Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need your help with blog...

Whenever you post, would you please label your name and pattern name....don't need designer names....list already very long:) You may want to scan through the labels (below the member's list on right) to see how we've already got you set up. If you'd rather be under another label name, feel free to go to posting and edit to change:) We really appreciate your help!

This will help me when it comes down to drawing for the monthly giveaways. I just added 100 labels, but have another 300 to go...unless you'd like to help by adding your own:)

I'm in the process of cleaning up! So if you've never posted, expect an email soon:) We'd hate to lose you, but Wendy and I need to know if you've joined to post or just look. We have a list of people wanting to join and I know we don't have 100 members posting progress pics....some have never posted at all.

Thanks for your help and have a great week!

Cindy F. & Wendy


Suzie said...

I'm sorry Cindy & Wendy! I'll try and do better with the labels. It isn't personal, I have the same problem on my own blog, too!

Most of the time, I remember after the fact, and go back and change them, but I know that yesterday I didn't for either post, and I see that you already added them for me. I apologize for causing you the extra work. You already have enough to do!!

You have a great week, too!!

Yvonne said...

Sorry about that too, Cindy and Wendy. I just edited all mine. I thought it will be better to label mine as Koukiotis Sleeping Beauty as there are other designers that have their artworks by the name of Sleeping Beauty too. I also label my name. Please let me know if I am doing it correctly. Else I can always edit them again. Thank you so much for the clarifications :0)))


Gabi said...

I'm not sure if I labeled my posts correctly or not - but will do so in future.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to place a reminder to the left side (How to label posts"? People might forget and new members have no clue.

Bellatrix said...

I'm really sorry too - but now I'm learning - and from this on, I put those labels there - promise!

Sjoukje said...

Hi! I just checked mine and I missed a few labels, so I just labeled them. It's indeed great when it's so easy to find each others work.
I hope everybody labels their blogs, you have enough work already!

stitchinfiend said...

I have just been labelling my posts with my name and name of the chart I am stitching so I did it right for once......LOL.

Cindy F. said...

Thank you so much for your help!!
It's just that labeling makes it easier for us to keep up with members,,,especially during drawings. We've had some non-members enter the giveaways and they're not eligible. Also we have to make sure the winner actually posted a stitching progress post in the month of the drawing.
I just checked another 100 and you guys really made a difference:)

Sabine S. said...

Oops...:-( Will start doing better. This is my first blog experience and I forget to label most of the time. But since I'm a stickler for doing things right, I will step up and remember.