Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Astronomer

This is where I was when I last worked on The Astronomer, which was in February.This is where I am now. I finished page 2 yesterday. I really like how it is starting to look.
I have a few more days to stitch on it, then I have to rotate to the next piece.

New Look!

We have completed the new look for this blog. Michele was very gracious and allowed us to use the HAED branding like the website and bulletin board.

Please comment on this post and let me know if something is not working, appears incorrect on your browser or any other concerns.


Medusa. L.A.Wiliams

After a week of heavy stitching, I finished a page of 7500 stitches. I started with a smaller page to the side. Only 5890 stitches. I love this chart with the snakes and the obscure details.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Under construction

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be making some design changes to this site as the day goes on. If you see something totally wonky on it, give me until tomorrow to have it sorted out (Thursday, July 29) before you email Louanne to let her know that it looks funny!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joanne - Wizard of Oz

It's been a while since my last update (April 2010) and I must confess to 'falling out' with this project.  I had a miscount and had to unpick quite a few stitches which put me off for a while.  I picked it up again about 2 weeks ago and seem to have become friends again with it.  2 photo's to show the first was taken on 7th July and the second on 22nd July.  I now have 6 weeks off work and I'm really hoping to get this page finished and start another page soon.

Marie, Queen's Croquet Ground (Scott Gustafson)

Hello everybody !

The story begins three weeks ago...
It was a sunday morning, and I felt a little bit blue, without knowing why.

I was then telling myself : "You know what you need ? You need the freshness and the happiness of a Gustafson's chart !".
And fortunately, I had a project totally ready with the fabric and all the floss, just waiting to be start.

This is how the journey of Queen's Croquet Ground begins !

Now, three weeks later, I'm happy to share with you the first finished page !

Here it is :

I wish you all great moments of HAPPY STITCHING !!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

HTML? Blog Design Help?

I posted this over on the HAED BB, but haven't gotten any response as yet. I'm sure you've noticed the change to the look of our blog here.

Blogger recently forced everyone to change their design. I don't know why. I've gone and just picked out something from their cookie cutter. I don't know how to change the widths of the columns, well... I really don't know how to do anything but pick a stye from their suggestions.

Thinking about it, I'd like to have the blog look like the HAED site. In the same way that this BB resembles the main HAED site. Is that possible? Who designed the site?

Anyone that can help me, thank you in advance.

ETA: Yes it's true. My personal blog did not force me to change. I do know that there was a message in the top left corner of this blog saying that the background/template would disappear last Friday if nothing was done. I waited it out, and it did, in fact, disappear..... I got no such messge on my personal blog.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have completed quite a bit of background. I can't wait to reach the lighter clouds...

I have been a buddy partnered with Joke for the last few months and I now have membership of this blog by myself, so I am no longer a buddy. I'd like to say a big thank you to Joke for her prompt updates on my behalf...



"Expecting" Update

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been getting much stitching time in lately but looking at all of your WIP Pics has inspired me.... you are all amazing! Here is my latest progress pic for "Expecting" by Marjolein Gulinski (HAED), hope you are all having a great summer!

Louanne's Updates

Hi Ladies!
I am soooo enjoying all your progress pictures! What a great lot of talent we have here! Keep up the fantastic stitching!

Here's my update:
Yes, I've joined yet another SAL, the 2010 July - Dec. StoryKeep SAL. I chose Chesterton by Lesley Anne Ivory. The finished product should look like this:

I have about 1200 stitches in so far. Stitching on 28ct white evenweave, 1X1 full cross. I started in the top left corner. Here's what it looks like now:

My progress on Enchanted SK (that's from the 2010 Jan. - Jun. SAL).

I also picked up an old wip I had going. TT Sun Worshipper Cat 3, the artwork is by Katherine Barber, and the chart is retired from HAED. Here's what the original looks like:

And here is what he looks like now:

I'm really enjoying this hot, hot Summer we've been having in NJ. Spending a lot of time floating around the pool. Hope you are enjoying your Summer wherever you may be! Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dragonfly Progress

The school holidays are upon us and I've taken this week off work to be at home with the children - who have been out all day playing with friends and leaving me with lots of stitching time. The result of which is a completed page 5 of Dragonfly.

I'm amazed at how effective the detail of the eye is. It seems to really have a personality staring out at me. Page six has her other eye so she will soon be watching every move I make. Hope she likes the progress!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Log Lost Mod & Amdin Stuff

Hello Stitchers!
I am really not long lost. I have been keeping up with the blog and enjoying every single post from you wonderful ladies. I've been stitching as well. I have 3 HAEDs that have been captivating my attention lately, but I'll post about that at another time.

Now for some Admin stuff. I have been trying to contact Caroline. I've sent an email and haven't heard anything back. So, Caroline, if you're still out there in cyberspace please email me!

Also, Valérie ( and Judy (, I've sent you both email and haven't heard from you either. Please email me before the end of the week, or I will move on to other requests.

Hope you are enjoying the Summer and getting a lot of stithing in! Cheers!

Train of dreams after the holiday

Another update of Train of dreams, during the holidays I did quite a lot! And I still enjoy this piece, so I will continue stitching this, until I feel like doing something else.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medusa L.A.Williams

I have next to the side, two additional pages finished. I love this woman come to life while I am stitching. At first I thought the color would change little. But I was wrong at that thought. I go make at first a page under. After that a small page below the side.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Train of dreams!

We're back from our holidays and I had Train of dreams with me. This is a photo of my starting point last week monday in the evening. Tomorrow I will show a photo of the current state of progress, I've done quite a lot. I'm a bit proud of myself, because I had two small kids with me as well and I even managed to read two books.
Now the real life start again, but not really real yet. I've still six weeks summerholidays left, I think there will be plenty time for stitching!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jolly Old Fellow

Almost finished page 8. Unfortunately I ran out of the floss I need to finish this page. I did make a trip to my lns to get supplies, but inexplicably came home with 3374 instead of 3373. Must have been having a senior moment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My very first post on this blog

have two Heaven and Earth Designs patterns started. One is Scott Gustafson's St. Nick in his Study and the other one is Josephine Wall's Stairway to Dreams.

Here are the two pics of each:

Friday, July 16, 2010

My first Post

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry it took me so long to make my first post but I wasn't really stitching lately (shame on me!)
My motivation came back and I want you to show how my current HAED looks like before I continue it.

It's Be Mine Always by Adele Sessler

Thursday, July 15, 2010

After The Sal

Advice From a Caterpillar

Well I did really well for the SWIP Sal. Here is my before picture

And here is my after picture. I almost have page 1 done Yayyy lol


Tomorrow we leave for a two week holiday in Vienna, Austria. I just let you know, I take two haeds with me and will show the result when I'm back :) Until August 1st! I take Foregone with me and Call of the Raven.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rose SK

I started Rose two weekends ago in the BB SAL. And am just loving every stitch in her!
Here she is so far:

Faery Tales Update

Hi All,

Here is an update on Faery Tales. I am up to page 15 now. One more half page after that and I have finished the row. In other news I had a baby girl on the 16th of June-10 days after she was due! Her name is Hannah Jane and we all think she is wonderful.


Monday, July 12, 2010

From My Buddy, Valerie J.

My Dear Friends,

I am happy to finally show you my completed 6th page. I've put a lot of stitching time into it. It was complicated, with lots of color changes.

I congratulate you all for your wonderful works and thank you for your nice comments you give me every time.


Jolly Old Fellow

I have made a little progress this week - I have most of the red stitches in the cap completed now,and I have started on the fur trim. I'm still working on page 8.

update carley cat

before (in january)



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dragon Knot Update

I've been working on Dragon Knot lately.  I haven't been stitching as diligently as I normally do, but I have been able to put some stitches into it. 

The first picture is from 06/30/2010.

This picture is the most current update as of 07/11/2010.

I really do hope I can complete this project this year.  I feel like I've been working on it FOREVER!!!


Dragonfly update

Here is an update on Dragonfly. I've now finished page 4 and made a start on page 5. It's nice to move on to the second row of pages. This page has one of her eyes on it so she will soon be looking back at me.
As always, everybody's work is fantastic. It's lovely to watch so many different designs progressing.

lo and behold an update!

it's been a while but more progress has been done, am now on to second page - loving seeing this come to life.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jolly Old Fellow

I am finally now working again on Jolly Old Fellow. He has spent all of the first half of this year waiting patiently in my craft room. This is where I finished in December 2009, mid-way through page 8: I am currently stitching the reds of his hat, and hope to have that little section completed within the next day or so. It's taken me a while to feel comfortable once again with the chart and those tiny stitches!

Friday, July 9, 2010


This is what I'll be working on for the sal Advice from a Caterpillar. Anyone else joining in this sal?

Unicorn Dream; Gaudi

I've finally finished the fourth page of the Unicorn! The fifth page is only a half page, and once I'm done with that, I'll have one third of the wip ready!

I can't show much news for Gaudí, the blue keeps growing.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been working on the background to the right and the left. This
is a very lovely piece to stitch and I am enjoying working on it...



Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Baaaack

Yes I have been remiss in stitching on my HAEDs. I had to take a break and do some little things. I feel like I have accomplished something and now the BAPs call to me again. June was suppose to be the Fantasies of the Seas month in my rotation, so I pulled it out last weekend and put in about 500 stitches. Here it is.

Now that it's July, I will be pulling out The Astronomer and hopefully put some stitches in that during the three day weekend.

Maxine's Dragon Riders

Wow I haven't been on here for a while...a lot of personal stuff has been going on and so stitching and the computer were way down my list of priorities! I'm glad to say I'm back now though and with my latest update of Steve Roberts - Dragon Riders.
This is pages 11 and 12...

I'm stitching out of sequence so here is a pic of the whole thing so you can see it properly :) I've already made a start on what is actually page 9 and will be back with another update ASAP :)

Such fabulous work for me to catch up with ladies...there's a wide range of charts being stitched which is brilliant as we get to see so many of these wonderful designs coming to life but it also means there is more to add to my wishlist lol. Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy stitching everyone :)

Maxine (So Much Stash - Sew Little Time my blog)