Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SPRING'S GIVEAWAY !!! It's Official

Friends ! Friends ! Hibernation is ending... !!!

This is Spring's Giveaway !!

In honour of the Spring, they will be two winners !
I would like to offer one chart at two persons. They can of course choose the chart.

So, TWO WINNERS, one chart for each one !!!

What do you think about it ?

And.... Happy stitching !

Same rules as always!

To be eligible:
(1) must be a member OR a buddy
(2) must post progress pic anytime between 02/01 and 02/28
(3) must leave comment on THIS post


Good luck everyone :)

And Thank You Marie!

Calming the tempest

Here's my progress for march on Calming the Tempest. I've started the tips of the wings, finally!


End of this month

Here are the pictures of Fantasies of the Seas before I rotate to my next piece. It was a pretty good month. I finished page 13 and completed 2 columns on page 14. There was a lot of confetti on the new page with 30 to 40 different symbols per block. Here is where I was earlier this month.Here is where I ended.
Also, Sjoukje asked to see the whole piece so far. So here it is.

Now on to Contemplating the System.


Yeah! QS Waterlily kimono mermaid is finished! Though it was only a little piece to stitch, I enjoyed it very much, mainly because of the bright colours. She is the second HAED chart I finished, I hope to stitch so many more!

My wips at the moment are 'The wizard of Oz' by Scott Gustafson and "Impossible love" by Selena Fenech. And in my stash are waiting 'Earth angel' by Josephine Wall and 'The warmth of home' by Schim Schimmel. But I also want to stitch 'The astronomer', that awesome too! I have to live another life to stitch all I want to stitch, I'm afraid.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moon Fantasy SK

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while. I seem to have lost my blogging mojo and haven't updated my own in a couple of months.
I have been stitching a little bit on and off. I had a new start on Rachel Anderson's QS Garnet and have put a few more stitches in QS Alisha, but not enough to take pics yet, but I have made some progress on Kuik's Moon Fantasy SK so thought I'd share.
I am going to try to post more often, even if it's only a pic and very quick update like this, as I love looking at everyone's progress.


Helo everybody,
here is my progress of my gothic rose...




Monday, March 29, 2010

Wrath - Page 8 Complete

Hi everyone! Well I am still alive and am still stitching! I went through this funk for about 2 and half months where I just did not feel like stitching at all. Then my stitching bug finally came back and I have finally finished page 8 of Wrath! So here's a close up of page 8 and a pic of the whole thing!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been working on the right hand side of the picture. I've done a
lot of the background and some of the lightning which is confetti



The Sifter Finished

I've got The Sifter finished. I'm going next week to the framer. And let him frame it. Then I let you see how it has become. Now I go further with the madonna. This year I would like to finish this. It is another wonderfull feeling to have finish a HEAD. On to the next.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two for One update

So many computer problems, I am able to finally post an update,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unicorn Dream; Gaudi

As I'm going forward to the lighter shades of blue, the Unicorn's mane is slowly becoming visible...

And with Gaudí, in addition to the clouds the rainbow is starting to appear as well.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi Friends , here a new up date from snow white ! It's a small progress but she is still my favorite of my Haed patterns! I can not really do much because my father is very ill, probably pneumonia again ! This afternoon they took him to the hospital!Then it is wait and hope it goes better!

Hugs Ingrid


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aurora's Garden

I admit, I've been a bad HAED stitcher! Since my last update, I spent a week reading and not stitching at all. Then I spent a week finishing up Salem Sisters, a Plum Street Sampler. The following week, I finished Big Girl Panties by Dolly Mamma. Both were such old WIPs they were still on Aida!!! I also stitched a little on my Monopoly board.
Then the weather was suddenly beautiful and out came Aurora's Garden! Apparently, I haven't stitched on her since last November. She is in the big Q Snap right now because I was playing around with propping it on the edge of the table and stitching two handed. Good thing I wear glasses, I nearly poked my eye out a couple of times pulling thread up with my left hand!!!!
Before and after:
Of all the HAED patterns I have, this little freebie is my favorite. But I am still looking for "that one" pattern. The one that makes the clouds part and the sun shine in and the angels sing. The one you can't put down because it's the only one you want to stitch on. I do like the ones I have, but I really want to find "the one". Know what I mean? I'm tired of jumping around, stitching a little on this and a little on that.
Happy stitching to all of you!! Keep the progress pics coming!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Last WIP photo

Hi everyone!

This will be my last WIP photo, because it's almost finished! Next week you will see the complete picture.

And then, according to my rotation schedule, I can stitch on The wizard of Oz! I'm really looking forward to it, I missed it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Nick in His Study

Hi everyone,
I've been away for awhile and just got finished drooling over the stunning HAED pics you have all posted on this blog. Simply beautiful!  I've managed to get quite a bit done on St. Nick (yay) since the last time I posted. Love him!  :)



Friday, March 19, 2010

From My Buddy, Valerie J.

Hello my friends!

I am happy to show you today my 4th page completed! Four months and 4 pages completed. It will therefor take about two years to fully embroider. I'm motivated, I love her so much!

Congratulations on all your works, they are superb. I don't often leave comments because my English is rough, but I admire all your photos.



Enchanted Flute Update

I had a serious stitching slump over January and February which is why I've not posted for so long. I have been poping by to see what you are all upto and as usual the work has been fantastic.

Anyway, I have now found my stitchy mojo again and made some progress on Enchanted Flute. I have finished page 3 and am about a third of the way through page 4.

Did anybody else give in to the St Patricks day sale at HAED? I bought Dragonfly

My daughter has been wanting me to stitch this for her for quite a while now and I just gave in at the sale.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one, what did anybody else buy?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Final Few

Hey all you great stitchers,

I'm so glad to say that our temperatures are in the 80's and the wind has stopped blowing for the moment. It is time to get out in the yard and see if my brown thumb will make anything grow.

I've been faithfully stitching on my pandas and feel they are at a good place to stop. Since I am planning them for my mother she would like to have them on the wall where she can enjoy them.

So I feel they are at a good stopping place. Please don't throw me off the blog as I will be starting another HAED in the next few days.

I have been sorting all my floss. I bought some spools and put the floss on the spool. When I pick it out of the storage drawer it is in I can put each spool on a spool rack with the color and number and symbol. I started this system for my panda picture and it was so much neater to have keep up with the colors. If I put them on a holder they always get tangled and I spend a lot of time sorting them out. Of course I had to go buy a new mechanics tool box as the drawers are just the right size for the spools or little cups if I decide to change.

Above is my last update on the final few. I don't know which Haed I will start next, have to have eye surgery and that will sideline me for a few days. But I will be starting a new one.
Happy stitching,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Faery Tales Update

Hi All,

Everyone's updates are amazing and I love looking through them. Here is my update on Faery Tales. You can see the start of Snow White in the corner and I will be starting Rapunzel soon.
Cheers, Sharine

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fantasies of the Sea

This is my month for Fantasies of the Seas and I finished page 13 last night while watching television. I love this piece more and more as I work on it.

Hopefully, I'll get a few rows done on page 14 before it's time to rotate.

Thanks for looking.

Terri's WIP

I started a new HAED on Wednesday it is Advice from a Caterpillar. I also joined in the UFO/SWIP SAL on the HAED Board. Here is what it looked like when I started the SAL:

And here is what it looks like so far: I am going to continue working on this as the sal is not over until Friday.

I also worked on my Oriental Courage. I am getting more black on Page 2 done it is looking amazing. Here is the before picture: And here it is now:

So lots of stitching has happened over last week.

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have worked more on the background to the right of the tiger. I have also worked on the background to the far right. I have also done some confetti especially on the edge of the tiger's ear.



Unicorn Dream; Gaudi

Here's the usual progress report... not much news with the Unicorn, the blue wave continues. Same with Gaudí, although mixed-up with a little purple.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Sifter.. 5640 to go

Well I just finished a row of 10.680 stitches. It was BORING !!!!! 3799, 310 and 500.... can you imagen it ..... please I almost lost my mind.. I can not find the curage to go on. It are 5640 stitches before a finish of this project......... I think I need a vacation... And we are going to France To Dunkerque and Amiens, to snif a lot of history of the region. At first we want to go on the Bike ( as I am a bikergirl) but I think it is a lillte bit to cold for this yet.

QS White Cat (12 March)

It has been a little while since I have posted my progress as I have been concentrating on finishing a few of my other projects and managed to complete three during February but I then treated myself to two new starts! My progress has been slow due to the fact that I had a huge block of confetti stitches which seemed to take me forever but once I passed that block progress has speeded up a little and you can just about make out one of her little paws starting to show.

Here are my before and after pics

Happy stitching everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Die Walküre, Marie

Hello everybody !!

I wanted to show you my work on "Die Walküre" from Kinuko Craft.
I'm stitching it on a Silkweaver fabric, 25 count.

I'm still working on the first page, but the journey which has just began is already captivating...

Happy stitching to you all, my friends !



Hi Friends .... Here an up date of Touched By Magic, the progress is slow ....... Many alternate shades of blue! Actually a little boring, but I think it is beautiful! The green color you see on the pattern is my latest progress! However, there are 500 stabbing came in and you see almost no difference to last time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beatrice.... an update

It's amazing what you can do when you work on a project for a few days..I love the way this is looking.
Only about 40 pages to go...Yippee!! LOL.

Have a good day and stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, March 8, 2010

QS Kimono Waterlily Mermaid

At last, a log from me again. Due to my rotation schedule, it was only in March that I could stitch a HAED again. In January I finished a work I promised my mother a long time ago and in Februari I stitched my afghan (Nature's Home), which is becoming beautiful, but isn't finished yet (of course). So, in March it's time for QS Kimono waterlily mermaid and I think she is a finish this month as well. It isn't a big work, only four pages and three of them are partial. It amazes me that a picture with so little stitches is still so beautiful!

Of course I read all your logs and I admired all your photo's. It's lovely to see that there are so many crazy stitchers around the world! Most people who see my work don't get it, why should you stitch?! You understand, that's great!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Terri's Stitching

Here is Elfland and Oriental Courage. Both have page 1 done :) Now I have to wait for the 2nd page to be sent :) Elfland
Oriental Courage

Red Witch Update

After a few hiccups with camera, finally mamged to get a picture of Red Witch: this is my focus piece for 2010 and so far this year have completed 10,000 stitches.

Red Witch Mar 7 10

I have been following everyone great WIPs: keep up the good work

Friday, March 5, 2010

February Giveaway Winner!

Our Winner of the hand-painted white china is Sabine!

Congraulations Sabine!

a little update at last

at last a little update. My poor wee QS twilight shimmer has been neglected over the past few months as I've had so many other commitments but i resurrected her the other day and managed to get a few more stitches done. Actually made it on to the second page - yay! Hopefully now i'll get a bit more time on this and see some progress.

In the meantime i am still enjoying so much seeing everyone's progress and there various pieces .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been working a lot on the black. Life is quite stressful for me
at the moment and I have been unable to concentrate on the confetti.
It still looks good even though the tiger is not complete yet!