Saturday, February 28, 2009


G'day (that shows I'm an Aussie btw). This is my first post here. I'm a new convert to HAED, and also to blogging. I'm started doing both this year, and I am really enjoying the new experiences. I started my HAED Jolly Old Fellow on January 19. It's by far the largest project I've attempted, and it has taught me so much about myself that I probably was happier not knowing, though I'm sure the additional self-insight will make me a better person in the long run (here's hoping, anyway). Up till now my largest projects have been L&L and Vermillion, and it's never taken me more than 4 months to finish a project.

Anyway, one day (some year yet to be determined), the fabric currently in my floor-frame will look just like this lovely Santa on the left. I'm stitching on page 3 at present, about half-way through. This week I've had a tiny little glitch (read - two days of pulling out my hair and counting , counting, counting) due to my putting in an extra stitch at the top of page 3. I think I have it sorted out - well, at least a plan that sounds workable to get it back on track. I'm working on JOF for all but one week each month. Next week is a JOF-free week for me. Actually I'll be away from home in the campervan, holidaying by the coast, and JOF will stay safely at home. The pic on the right is what it looked like last week. I'll pop in tonight at the end of my stitching session and put in this week's progress pic.

I'm Off to a Sit-and-Stitch!!

Hey Friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!! I'm off to San Antonio to join in an overnight sit-and-stitch @ Penny's ! I'll be back home tomorrow morning, so if you email or request membership I won't see it til then. Wendy's in Belgium, me in the we're on the blog at different times. Just leave a comment with your email address so she or I can email you back if you need us:) or email us directly or Wendy @ info@in2hobby . Thanks for visiting:) and happy stitching!!

Mich - With a little help from my friends ;-))

I'm so happy !!! Wendy got the most fantastic idea to scan 1 page of the pattern that I had bought in her shop and send it to me, so I could already start with the challenge anyway. That way I didn't had to wait 5 weeks before I could start. That really made me so happy that she wanted to do this.
So this morning I ran to the shop to buy some fabric to stitch on, and this afternoon I have not done anything but ... yes, of course, cross stitching !!!
I'm so glad I could already start earlier than expected, so on Friday I will be back to show you the first stitches that I have done. Have a great weekend everybody and hope you also have some time to do some crafting ...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wendy's progress on 02/26/09

Hi everyone,

My name is Wendy and the second moderator here of this freshly new blog. Cindy thanks for the great work setting this blog up! Couldn't have done it like you did. I live in Zaffelare Belgium and recently started my first HAED pattern called "Land Of Enchantment". Last week I did my first 600 stitches and this is what it looks like, mostly black and not much to see because I started on the top left corner which is a lot of black, so it will take a while before there's anything to see.

Progress 02/26/09

And this is what I'm stitching

Wishing everyone lots of stitching fun, and feel free to join our group.


Mich - So excited !!!!

I'm sooooooooo excited !!! I just joint this HAED SAL and I'm really looking forward this.

I did order my HAED at Wendy's In2hobby, but I just have 1 BIG problem !!! I'm a Belgian girl living in Sweden, which means that I'm only in Belgium every now and then. So next time I will be visiting Belgium will only be in 5 weeks. Normally I'm quit a patient person, you learn this when living abroad and not always having the possibility to go home when you want it or need it, but this time I really don't have any patience. I want to, want to, want to have that HAED that I ordered ;-))

This is the one that I ordered, the "Cabin in the woods". My goal is to have it finished by Christmas, or am I too ambicious now? Anyway, I'm looking sooooo forward to start this big work. The last months I have been working on some smaller stitching works that I will use on my scrapbooking pages, but I'm looking forward to working on a big work again.

There is actually already another HAED laughing at me too, and that's this one here, the "Up up and away". I will have a look at it when I'm at Wendy's and probably that one will also find his way to Sweden. My next goal for X-mas 2010 hihi !!!

The only thing I really find a pity now, is that I can't start joining in for real yet, but I just read on Kim's blog that there are freebies on HAED's website, and there are some smaller onces that I really like. So perhaps I will make a little one first, to fill the gap between now and the moment when I will have my "Cabin in the woods" in my hands. I can perhaps use a smaller one on a card that I make. I always like to combine different crafts together. This afternoon I will have a look in my supply to see with what I can come up with.

For the moment I'm busy with a little Popcorn stitching work, and I'm not far from finishing it, but I have the feeling that this one will go at the side now, because I'm really so enthusiastic to start on the HAED challenge.

Kim's Small Start

Hi Everyone! I'm Kim and I found out about HAED through Wendy's and Cindy's blogs! I went to the HAED site . . . and WOW! Such beauty! Since this group was starting I decided to quickly get my feet wet and downloaded from their site the freebie pattern "Bunny on Path".

I didn't get a chance to really organize my threads yet, so I didn't get very far in my stitching. I attempted to do 3 squares, but this was as far as I got. I'm working on white evenweave, and I started stitching the top left corner of the design.

My next quandary is which of the complete HAED patterns to purchase! My head is spinning! I can't wait to see every one's progress.

Week of 2/22/09's progress

Hello and Welcome to Cindy and Wendy's HAED SAL Blog!

I'm Cindy F., one of the moderators here. I live in Texas, U.S.A.
I started my HAED 1/2/09. I've tried to stitch 2-4 blocks a week and I can finally see a picture develop:) This week I stitched close to 800 stitches.

My very first HAED and it's called "St. Nick in His Study" by Michele Sayetta and Artwork by Scott Gustafson. I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 25ct. Dublin Linen. (I am definetly no photographer!)

This is what I'm hoping to achieve:)

Can't wait to see what your stitching!

Cindy F.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome HAED Friends!

This blog was created by Cindy F. and Wendy for HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) stitchers all around the world to stitch-a-long, encourage, inspire, learn from one another and build friendships along our stitching journeys. No matter how small or large your HAED Design may be, we hope you'll join us in posting your progress and finishes. We have set a SAL (stitch-a-long) day for Thursday, but if that doesn't always work for you, we hope you'll stitch and post whenever possible and post your progress weekly. For those who haven't quite worked up the courage ;) to start an HAED project yet, we hope you'll enjoy watching ours progress and join us soon!! Let's encourage each other by commenting and cheering each other on. Advice and helpful hints also welcome:)

To join, please leave a comment on this post and we'll send an invitation (to the first 100). PLEASE NOTE: WE MUST HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND YOU AND INVITATION!!! YOU MAY EMAIL US @ or IF YOU DON'T WISH TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you're from and what you're stitching:)
Let's have fun...enjoy our journey together!
p.s. This post is dated months ahead so it will remain at the top of our blog;)