Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September's Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations to Monstermom!! You have won the precious Dimensions Teddy Bear Kit for the September Giveaway offered by Wendy! Please email Wendy with your snail mail address!

I will announce the October giveaway within the next week. I need to think about it:)

And guys, to make our drawings easier, please don't forget to label your posts with your name and design name.

We'll be adding our "Buddy" list on the right sidebar. Sabine has been working very hard to match people up and we really appreciate her time and willingness to do this.

Remember....stitching is relaxing and fun! No stress allowed;) Thanks for being apart of our stress-free fun:) Your work is just AMAZING!!!

Cindy F. & Wendy


Hope you'll join me tomorrow and I really hope I make better progress on my St. Nick!
Last week, the new fall tv programs distracted!

Have fun everyone! Can't wait to see your progress!!

Cindy F.

Maxine's Dragon Riders Progress

Hello everyone long time no see :) I finally got back to some HAED stitching after a stressful few weeks. Out came Dragon Riders, here's my before pic just to remind you all where I had got to....
Here's where it as of lunch time today...this pic is more true to the colours than the one above.

I am staying with this for a couple more days at least so hopefully more progress to show next week...was going to say this page may get finished but then I always jinx myself lol.
Here's DD Jennifer's HAED Puppy Love Fae....

She has got all the way across the top and is now coming down the right hand side. When she has finished this page I'll take a full pic so you can see it in all it's glory :)
Going to spend a few minutes (or should that be hours lol) looking over all your wonderful progress. Keep up the great work ladies.
Thanks for reading and commenting :)

September's giveaway

Hi everyone,

It is a new month so time for a new giveaway :)

We still have to pick the winner for the last month's giveaway. But first I will talk to Cindy to see if everything is OK with her, because she will be sending her giveaway.
We will try to pick a winner very soon!!

In the meantime here is my giveaway for this month.

It is a complete kit from the Dimensions Petites Gold Collection.

If you would like to win this giveaway is like always :

1) just post a comment on this post.
2) You have to post your progress at least once this month.
3) You have to be a member of our HAED SAL blog

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Wendy and Cindy F.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New (Re-start) Excitement

Those of you that keep up with the board are probably already read my posts about the Passione Ricamo 30 ct. evenweave linen that Fudgey suggested. And you know that I wasn't exactly happy with my original start of QS Arthur on 32 ct. I put a few more stitches in on the 32 ct. for the SAL this weekend, but I still wasn't happy with it, so I scrapped it. I re-started it on the 30 ct. (Ivory) on Saturday. Below left is the 32 ct., right is the new 30 ct.

What a difference! I didn't realize how bad it was till I put them next to each other! So I am happy and excitied about Arthur once again. Got approx. 900 stitches in this weekend.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ice Dragon King, not lost

I realized that I hadn't posted this month so.... figured I'd better get in there.
Sorrrrry. Summer is not much of a blogging time for me. I have been looking in and I've been doing a lot of stitching.
My King has about 1/3 of a page away from finishing page 2.

I hope you have all had a great summer and are ready for the next season. The colours are changing here and the maples are looking pretty.
See you again soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Knot by Mel

It's been a while since I've posted. But I have been SO very close to finishing a page that I wanted to wait! So, here it is! Six pages completed!

Blog Buddies

Technology has been fighting me all day. First Yahoo, then Yahoo mail, then Blogger, and of course my own computer! My favorite Crocs, which I have been wearing for a year, just rubbed me a blister while walking the dog!

Anyway, a quick update...

Every stitcher on the waiting list has been contacted. I know for sure that Valerie J., Anna, MarchAnn, and Chrizette wil be joining us! Please be patient a few more days to allow the others to respond, so I can make mindful matches.

Blog Buddies Update

Just a quick update. I have contacted every stitcher on the waiting list. With certainty, Valerie J., Anna, Chrizette, and MarchAnn will be joining us! Please be patient a few more days to give the others time to respond, so I can make mindful matches.

My progress on Land of Enchantment

Hi my friends,

I've been stitching on our Thursday SAL and I'm so happy because I finished my 5th page!! It is always nice to start a new page, isn't it ?

Here is my progress of last week.



I love all of your designs you are stitching and I enjoy watching your progresses. Keep up the good work everybody.

I would love to wish you a wonderful week.


Sunday 27 September

Enchanted Flute

This isn't the greates picture I've ever taken but it gives you an idea of the progress that has been made since last time. This has been all I've stitched on this week and it really shows. The width of the new bit of stitching is pretty much the width of page three. There is still no sign of the butterfly but I'm sure it will show itself soon.

Happy stitching to you all.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sabine's Astronomer

I can't believe another stitchy week has passed already! Here are the before and after pics of The Astronomer.

After all the complaining I did about the black last week, I must be fair and say that #310 and I have made our peace. As you can see, I went out of my way to continue stitching in black! At first I had some technical difficulties with the black, though. The floss is thinner and harsher than the blues and greens I had been using and I had to loosen my stitch tension because the bottom of the crosses were slipping through the Lugana. It also knots alot and frays easily, but the lack of color stimulation has been soothing!

Till next week,

My Thursday's SAL progress on St. Nick!

Finally! TV was so good Thursday night, I watched more than I stitched! I've missed St. Nick!

Today's my 1 year Blogaversary on my other blog and I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter!

Guys, thanks for your patience while I worked through my "empty nest-again" syndrome! Even though son didn't live with us, he was only 4 hours away. Now he's 2200 miles and I'm trying to be a big girl! Everyone's stitching is just so amazing! I'm proud of you all!! You make this blog a great place!! Thanks so much for being apart of it:)

BIG (((HUGS)))
Cindy F.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you and Update

I want to send a HUGE, TEXAS size THANK YOU to each and every one of our wonderful blog members who so quickly volunteered their time and effort to help someone on the waiting list post their HAED progress!!!!!! You are all awesome!

As of today, we have enough volunteers to help EVERY stitcher on the waiting list! Give yourselves a round of applause!

I am currently contacting everyone on the waiting list to see if they are still interested in joining us. As they respond, I will start making matches and will forward the final list to Cindy F. and Wendy. I will then notify you all and we'll take it from there. Should only be a few days.

Again, thank you all so much! I am proud to call you my friends!

Happy Stitching this Week,

All I Have to Show

Is a lot of black. I think I need to get together some more of the colors to add in. I want to get a good portion of page 1 done before I rotate back to Contemplating and I have no idea when or where in this rotation I'm going to put Fantasies. So much to stitch and so little time!

Sandra's progress on Caterpillar

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sandra and I'm from Belgium. I'm very happy that I can enjoy this wonderful group too and post my progresses.

Now I'm working on "Advice from a Caterpillar". I started this one in May and I work on this project every Sunday. It is very relaxing and nice to see my progresses. Ofcourse I also work on different projects which you can see on my blog.

Here is my update on "Advice from a Caterpillar" up till now.

This is how it should look like when it is finished.


QS Reflections 2 Update

I've been terrible about stitching this past month. I seem to be flittering from one project to another. I do have an update on my QS Reflections 2. We now have the start of a wing!

QS White Cat (24/09/09)

I've managed to have another good week working on this project as well as managing to make noticeable progress on some of my other WIPs despite having to have worked every day this week so I'm a happy bunny. I was told when I first starting a HAED project that initially I would not "see" a picture but now things are starting to suddenly come into view. The castle is almost complete and the hills in the background are starting to show. I've just noticed that the colouring around the eye is forming and if you look closely the "spikes" on the yellow under the castle are her ruffle. I hope I have another good week next week and complete the unstitched block of fabric and start a new section.

Here's a pic:-

I hope you are all enjoying your stitching as much as I am, thre is fantastic progress being made in the group along with many new starts. I've not finished one yet and I already have a few lined up!


I only worked at the Astronomer. The mystery was to much 310. Lol the Astronomer to, but there were peaking some nice colors trough. It is the right corner below.

Everybody has so lovely updates and the buddysystem of Sabine is exelent !!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My SAL Update

I have made a little bit of stitching progress on my HAED. It is more of the blue sky. I was going to take a picture, but really there is not much to see, LOL. I love looking at everyone's WIP's; they are beautiful. Have a wonderful, restful stitchy weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wendy's progress

Hi my friends,

First of all Cindy and I would like to thank Sabine for this wonderful idea to help members who are on the waiting list. By this, their progresses can be shown as well and will get encouraged by our wonderful group. Thanks so much for your lovely post.

Who is ready for our next Thursday SAL ? I'm in for tomorrow. Here is my progress of last week and I hope I can finish my 5th page this week.



In the meantime I keep enjoying your wonderful progress. I would love to start a new design. I'm not sure how long it will take me to not start something new. I did collect my threads already for "Santa Claus on the North Pole" and I have my fabric too. Now the only thing I have to do is start on it, but I have already 6 WIP's ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your Attention, Please

As you all know, Our Friends' HAED SAL blog is limited to 100 members. This is a technicality of Blogger, not a limit set by Cindy F. or Wendy. Every three months Cindy and Wendy contact inactive members in hopes of opening up membership. Even so, it seems to me that there is very little member turnover, which means those stitchers on the waiting list, who compliment and encourage us, will continue waiting for quite some time.

I approached Cindy and Wendy with an idea, and they have allowed me to present it to you all. I'm thinking of a " blog buddy" system. Current members would volunteer to receive one e-mail a week from a stitcher on the waiting list. All you have to do is post their progress update and pics as you would your own, of course being clear whose update it is. That's it! The person on the waiting list gets to share their progress on our blog and receive comments and we make new friends and see new patterns evolve.

Again, this is voluntary. If you are interested in helping, please comment on this post or e-mail me privately, and include your e-mail addy. At the end of the month, I will get together with Cindy and Wendy to match up members and those on the waiting list. I'll then contact everyone involved.


Wrath - 1st update

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I was waiting for HAED to chart Marta Dahlig's seven deadly sins series and they put them out about a week and a half ago and of course I had to snag Wrath up right away and have made a pretty good dent in it so far. Here's a link to what it will look like:

And this is where I am at so far which comes out to just under half a page. I am doing this on 18ct aida with 3 strands over 1. This picture came out a bit on the dark side. There is actually quite a lot of dark purple in this but page 1 is mostly background with large chunks of the same color so it's moving along really quickly!

Hope everyone else is well and look forward to all the updates this week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vibrant Vista

It's been a while since I posted an update and progress is very little, since I have been working on gifts lately. And, to be honest, my Houses of Hawk Run Hollow were asking for some attention. But today I want to show you some more sky. Yesterday evening I found some precious time for Vibrant Vista again, inspirated by a dear friend ...

The wizard of Oz

I finished page 5 of The wizard of Oz and I still like this piece of work. The colours are amazing, the photo doesn't really do justice to this stitching.I started the yellow brick road, so that's a big difference in colour. And please don't think this is boring stitching, because yellow has about twenty variations in colour!

At the moment I'm busy with Impossible Love. That's really diffent stitching and I like the variation. When I've finished page 3 of the piece I will show a photo again.

Stitching becomes more and more complicated. It's difficult to sit in a way that doesn't hurt. My belly is becoming really big, the pregnancy is now almost 38 weeks far, so I'm really curious to when the baby decides to come! And I'm tired of course, but that's a good excuse to do nothing else but stitching!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet Gwenevere

Isn't she gorgeous.I am loving the colors and finding it hard to put her down

QS White Cat (17 Sept 09)

Although I didn't post last week as I spent a lovely week away with my partner and our two dogs I did take my stitching with me and managed to do a little. I had quite a good stitching day on Thursday and it wasn't until I took the fabric off my Q-snap that I could see the full effect and it's really pleasing to see the fabric come alive as the picture grows. I still think I will stick to my original plan and leave the facial features of the cat until last. This is how it looked Thursday -

I've also been stitching on this over the weekend and next week I hope to have a lot more to show.

Monday I had a little "shopping spree" and have bought the fabric ready to restart my Cats in the New year. I decided to buy 28 count white cashel linen and I know this will be huge (approx 16" x 32") if I start to save for the framers now I should have enough by the time it's finished which will be in quite a few years time!

After reading a recent post by Louanne where she mentioned the work of Linda Ravenscroft I just coudn't resist this chart

but the problem is there are a set of four so maybe I will have to make another purchase very soon :) If anyone has done any of these I would love to see the pics or if they are on your list of new starts please let me know and maybe we could start together.

It's a lovely day here in the UK so I'm going to sit outside and stitch. Happy stitching.

It's all Sabine's fault!

Yep, she badgered me into starting Astronomer with her. So of course during my LNS's anniversary sale I had to go ahead and buy the fabric. It is 28 ct ivory lugana. The flash washed out the picture somewhat. I started last night and after 2 hours of stitching, in nothing but the cursed black, this is what I have to show. I haven't really kitted it. I decided I would just pull together the floss as I go along. Afterall, what will I need at first besides black?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Progress Dreams of Atlantis

I actually did work on this Thursday for SAL day but got hung up on telephone conferencing all day Friday, sorry, I really did mean to post earlier.
HAED Dreams of Atlantis
artwork by Josephine Wahl
25ct unknown Ivory perle linen
Sept 17th

I had spent two hours earlier in the week putting in more of

I just read over all your wonderful progress posts. I really enjoying seeing everything you are working on. Finishes and new starts and bits here and bits there. It's such fun to see all your work. I really wish I could comment on each post but I've been at the computer for only 20 minutes and my eyes are burning, itching and tearing so bad I have to stop whether I want to or not. Thank you for posting, every time I read about your ups and downs I learn something, or find something new and interesting. Keep up the wonderful work and I'll keep reading about it.

the gridding so I figured I better put in a few stitches also. I think since the last photo I finihed off the bottom of page 1 and started another page. But there is a waaaaaayyyyyy long way to go yet. This is the first piece that I did gridding on that I only did part of the grid before beginning the stitching --- never again. Either do it all or don't do it at all. It's a real pain to have to stop to put in more grid and trying to put in a grid line over existing stitches sucks! I hope you might learn something from my mistake there, I know I did. I know it doesn't look like a whole page, but I did get the large print chart so the pages are much smaller -- but there are way more of them too, I think there are something like 40 more pages to come (LOL).

My blog: Dragon My Needle, home of the Totally Useless SAL come on over and join the fun
My Photo Albums

HAED Guardian

Sorry I've been missing for a while. Since finishing TT Purple Dragon I've been concentrating on Guardian- artwork by Selina Fenech and here's my latest piccie. I have completed 4 pages, only 26 more to go! lol!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Aurora's Garden and The Astronomer

Hello my dear stitchy friends!

Several days this week I did not have time to stitch. :-( But I did spend some time working on Aurora's Garden. Here are the before and after pics:

I also began The Astronomer for Thursday's SAL. Several hundred beautiful black stitches?! Is it too early to complain about needing 15 skeins of #310?
Hope everyone finds some time to stitch this week! May the frogs stay far away and your floss never knot.

Mystery and Astronomer

Well... I have done a tiny bit at the astronomer. 310 again :(. And 3500stitches at the Mystery. In total I have done 6500 and something 310...... Marie I think you have solved the Mystery. It is not so difficult. So many black !!!! And Marie just like you my projects must tell a story. This Mystery is telling a big one...... Just like I did Isabella from Christensen I made tells a story.
I love to see the update from Sabine of the Astronomer. I started in the bottum right corner. With the planets.....
This weekend I dont know if I can stitch a lot. Because i am going to the store to pick up my new motorcycle. It is a Yamaha 600 cc. red color. I will take a picture and add it to my blogg.. !!!! Sunday whem I am done driving around the freeway !!! lol........

Enchanted Flute

Friday 18th September

At last, I've finished page 2!!!!! The next page shows a change of colour as I move on to the butterfly. I'm looking forward to getting away from quite so much 310!
Last post:-

Progress is slow due to my limited stitching time, the number of other projects I've got on the go and the fact that this is pretty much confetti stitching throughout!

Everyone's stitching is wonderful, you are a truly tallented bunch.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chessie Update

Hi Everyone! Sorry for such a long delay in updating. I've been working on Chessie for the past month and boy it's taking me a long time to finish page 2. I am almost finished though and I just am filling in the tons of confetti stitches.

Here's where I was last time:

And this is where I am now:

I am probably going to set this one aside for awhile as I am going to be starting Wrath by Marta Dahlig soon. I was waiting forever for her stuff to be charted and pretty much snatched that chart up as soon as it was. Just waiting for the supplies and I will be stitching her very soon!
Great job on all the progress everyone has made! I love seeing HAED's come to life!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thursday SAL/ Astrid

All right ladies, pull out those HAEDs and fire up your needles! It's time for the Thursday SAL!!!! Hopefully some of you abroad are stitching already. Count me in, in a few hours.

Will anyone else be joining Astrid and myself in stitching The Astronomer?

Astrid, I'm ready to go! Chart is copied, some floss is purchased, bagged, and labeled, and the material is here and cut to size. I'm starting him for the SAL today. Guess what, it starts with #310!

Looking forward to progress pics from all of you this week!!!!!

"Expecting" - First Page Done!

Here is my first progress pic of "Expecting", yay! I set aside my stitching for most of the summer but I sat down this week and worked extra hard to complete this first page, a baby shower gift for my sister.

This is what it will look like when it is done - Expecting, although the fabric I used was a really nice creamy light yellow not like in this picture, will try for a better pic next time. My neice is due to arrive in about a month so it is a race against time now to see how far I can get by then...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Water By Teri Rosario as of September 14th 2009

Worked on Water this weekend. Ended up finishing another page so I have 4 pages completed.

Going to work on Monopoly or my Chatelaine for now


Hello everyone, I was terribly busy this week, and next week also because my mother is ill and in the hospital but I have a little worked on snow white! It is so relaxing and you have to concentrate so that you do not have time to worry! This is my progress this week!

have a nice week erveryone


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twilight shimmer


Oh i can definitely see some progress even though it doesn't feel like it! One of these days i will get the first page finished ... thanks for looking