Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unicorn Dream - Week 103, Dreams of Gaudí - Week 98

Last update of the year, so I wish everyone a very happy New Year! :)
My pace keeps slowing down on both wips, as the confetti gets heavier. Still progressing though! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update on Be Good for Goodness Sake

Be Good for Goodness Sake
December 28, 2011
I didn't get finished in time for Christmas, but I am making good progress and I am so pleased with the way this HAED Mini is turning out.
I just have three partial pages and I will be finished. 
Here it was before..
And now..
Happy Stitching everyone!!  And a wonderful new year.
Cathy in TN

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update from Amanda's Mom

Here is my progress so far on Tuscan Serenade by Dennis Lewan.  Its stitched on 32 ct. Ivory Lugana, 2 over 2.  I really enjoy discovering the little angels in the pattern.  I will try to get Amanda to update on her Pearl Princess by Hannah Disney.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

HAED's Mini Semiyar as of 25th December 2011 (Page 2 Done) by Gizzimomo


Here's my Mini Semiyar update now that I have finished Page 2 and started Page 3. I was worried that the distinct lack of detail in Page 1 would continue throughout as it's been made clear that these Mini charts are the same as the BAP's but with a loss of detail. Saying that Page 2 has made the overall look definitely more detailed and I'm extremely happy with the way that it is turning out. 

As of 22nd December 2011 (Page 2 Progress)

Page 2 Done

Total Progress So Far
 I hope everyone else likes him like I do!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Merry Christmas

(repost from HAED BB)
 This is a time that I rejoice for all I have received, have reverence for those I have lost, and a time to give in the spirit of Christmas.

If you find stress in this season, take a moment in silence and listen for the true spirit. Lend yourself to those whom are in need. Then without a doubt, the true spirit and peace of Christmas will fill your heart.

Thank you for a wonderful year.
May You all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

First Rose Framed

Finally, she's home. The factory, not delivered my first Frame I selected. And I had to pick a new one. This has lasted six weeks. But now she is finally on the wall. Just before Christmas.
I am now working with Three Worlds of MC.Escher. Also fun to do. Quite different. And again on 18 ct aida. For the First Rose was very careful not to miss count. The linnnen worked very different. But it was successful.
 All very nice Christmas and a beautiful 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

Doves 14th page finish


23/12/2011 14th page finish (52275/267300)stitch



merry christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Faerie melody

Only a few more days till santa comes the kids are so
excited. I am super excited that I reached my stitching
goals this year finishing 2 pages of both Faerie Melody
and Soul searches tryptich.
I'm already thinking about goals four next year.
I'm thinking that a top row finish of both those charts
maybe & there's the sal that I signed up for that I have n
ever done before (I picked bookend kitties) can't wait to
start. I have my material ready and I am waiting for my l
last 11 dmc to arrive ready for a new year start.
I would love to finish that as well as I never have finished
a haed and all the haeds I have are huge...
Then I also want to do a haed on hand dyed material I
have the charts royal wings and I purchased the rose I
ordered material from silkweaver in october I still have
not received it.

31daysfaeriemelody-1.jpg image by tanyawatt          34daysfaeriemelody.jpg image by tanyawatt

 Before  (31 days stitching)          After (34 days stitching)
This week I only stitch on faerie melody for 3 days but
I was able to finish page 2 and meet my stitching goal
I had plans to continue on for a while into page 3 but most
of where I was stitching was dmc 939 and I some how
misplaced it so I did not get back to it. I have since bought
another one but I've lost my stitching mojo. Probably has
something to do with the tooth ache I have which is driving
me crazy my dentist is away till after christmas so I just
have to wait thank god to pain tablets.
Happy stitching Tanya
P.S Merry christmas to everyone hope santa bring lots of
present and maybe a few stitching supplies lol....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Faces of Faery 177

Hello stitching friends!

Allow me to introduce Faces of Faery 177 by JBG. I started her late October, but then put her away a few weeks for Cirque. The two are now "rotating". She is my first attempt at tenting, and you can see the tension problems, in spite of my effort not to have that happen!

(Blogger won't let me insert pic here :-( )

Stats: 28ct ash rose Lugana, 2x1 tent
Please excuse the Q snaps, it's just too hard for me to get the fabric back on!

Happy Holidays everyone and please take some time for yourselves and stitch!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

QS Fantasea - Christensen - 17 Dec 2011

My first post as an official member! I just love looking at everyone's work, and I'm excited to be able to share my own. This is the first HAED I started, back on 27 April 2006. I've taken several breaks from stitching, so I've only put in 56 hours on this. At this point, I've done 6716 stitches, which is 26% done.

QS Fantasea by James Christensen
22 ct. Hardanger
2 over 1 (DMC floss)

Kelly S. - Treasure Dragon Stocking Update

I worked on this for about 10 hours yesterday and was able to finish up page 9, which is the toe, and completed another 10 rows all the way across, part of which was already done. I'm very pleased with the detail in this!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally got an update for you all! I finished page 2 on SK Sunny so I have now finished my goal! Very happy with myself lol.

Three Worlds MC Escher

After one week Stitching black and white, I have a page ready. It's something different than all the green. Nice to do. I go one page down. I am curious about the fish. Almost Christmas. Wonderful weekend with family.

HAED's Mini Semiyar as of 16th December 2011 (Page One Done) by Gizzimomo

Hi guys,

Here we go..... after a slog well into the early hours of this morning Page One of Mini Semiyar is done! You may think 'Wow that was fast' but keep in mind that I'm working with a Large Format chart here so the pages are significantly smaller than they normally would be.

I'm pleased with how it came out but I am hoping that it will look much better as the other pages come along.

Page One Done
Here's the important information:
Mini Semiyar by Adele Sessler
Stitched on 22 count Dove Grey Hardanger
1 thread over 1 square (2 over 1 for Sulky metallics)
Started on 13th December 2011

Hope you guys like what's be done so far and I'll see you all soon!


Faerie Melody

Christmas is just around the corner I have been busy
wrapping present and cooking for the kids for there class
party days and then again for my sons birthday.
My stitching time has suffered this week only being able to
stitch for 4 days for a few hours but at least I am
closer to a page finish.
I am pretty sure I am going to meet my goal of 2 pages
of faerie melody.
 before (27 days of stitching)      after (31 days stitching)
15 days to finish my goal of 2 pages of faerie melody.
as you can see there is only a small part of the page left
now I am super exicited that I may complete all my goals
The second page seemed to take a lot longer than the first
but I think that is only because I have not been focusing all
my time on it I have been occupied with christmas stuff for
the past few weeks....
Happy stitching Tanya

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Hi everyone!  Well I started All Hallows Eve!  I am stitching it on 14 count white aida.  I am liking this stitch.  I didn't realize that it was that big of a pattern, but I like it.  My oldest daughter saw this and she really liked it and asked me to stitch it for her.  Of course I had to start over on it, because I had the fabric turned the wrong direction.  But this is as of tonight.  Have a great week!

Jennifer Wall


Monday, December 12, 2011

Dragon Riders

Hi! This is my first post here,  but I've been doing Dragon Riders. I'm working on page 7 now, but I have my first row finished already!

Phuan SK Update

Well, this is my progress to date.  I'm hoping to finish page 1 before the end of the year. You can't see it in the picture, but I added some gold Kreinik Blending Fil. to the DMC 3828 called for in the chart.  Just wanted to "dress it up" a little.
Phuan                          Lesley Anne Ivory © HAED
Freebie SK Jun. – Dec. 2011
28 ct. English Rose      DMC floss 1 X 1, full cross
Started June 17,2011    Kreinik Blending Fil. 002HL   
Stitched by Louanne S.               Dec. 11,2011

My 15th HAED Finish - QS Waiting is finished as of 12th December 2011 by Gizzimomo

Happy dance time..... happy dance time!!

Yes, you know it! QS Waiting by Ching Chou Kuik is finally FINISHED and she's my 15th Heaven and Earth Designs finish!

Partial pages 8 & 9 flew by after the quick finish on page 7......

Partial Pages 8 & 9 - Finished
So....... do you wanna see the finish???

Do you? 

Do you really??

Oh, okay then..... here you go.......

All finished as of 12h December 2011
The picture is looking a little washed out as the colours are more vibrant in person. The little cats look so cute and she is looking fabulous. The worry with pink is no longer an issue as it sorted itself out with more time and more detail. I'm so glad that I concentrated on her fully and got her finished so quickly, she was worth every moment and has truly been a complete joy to stitch!

Next up is going to be my mystery Mini HAED. I'll be stitching it on 22 count Dove Grey Hardanger, 1 thread over 1 square as usual and using my usual Sulky Metallic machine embroidery thread for the sparklies and I'm starting it tonight. It'll be my sole focus until after Christmas so I'm hoping to get a fair bit done between now and the New Year and I'm well excited!

Hope you love Waiting as much as I do and I will see you all very soon.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nene Thomas

And 'with great pleasure that I show you the beginning of my fifth haed, although two are not finished yet, ... I too want to do that too ....

is a drawing of Nene Thomas, ... I love designer, all nice .... its patterns and is called Winter wings ..

I'm working on 28 count white cotton fabric with DMC floss wire 1x1 ... there is to lose your eyes, but is being amazing, ... i love it.

Unfortunately I can not picture it, this is the first page, second page begins today

Three Worlds, MC.Escher

The new work, Three Worlds of MC. Escher. There is a koi carp down at the work. This is for my son Ivan. I started last weekend. There is much kreinik 032 in. In the lighter part. Nice to see. I collect all the wires, not so long yet. The glass of the First Rose. This is packed. The glass of Escher will not be so colorful. They are only 16 colors.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Faerie Melody...

I  managed to find time to stitch for a small amount of time on
6 days this week, not for as long as I would have liked but at
least I had some progress.
 before (21 days of stitching)       after (27 days of stitching)
22 days to finish my goal of 2 pages of faerie melody.
I'm down to about 1/4 a page to reach my goal.
hoping that this weeks stitching I will maybe have a page
finish are at least very close to one. I finished the tree this
week which had heaps of confetti but where I'm working
at the moment I'm getting away from the confetti of the
leaves & the background stitches up quick.
Happy stitching Tanya

Unicorn Dream - Week 100, Dreams of Gaudí - Week 95

Double success! After a forced week off I've sped up a bit, and managed to finish the actual page of both of my wips! Didn't have much to do on the Unicorn, and this was the last really confetti-heavy page, from now on it's back to the blues :) Only 1 full and 6 partial pages left from the 15!

Gaudí didn't go as fast, but still managed to finish it, and on the next page I'm gonna reach the roof again! :) 11 pages finished from the 72.

Ballerina Sisters


Here is my new WIP "The Ballerina Sisters". I stitch on 18 ct ecru Aïda. There is 90 colors. It's a 450x300 model.

I'm not convinced by this first report. I hope it will get better with the new page.

I started at the bottom left, as the Snow Princess, and two pages are already stitched.

Cheers and happy holidays to all.

Flo Gribouille

Monday, December 5, 2011

Millennium Tree - Page 10 completed!! - 04-Dec-2011

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share my mini happy dance with you all! I finished page 10 last night on Millennium tree. I still have page 11 (full page) and page 12 (tiny partial page) plus 1 page on blue bird to complete my yearly goals. I am thinking I am not going to make it..... Anyway here he is!

Millennium tree - 04 Dec 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fragile Heart

I finished her last Sunday night.  Here she is:

 I've now completed all my yearly goals.  My half-yearly goals look pretty shabby, I'm not even close on those.  So here's the goal wrap up so far.

Yearly Goals

Finish Fragile Heart SAL - Complete
Finish TT Sun Worshipper Cat 3 - Complete
Finish Chesterton SK SAL - Complete
Complete one more page (at least) on Goblin Tree, Pages 1 - 12 complete.   Completed page 13 & 1/3 of page 14.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fly Butterfly

Good morning, I haven't done much on this.  But this is what I have done so far on Fly Butterfly.  I am doing this in a rotation, so I put her down to work on something else.  All the purples were getting to the point they were running together.  Will post another picture later on.  Have a great day

Jennifer Wall
Stitching Queen of UFOS and WIPS


Friday, December 2, 2011

Mariana in the moated grange, and Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani

Hello everybody !

I am currently working on two new starts, and I wanted to share them with you.
Concerning the first one, Mariana, I began to stitch it on the first page, at the left corner.
And, for Cecilia, I began to stitch at the top of her head.

So, here are my pictures :

Mariana in the moated grange
Stitched on Linen Dublin, 25 count, 1x1, with two strands of floss

Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani
Stitched on Lagana 25 count, 1x1, with two strands of floss

It's always a joy to be here, and to see everybody's amazing work !

I wish you all great moments of stitching !


QS Waiting as of 2nd December 2011 (Page 6 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hi everyone,

First up is the update on Waiting now that Page 6 is finished.

Page 6 Done

Total Progress So Far
The pink worry is now over as it looks so much better now it's clear that it's just shadowing. she has her whole pretty face and I got to put a few green stitches in this page which was a bit weird but look fab! Page 6 was the last full page and the bottom row is all partial so they should speed through with any luck and allow me to start my new Mini design (I would have started already but I need the scroll frame that Waiting is on!). I'm still not telling you what it is and will let you all have a guess once it's started!

On a more down note I went to see my bowel consultant on Wednesday due to some issues that have occurred. I had hoped that they were due to the operation in May and that they'd settle down with time...... but they haven't and now I have to have a further surgery. Not what I wanted to hear but if this one goes well then I shouldn't need any more. So at some point early in 2012 I will be going off grid for a while to have that done and I am so not looking forward to it but the benefits will outweigh the pain and discomfort as this operation will solve three different issues so it should be worth it in the end. Fingers crossed!!

I hope to be back very soon........

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Faerie Melody....

I only managed to find time to stitch on her on 2 days this week
 before                                  after
Wow this year is going fast I only have 29 days to finish my goal of 2 pages
of faerie melody.
I'm really struggling to find time to stitch there's just so many things I need
to do it's crazy...
I'm down to half a page and just reached the second tree if I can
stitch the tree this week I should be close to 1/4 of the page left..
The last day of the school year is the 16 dec so I would definately like
a page finish before then as I will have 4 kids bouncing around my house
and stitching becomes a lot harder it's a full job just cleaning up after them..
Happy stitching Tanya

Faery Tales & Princess Izzy

Hi All , Here is Faery Tales with almost one page closer.I'm working this on 18ct aida with 2 threads.
And I made a new start on Princess Izzy. I'm doing this on 20ct aida with 2 threads.