Monday, May 31, 2010

Die Walküre

Hello everybody !

I have finished the first page of "Die Walküre" (K.Craft).
This is a journey out of words... I am so much enjoying it !

I hope that you will like to see it...

Before :

After :

And a close-up of this first page :

I wish you all a beautiful week, and ...

Happy Stitching !!!


Impossible love

Another update on 'Impossible love', but for me it's very easy to love this work of stitching ;-)
I stitched a lot of wing, but even that colours are beautiful and I enjoy stitching very much. I want to finish these two pages (I glued two pages together, because it worked easier) and then I may work on 'Train of dreams', which I started a few weeks ago. I'll show you a photo of my progress with that in a week or so.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Faery Tales update

Hi All,

Here is an update on Faery Tales.I have finished page 13 and have made a tiny start on page 14.


Medusa from L.A.Williams

I have a new start to take on holiday. There is a lot of the background first to do. Then there's not much to do wrong. It is Medusa of LA Williams. It is a big one. But I do not mind. I will bring enough 3371 because that is the background mainly.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Queen of Spades sends her Regards

Hello everybody !

Purple, Lavender, Violet... Many beautiful names for my favourite color !
And with the chart I'm showing you today, I have everything I could wish for !

In fact, The Queen of Spades from S. Pui-Mun Law has immediately caught my eye.
There are many reasons for this, and the purple atmosphere is one of them.

It is a delight to work on it, and here is the first page finished :

Thank you all, and...
Happy Stitching !!!



Hello everyone, I have a busy week behind and I'm not really able to blog but I worked it a bit further to my first Heaven and Earth "snow white" it did not work really well this time (and it's been so slow ahead ).... sigh ... I have to really struggle through page 3 and am still not finished I think next time (hopefully)! I also show again the picture of the last up date because there's not much difference! Yet a progress of 1200 stitches .....
HUGS Ingrid



Still Waiting

well since my "Jackpot" and "The General" have not come in yet I will be working on my "Northern Tranquility" while at our Stitching Sisters retreat this weekend. I haven't decided if I will take "XMAS" with me yet as I have not really been into it lately. However, I have been busy finishing up a few others if you wish to check them out.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello all my stitching friends!!!

Even though I have not updated in a while, I have been stitching, a little on this, a little on that. Just call me schizostitcher!

I spent a week experimenting with tent stitching. I stitched the same 100 stitch block on different counts of fabric and with different numbers of strands of floss, only to decide I did not like any of them! It is definately faster, but I can see the "slant" and will never be happy with it.

I was very good and did not buy any new charts during the last two sales!!!! I pulled a new one out of my stash. Here is Rhyme and Reason by James Christensen. This is the center panel, starting in the lower left corner. Not much to see yet, except the special appearance by my dear friend # 310!!!!

I also pulled out a freebie, QS Fairy Tales by Selina Fenech, that I started a while back, but tossed aside in frustration. I love the color of the fabric and therefor had to make peace with stitching on 28 ct. The stitches look like little bumps, but I'm getting over it. But the fabric is giving me a headache! It's like stitching on wet gauze, constantly pulling out of shape at the slightest touch. The fibers vary greatly in thickness and thinness, with some closer together and others further apart. My biggest problem? Look at those light stitches just to the left of the red. They're a mess! No matter how carefully I place them, they look horrible! Any ideas how to fix this?

Hope everyone has a great week!

Unicorn Dream; Gaudi

I've returned to the sky in both my wips, although with the Unicorn, it actually means its mane instead of clouds.

However I've really been working on the sky of Gaudí... and one by one I'm going to fill in the small holes in the tower in between larger patches of blue.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been working on the left hand side on the background to the
left of the tiger. Some people have asked whether I like doing the
background or do I find it boring? I like doing it, I don't mind doing
the same colours all the time, if the whole project was confetti, I
wouldn't do it...



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Manhattan Wonderland

Althought I didn't stitch much at all lately, I grabbed my HAED last week and put some stitches in.

Fairy Tales Update (from Chrizette)

As you can see, my Fairy Tales (HAED) has come a long way from my last update.  I am about 1 1/2 pages into this project  and love the way it is coming along.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

update gothic rose


and now... almost this page done!
happy stitching !

From My Buddy, Valerie J.

Update from my buddy:
Hello my friends! Here, finally, is the photo of my fifth page completed. I've finished my page for about two weeks, but have not taken the time to send it. I apologize. I hope you all are well. Your works are beautiful, I admire the picture to each item.
Valerie J.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whats??? Not one but two more????

Oh my goodness, I think I have a problem... yesterday I finally finished of  "The Fortunate Traveller" which is a TWD and being that I have set a date to begin my "Northern Tranquility" I found myself trying to decide which one of the "Gitmedonenext's" I would pick up. Well, without hesitation I picked up
Oh my goodness, I think I have a problem... yesterday I finally finished of  "The Fortunate Traveller" which is a TWD and being that I have set a date to begin my "Northern Tranquility" I found myself trying to decide which one of the "Gitmedonenext's" I would pick up. Well, without hesitation I picked up "My Little Darling" you know that is really named "XMAS" by Sandra Kuck. No problem filling in a square or two,,,no problem at all...Well no problem until I hopped on the email which just happened to have not one but two awesome HAEDS... Now these will hit my pile faster than I can start the darn Northern Tranquility.
Oh man, what's a girl to do???  
this is The General by Bob Byerley
and this one is Jackpot by Bob Byerley.
 Way to go
Got any Loons up your sleeve???
These are just beautiful and man I wish I could stitch faster... Oh well for the rest of the month or until Stitchers Row comes in I will diligently stitch away at "Xmas" 
and post a pic at the end of the month or possibly sooner.
As always...
Be always in stitches


Monday, May 17, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Hello everybody !

Beauty and the Beast... You remember maybe that I already showed you a picture of my start. It was last december I think. But then, there has been a correction on the chart, and the new one was not the same as what I had began to stitch. That's why I stopped it.

But now...

I'm proud to present you the start of the brand new Beauty and the Beast, from Scott Gustafson.
It's a honor for me to work on a design which has been painted with so much care and talent, and charted with a great skilfulness.
Every stitch is a delight. Every minute spent on this journey is a gift.

Here is a picture of my first update, after one week stitching on it :

I hope that things goes well for everyone, and if it's not the case, I hope that stitching is the perfect way to fly to something better...

Thank you all,

Happy Stitching !!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Been away for a while

Hi everyone!  I know I haven't posted in quite a long time but I haven't been working on any HAEDs lately!!!  I'm still stitching but I've been busy with gifts.  I'm hoping to pick up one of my HAED projects soon!  I do still enjoy seeing everyone's progress though!

"Romantic Fool"

Mimosa's latest update

It's been a long time since my last update here.
I had started Galbreth "The Morrigan Tapestry" at last summer. But then I've been not stitching for almost half year. At last I just restarted recently. I've just finished page1. There are beautiful dark blue. I'm stitching it on 20ct aida, 2 over 1.

Thanks for sharing your all lovely progress.
Happy Stitching Everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Train of Dreams

It is so much fun to see this appear. The colors and the things that make this such a happy project. The litlle dragon is sleeping in the wagon. I can not wait to see the next items. I dont think I can make this a secret very long for my Dil. I want to show it on my blog. And that is the only thing she is looking at. Maybe I can tell her that it is for somebody else, if she asked me about it, and I can see how she react on it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No updates for awhile

I probably will not be having any updates for awhile because my boyfriend was involved in a really horrible car accident 2 weeks ago. He is currently still in the ICU with a head injury and has not woken up yet. He likely will have a long road to recovery. He really can use all the prayers and well wishes that are out there so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. This group has always been so supportive of me and just wanted to let you all know why I won't be around as much.

Anyone interested in seeing how he is doing or just learning about him in general can check out the facebook group - Chad Robert Smith Support Group.

Thank you everyone

Wow, to be so lucky to find an invitation to post on this HAED. Thank you for making my day... Ok, so I have not been up on the stitching of  my self named "Little Darling" properly known as "XMAS" by Sandra Kuck, however here is a pic of where it sits, and yes, it is probably the same pic posted some time ago when I was a buddy to Louanne.
I have been busy on other projects and being a huge fan of Loons, it seems to be a theme in the stitching dept right now. I will get back to my "LD" soon because I am working in a rotation which might be a good thing.

Seems that I have been trying to work on a new piece and once that is finished I finish an older WIP from the Great Pile of UFO's. and this is bringing me to the realization that I HAVE NO MORE WALL SPACE...  As I mentioned, I have a great love for Loons and can hardly wait to begin a new piece named Northern Tranquility, not a HAED but man wouldn't it be wonderful if they came out with one. Hummmm. The Northern Tranquility is very similar to working on a HAED as it is a full piece, and no back stitching, just tons and tons of confetti stitching. I may work a month on it and than a month on my LD.

So much to stitch, so little time.
Be always in stitches.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New to the Page - And my HAED WIP

Hi All,
I am new to the group! I can't believe a spot opened up. Very exciting! :)

I have one big HAED on the go (okay really slowly on the go) and a SK from the BB SAL.
The BB SAL one I have is elfland. Here is a recent pic of my progress:

I can't seem to find a recent photo of my pathetic progress on my big HAED. So I will just show you a pic of what it will look like eventually. It's by Anne Stokes. (I will load up a pic when I take another... but right now it's all just that bottom left corner of black/green.)

Looking forward to getting to know you all more.
If you want to know a bit more about me feel free to email me or check out my personal stitching blog at:


Welcoming New Members

Hi Everyone!
Your work is gorgeous, all of you! I want to take a moment to welcome 3 new members to our Blog. Jayne (jayne@~an eye for threads~), Mel ( and wichitastitcher (Paula, Please take the time to post and introduce yourselves, we are interested in meeting you!

I have 2 more invites out for the last 2 openings, but haven't heard back yet. If I get no response from them I will remove them from the list and email the next 2 in line.

Happy HAED Stitching!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yet another up date of Touched by Magic, with all the blue I did not know what it would be but I think he will be fine! Am now still a good feeling and ..... it's so fun to work on it despite the different shades of blue! On the left you see something more of a well and below the window is all that light of a street lantern. I think it is good!
Have a nice new week
Hugs Ingrid

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unicorn Dreams, Gaudi

Finally I'm done with the third page of the Unicorn, and with this I managed to put aside all the blues for a while as well! :)

Gaudí's tower keeps growing and getting more colorful, after I'm done with it, it's back to the clouds.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Latest Gwenevre Update

My latest update.I am really enjoying stitching this design.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So here's my progress on SK Mermaid of the Deep....been so busy unpacking-and losing stuff-lost my gran daughters Birth Certificate somewhere and I've kept it handy for 3 yrs. Found my kids but not hers hmmm?I've gone back to sticking one of my regular HAED charts in too soo I'm working on this and QS Dragon Soul.I'll post progress pics on it after I re-scan it

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Helping Hand, Marie.

Hello everybody !

This little mouse caught my heart and... my needle !

The design is fantastically charted, full of details and I must say that when I sticth it, I'm really charmed and captivated.

I'm stitching it on a Silkweaver fabric, lugana 28 count.

And this is my work after one week :

Thank you all for your presence here, it's a place full of sharing and happiness.

I wish you all a great week !


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunnia is Finished!

I finished Sunnia about a week ago, and totally forgot to put a picture on the blog! I started her on 1/1/07 and finished on 4/26/10. She is for my son, he picked this out when he was about 11 or 12. He is now 15, and I was worried he wouldn't care for it anymore, but he still likes it and knows how much work I put into it.

I do have a couple more HAED's started that I can now pay attention to. I have one for my daughter and a couple for me. So I will still be around, and will post updates soon.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments-it means alot to know you have a group of lovely people cheering you on!

Double update

Hi Everyone! A double update from me this time! I'm busy with Impossible love, which is the picture above this text. This photo was taken on Saturday, it's a bit further already. This one stitches really quickly and that's a nice change compared to The Wizard of Oz.

And here's the Wizard of Oz. It's becoming great, I think, I'm really proud! The persons are visible now, except for the lion, his head isn't stitched yet... That will take some more time.

This month I will work on Impossible love. But I've already bought two other charts, which I love as well: The warmth of home, and Train of Dreams, last one inspired by Astrid.

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have worked on the right hand side on the background. I have also
done a little bit of the lightning.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Could This Be The One????

My heart is skipping beats and I'm drooling! I could write two pages on everything I love about this piece! The wallpaper, the beams of moonlight, the candlesticks, her dress, the carvings on the couch, the stone window...oh my!!!!!!!

Impetuous Arrival (one of yesterday's new charts)

Faery Tales update

Hi All,

Here is my update on Faery Tales.I trying to get as much done as possible before baby comes in 5 weeks.


New Update on Antares

Here is the latest update on Krystal Camprubi's Antares: I have completed just over a 1/3 of the piece -

Antares April 2010

I am enjoying reading about all of your stitching progress. Keep up the good work.