and then on to page 7. I hope to be on page 7 by next weekend.

Lots and lots of black on the next page. Good thing I picked up several skeins.

HAED's Mini Semiyar as of 11th March 2012 (Page 6 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hello again everyone,

Last night I finished page 6 and Semiyar is now the proud owner of a totally stunning face!

Total Progress So Far
I'm totally in awe of how beautifully his face has come out but it's left me with a niggle through. Seeing how flawlessly his face is blended why is the background so patchy.... is it because there are only 20 odd colours in the palette that had meant the background can't be blended more as there aren't enough colours to do so? I've messaged Michele at HAED to see what she says about it but I'm just glad that the appearance of his face actually draws your attentions to Semiyar himself and away from the background so it doesn't look half as bad as it did before but it's still a real shame!

See you all soon!


Doves 20th page finish


11/03/2012 20th page finish (77377/267300)stitch


Train of breams. Karmen, from Spain

Friday, March 9, 2012

Avarice Update


Here is my progress halfway through page 5. It's been long going - I moved house! Sorry for the slow updates.

Avarice by Marta Dahlig, stitched one over one on 25ct Lugana. Next update when I complete the page.


QS Terra Fairy Sprite, QS Siberian Forest

So in the time since I last shared my progress on my projects I have become a full posting member!  Thanks Louanne!

So it has been a long time since I have updated on my projects, I have been doing a little on alot of different ones.  So I will stick with the most recent ones!

QS Terra Fairy Sprite

Sorry about the blurryness of the photo!  I am so close to finishing the top row on this, next time for sure!

QS Siberian Forest

I am really liking how this guy is turning out!  Can't wait for his next turn in the rotation!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello from a new member

I've graduated! I was Mel's buddy and now I'm a member of this precious group of little stitches lovers. My name is Evalina, I live on the very far north in the Yukon, Canada (that's right beside Alaska). I cross stitch for over 20 years (still love it!) but maybe just a couple of years ago or so I've got brave enough to stitch one of HAED pieces. Currently I'm working on Computer Catastrophes (Randal Spangler) and Guardian Angel (L.A. Williams). I'm just on the second page of Guardian Angel:

Fabric: 22ct hardanger Water Gray
Floss: DMC
Stitched one over one with 2 threads of floss

So long friends,

Butterfly Galore Storykeep (Lunitaloca)

This one I'm stitching when I go away from home.... It's the little one I have for taking away with me.
It goes slowly because I dedicate most of my time to Treasure Quest, but still going....
I've been stitching this for 51 hours now. 
I think colors are really beautiful....  hope you enjoy with WIP.

Treasure Quest (Lunitaloca)

Hello everybody!
Here's a new update of Treasure Quest!   696H already and starting page 16.
I don't know the name of the cloth I'm using but I can tell you I'm stitching 11 crosses per cm
This was the littlest I could fine and I love to do it so tiny you can't almost see the crosses....
Hope you like it... I'm working really hard on it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Middle Earth, page 1!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post my progress of page 1 of Middle Earth.

I'm stitching it on 25 count antique white evenweave, 1 over 1 with DMC threads.

This one is actually a really challenging stitch. A sea of browns and
a surprising amount of confetti!

I will hopefully have a page finish on College of Magical Knowledge
soon. Until then, happy stitching!


Just a quick update on Felicia by Hannah Disney.  It is stitched on 18 ct. baby afghan fabric--not the best choice-- but I needed an inexpensive large piece of fabric.  I love the tie-dye effect in the design. 
Amanda's Mom (Robyn)

New Member Intro


I'm Kathleen--new to HAED and to this blog. Excited to be here, and to share my love of all things cross-stitch with all of you. Have a great day--I look forward to 'meeting' you all!

Happy stitching :)


Goblin Tree Page 14 Complete

 (xposted from my blog)
Pay no attention to the wrinkles.  I was trying to get a pic in sunlight, and I couldn't flatten it out that well.  Since I finished page 14, I figured it was time to take it off the rods and get a full pic.  You can see I've started page 15.  Pages 15 and 16 are the last full pages to be stitched, after that there are only 4 half pages to go.  If I can concentrate on this, I may be able to finish it this year!

Faerie Melody as of 5th March 2012 by Gizzimomo

Here's my latest progress shot of Faerie Melody after 12 pages (3 columns of pages). The next column should reveal the faerie herself!

Going to work on Mini Semiyar for a while before coming back to Faerie Melody.


25º step

I am very pleased with the progress of this week, I have wanted to see the wing and face!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dragon Knot Update

I've finished one more page. Only 5 more pages to go!! I am looking forward to finishing this project this year!

Angelic, Queen of Hearts and The Last Leaves

During the last months I have spent my little free time in various charts, but I have no great advance in any of them.
In Angelic progress has been on heaven, the face will be the next step.

I finished another page of Queen of Hearts.

I also started Faces of Faery 75, on Lugana fabric 2 on 1, but I didn't like the result and I undid it to restart it 1 over 1.

And fnally a few weeks ago I decided to start The Last Leaves,  another design of Jasmine Becket Griffith but my progress has been very small and most of it in white colour. I'm doing in Lugana fabric, 1 on 1.

In my next update I hope to show you something much better...

Happy stitching!