Monday, October 31, 2011

Blue Bird - Page 1 finish and Millennium tree update

Hi all!

After a break from my stitching I returned to it last month and wanted to share my updates. I have finished page 1 of Blue bird by J. Wall. This is a large format chart and there are 121 pages of it! Yikes! I am stitching it on 28 ct 1 over 1. Started Aug 2011.

Blue bird -28Oct2011

Also I am working away at my Millennium tree. I am stitching it on 20 ct 2 over 1. Here is how I left it last night :D

Millennium tree - 30Oct2011

Happy stitching all xxx

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog post

Morning, Fellow Haed Stitchers.
I have been a "Buddy" for a while now, but somehow my posts didn't go through, so Louanne has told me how to do it directly.  I haven't done this before, so I hope it works.  And I confess, my stitching time has been on the back burner this year...but I am going to do better in the future so I decided it was time to try this again.
I am currently stitching on two HAEDS.  Kuck's Dancing with the Cat, which I have been working on off and on now for a year or so, and Gelsinger's "Be Good for Goodness Sake - Mini", which I hope to finish in time to give to my daughter this year for Christmas.
Dancing with the Cat Started 2010
2 over 1 - 18 ct. aida
Be Good for Goodness Sake Started 8-15-11
2 over 1 - 14 ct. aida
I so love this group.. watching everyone's progress, and I promise to be consistent with my updates and send them often.

Faerie Melody & QS Waiting as of 29th October 2011 by Gizzimomo

Hi guys

Here we go with TWO new HAED updates!

First up is the promised page finish on Faerie Melody. Page 10 has seen more of her wing appear, more of the magic melody and the tops of the flower bush in the background. No too exciting but looking great though! Can't wait to fins the butterfly at the bottom of this column!

Page 10 Done (Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy)

Progress So Far
I finally had enough of the grubby streak on the fabric and have now given her a bit of a wash on the frame and she's currently drying over the bath. Looks much better now!

I've also done some more work on QS Waiting, not much but a little bit. Mainly some background but there's the start of an eye and you can see the starts of the flowers!

Page 2 Progress
I'll be back with another Waiting update very soon!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Soul Searchers tryptich linda ravenscroft

Wow I have really enjoyed ready everybody's post this week as I have not had much time to
stitch I have only made a little progress at least I'm a little closer to another page finish...
congratulations to Sara for your first haed finish its gorgeous
Thanks to everybody that wished my little boy a quick recovery after breaking his arm..
I am hoping that he can return to school next week as he is getting really bored I have to wait
and see what the surgeon said on Monday so I can return to my normal routine as I usually do a
lot of my stitching in the afternoon after I have cleaned the house and done all my other jobs.... 
I started page 2 and continued on to page 3 a little as page lines are a huge worry for me I'm
about to start the green at the bottom of the page as well as another butterfly which is great
as I'm getting bored of stitching the background I have include a before and after picture I am
hoping to have page 2 finish for my weekly post next week..
I have a few appointments next week I was thinking about taking my stitching with me but its not a very
manageable size at the moment as I am stitching it on a full yard of material at the moment as I am
undecided if I am going to cut it up into 3 pieces of material or stitch it as the pattern it as 3 pictures
next to each other on one piece of material...
  before                                   after
page 1 finished a little over 1/2 of page 2 complete
2 over 1 on 18 count
dmc magic weave ecru
regular chart format
with dmc threads
Happy stitching Tanya

Dragon Rider

Good evening all, it's apparently longer than I thought since I last posted an update on here. Don't know how that happened!
I do love watching everyone elses updates, sorry for not commenting very often, I'm having slight computer issues. Just assume that I've said everyones work is wonderful, and that I'm jealous of how fast you're all progressing!
Happy Stitching
Kim x
Dragon Rider by Randal Spangler
Stitched on 25 count evenweave, 1 over 1 using DMC

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Update

Hey everyone! So I have had to neglect my HAED project for the last week or so due to midterms. I finally got a small break and did some work on Faces of Faery 88

Here is what I managed to do

Take Care!

My First HAED finished

Hi everyone...
Today I'm a very happy gal :D, for the first time I finished a HAED, and it only took me 69 days of fully dedication to it xD... but now I have plenty of time to frame it before going home to give it to my mum on her birthday :D

It was stitched on 32ct Whimsey Lugana 1x1 and this is how it looks before it is ironed (sorry but I was so happy and I so wanted to share it with you... that I couldn't wait for it to be washed and ironed to take a photo)

Hope you like it :)
Thanks Sara

Doves 11th page finish


27/10/2011 11th page finish (37953/267300)stitch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Way Past Due for an Update

Hello Wonderful Stitchers!  
It's been a long time since I posted an update, I know.  Rest assured that I've been behind the scenes running the blog and keeping up with buddies, etc.  I read every post.  You guys are awesome.  The beautiful work displayed here always amazes me.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions.  Breathtaking work, all! 
I have a couple of wips to show.  I have 11 HAEDs started, so it's not easy to keep everything moving along.  But that's nothing new to you peeps, you all have so many gorgeous pieces on the go!  I'll just share a few of the ones that I have made some progress with this year.
First off there's the QS Freebie for this year, Fragile Heart.  I've completed pages 1 - 4.  Don't mind the dirt marks!  I was stitching on it outside by the pool this Summer, and DH got ashes on her (it was breezy), it will wash out.  Stats:
Fragile Heart                Hannah Lynn © HAED
28 ct. Evenweave        DMC floss 1 X 1, full cross
Next up my progress on Goblin Tree.  As you know, this is a retired chart from Linda Ravenscroft, so it's worked on every 5th week during the retired artists SAL on the board.  Pages 1-14 Complete.  Stats:
Artwork: Linda Ravenscroft Chart © HAED
Fabric: Sugar Maple Fabrics - French Vineyard, 28 ct. Lugana
Stitch: 1 X 1 Full cross         Floss: DMC
Start Date: Nov. 2006 
Then there's the 2011 Freebie SK SAL piece, Phuan.  Stats:
Phuan                          Lesley Anne Ivory © HAED 
28 ct. English Rose      DMC floss 1 X 1, full cross
Kreinik Blending Fil. 002HL (I added this)
I also worked a bit on QS Arthur.  Stats:  
QS Arthur                          Linda Ravenscroft © HAED
Linen Evenweave Ivory  30ct. DMC floss 1 X 1
I can't forget to post about Pipsqueak!  Stats: 
Draconis Lepus Leo (Pipsqueak) © HAED   Artwork: Michele Lee Phelan 
30 ct. Evenweave Cream                                      1 x 1 Full Cross, DMC   
My new start for the year, Catfish.  Stats:
Catfish                               Sheila Rayyan © HAED
Opalescent White 28 ct.  HDF Silk 1 X 1, full cross
One more!  Remember Dark Cherry?  She was the 2009 Freebie QS SAL.  Stats:
Dark Cherry    Ching Chou Kuik © HAED
28 ct.                DMC floss 1 X 1
Started Jan. 2009
 There's a few more that got attention so far this year, but this post is already too long, and I don't want to bore you!  So I'll sign off for now.  Thanks for reading, my stitchy possums!  Go in Stitchyness!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheryl's update: The Lights of Home 2 (Schim Schimmel)

I have completed another page. Just another small section to do and the row of pages will be complete and I can start again on the lions on the next row!



Monday, October 24, 2011

Fragile by Kirstin Mills

Last weeks I have been working on Storykeep Fragile, (artwork by Kirstin Mills) and I’ve finished it. It’s my first HAE finish. It’s a very small chart (40 W by 181 H), but on it you can see sixty different colors. It’s stitched on 25 count lugana, one over one.

I go on stitching on Angelic, I hope to show you an update this weekend.
I hope you like it,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Soul searchers tryptich linda ravenscroft

I have had a few ups and downs this week a page finish of faerie melody at the start of the week that I posted
and my youngest son had a accident at school which resulted in a 2 1/2 hour operation and having to have pins inserted which will result in more operations in a few weeks or months.
I have suffered a few sleepless nights and just have not had the energy or time to stitch
I did however get a couple of days in before the accident
so here is an update
I started page 2 and continued on to page 3 a little as page lines are a huge worry for me
page 1 finished a little over 1/4 of page 2 complete
2 over 1 on 18 count
dmc magic weave ecru
regular chart format
with dmc threads
Happy stitching Tanya

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mini Curl Up with a Good Book

This is the first update on Mini Curl up with a Good Book and although there isn't too much to see I thought people may be interested to see the new format in progress. I'm doing this 1 over 1 on 28ct evenweave. I have outlined the edge of the design, which is more or less square, and have placed a pair of scissors in frame to help show scale.

Have a good weekend all. x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Rose, Christensen

I finished half of the face. It is a spectacular sight. The photo was taken a bit from the bottom, so it seems a little out of proportion. I am satisfied with the face. I hope to have it ready in November so I can go back to the Christmas stocking. And the Medusa is lonely.
It is wonderful autumn weather. The leaves change color nicely. And storms roar around the house. Lovely stitching weather.

Die Walküre, from K. Craft

Hello everybody !

I have added one more page to this marvelous journey.
I hope that you will enjoy the pictures.

It is stitched on a Sylkweaver fabric, 25 count, with two strands of thread.

Here is my work :

Before :

Now :

A close-up of the new page added :

Happy stitching !


QS-Rochelle by Hannah Disney/Hannah Lynn

This is her as of 10.17.11. She is stitched on 25ct white duplin linen, 2x1, using DMC threads.
Happy Stitching Everybody!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Snow Princess and the Polar Bear

Here are 4 new pages for my Snow Princess. I'll start the next two pages, and this time, the head of the bear will be over.
Good stitching to all,

Flo Gribouille

Faerie melody 15 days of stitching

Hi everybody
I have a page finish to show I am so pleased at how it has stitched up and I am looking forward to starting the next page
but instead of starting page 2, I'm going back to soul searchers tryptich where I am about to start page 2....

Faerie Melody
here is her progress after 15 days of stitching 
first page finished
stitched 1 over 1 on 25 count
dmc magic weave white
regular chart format
with dmc threads
Happy stitching Tanya

Faerie Melody as of 17th October 2011 (Page 9 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone!

Page 9 of Faerie Melody is finally done even though I thought I'd never fill in all the really dark 939 blue.... it took FOREVER and was well boring!

Page 9 Done
Progress So Far
I finished the page last night and had a little helper while I was stitching......

..... excuse the Winnie The Pooh pajama's (I was having a PJ day yesterday)! I had Charley sat under my stitching the whole time I was stitching on Faerie Melody last night.
So now it's back to page 10 of Faerie Melody before I get back to SK Phuan as the next page has come through so I will see you all very soon with another update!