Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mad Tea Party Update

Last weekend I finished page 2 of the Mad Tea Party.  You can see in the lower right corner the pinky finger of the Mad Hatter.  I am really enjoying working on this piece!  Only 36 more pages to go!!! I've put this one to the side for just a little bit to work on some other projects that I have going on but hope to get back to it really soon!

Solstice and Equinox Start

Here's my progress from the New Start SAL. It is stitching up quickly (for me anyway) but I didn't get enough stitchy time this week!

Ali xx

Call of the Raven update

It took a long time, but I finally finished a row again. Here is Call of the Raven as it is now, for the next month I will stitch on Vibrant Vista, has been too long since I did that!

First Rose, Christensen

The most green I've now had. One page up with a piece of sleeve. And still the elbow. Then I begin the best part. Her face and her hair. I think I finish her ​​first. Although I like the Medusa too. But I'm looking forward to finish her this Christmas. I may be not just like my father, he makes almost two a year. He does think one project forward but two.

Fish Juggler Update

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since since I last posted. I had a large project to finish and then I could start and concentrate on my Fish Juggler piece (by Randal Spangler).

I finally finished my other large project - which took 14 months (seemed like a lot longer at times). I finished griding my material and then hubby and I went to Fiji for a weeks holiday.
So I was in for a treat when I returned so I could finally start stitching. Progress pictures are below.

First photo was taken as of Sunday 24th July 2011:

Second photo was taken today Sunday 31st July 2011:

This design is very addictive. At the moment it is big blobs of black and dark green but I can already see the start of the design and am very excited.

Til next week - best wishes, Gail.

first page finish


30/07/2011 first page finish (3380/268650)stitch

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alice Descending

page 6 is ready ... I love them

Dragonfly and Curl Up with a Good Book progress

Here is an update on my two projects.

First up, Dragonfly, now into page 11.
The there is Curl Up with a Good Book, a good two thirds of the way through page 4.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update From Kelly Searles

I finally managed to find another light today and when I got back home, THREAD HAS ARRIVED!! for both, Queen of Hearts and Peacock & Doves AND I had an email that my fabric for both had shipped!! So, I'm going to rotate between the 3 of them and at the end of each rotation I'll post an update on all 3.

I'm so excited !!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fragile Heart,Rae and Darcy - Hannah Lynn

Fragile Heart for the BB Sal stitched on 18 count aida.

QS Rae stitched on 18 count yellow aida.

QS Darcy stitched on 18 count aida.

They are all full cross stitch 2 over 1.

I have been working on all of them lately and I took them on holiday too.I am really becoming hooked on Hannah Lynn since I have now started QS Winter Green Wishes.Found QS Rosita which I had started last year and started stitching all the black on QS Crabby Crush.

Happy Stitching to all.Has usual the stitching looks great well done to all.



I started Marta Dahlig's Avarice a couple of weeks ago and I have completed page one. Its taken about 12 days for me to do it. I am stitching this on 25 ct 1 over 1.
Blog link:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Humble Adobe"

Stitched on 28 ct Lagana, 2 over 2 ... The scroll frame is 48 inches wide. This will be huge but I tried stitching on 25 ct, 1 over 1 and my eyes were burning. I think 25ct, one over one is too small for my eyesight. I am on page 1 and 2 for now.


my second HAED ~Doves~

my second HAED ~Doves~

Finished Design Size 450 W by 594 H (18 W X 23-3/4 H inches on 25ct fabric)
(This Chart Contains 88 Colors)
Copyright Heaven and Earth Designs 2010
Copyright Marta Dahlig 2010

Here is my starting .....

moon cake??

look down haha

here u r , my floss storage box ,DIY with unusable moon cake box
start on 25/07/2011 ,stitch on DMC Evenweave 25 ct 1 over 1
i will post latest photo when i finish each page chart

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Magally's Green Dragonling Update

Hello everybody !

I finished one more page on my Green Dragonling.
I'm quite proud to announce that my Dragonling now has two eyes ! Stitching the eye took me quite a long time because of all the confetti stitches but I made it !
I've made 19 327 croix so far. I'm going to start the next page on the right. 2 more pages to go before finishing the 1st row !

What do you think ? Do you like how she's coming along ?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Golden Promises

Hi everyone!
Sorry about my non detail post earlier!  I was just so excited to be able to post I forgot all the important stuff!
I have been continuing on with my Golden Promises by CCK from HAED
Golden Promises
I am stitching this on 18 count Aida
2 over 1 full crosses. 
I'm hoping to get through the background on this page quickly so that I can get to more detail!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

QS Emerald Dragon is FINISHED!!! As of 23.07.2011 by Gizzimomo

Hey guys!

Well I finally did it and way before my deadline too so I'm chuffed to peices. I put in some hard graft on him over the past couple of days and after page 8 was done then the remaining partial pages just flew by in a matter of hours so Emerald Dragon is completely FINISHED!! YAHHHHHH!

Page 8 Done
Total Progress So Far

Page 9 Done

Page 10 Done

Page 11 Done (Page 12 was blank)

Emerald Dragon - All finished!

I'm soooooo pleased with how beautiful he came out, he was so worth the hard work the last few days and I've sent him into HAED for the Reward Program ( I'm hoping to get Sara Butcher's QS Cardinal Song in return).

See you all soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coluring In! A page Finish!

I have been of on Holiday for the last week! The weather has not been nice so I have been Coluring in!

QS "Sweet Selina"
QS "Sweet Selina" July 11
The Hair is a Nightmare but I will get there! I also have a Page Finish on "Lust"

"Lust" Page 9 July 11
Although I did have to rip out about 600 stitches at the beginning, she was going to be lopsided if I didnt!

Both are Stitched on 18 cnt 2 over 1 with DMC!

Everyones Work Looks Great as Always!

Blog Post

Hello Everyone!
I am happy to show you my first page finish on my Golden Promises by CCK.  I had to push my way through all that white, but I finally got there.   
I am looking forward to seeing what's on the next page!  I hope there is less White!
Until the next stitch
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Threads for new HAED designs

I just purchased all the threads ($80 worth) needed to stitch "Queen of Hearts" and "Peacock and Doves". Herschners was having a great sale on DMC. Does anyone know where you can purchase DMC thread by the box!! I think each box contains 24 skeins of the same color.

Now I just need to find some Ecru 20ct fabric. I like 20ct, one thread covers well and it' so much easier to see with these old eyes. I know it makes the finished piece larger, but that alright with me.

My Dragon Stocking is still languishing since I haven't been able to get a new lamp yet. But hopefully I'll be able to find one this weekend.

Keep an eye out for updates on all three designs!

Everyone's stitching is just gorgeous!! I'm in awe!

Happy Stitchin'!!!

Buddy Elva from Malaysia

nice to meet u all, i from malaysia.
sorry about my broken english,because i always speak,write,read in manderin~~

this is my first HAED cross stitch. start on 18/04/2010 finish on 18/07/2011
i do this stitch by using DMC Evenweave 25 ct,1 over 1 full cross,1 strand floss~~

actually i hv a question....i try to stitch using 2 strand on Evenweave 25ct ,but is too squeeze,so i change to 1 strand floss~~is it 2 strand is just suitable for linen fabric?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Way for Buddies to Post

Thanks to Marianela for telling me how to do this.  I am sending this post from my email account.  We have set up an email address where Buddies can send their posts, pictures and all, and it will Publish the emails as Posts immediately.
So Buddies don't have to email their info to a member and wait to have their posts published.  By sending your posts to this email address, they will automatically publish to the blog.  (how great is that!?)  But the email address is secure so I won't post it here.  Buddies start checking your mail as I will be sending out this super secret email address shortly.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Buddies Amanda & Robyn

I got a lovely email from a fantastic young lady this week.  I'd like to share this with you all.
"Hello Louanne,
I would like to send a buddy request. I'm eleven and I started my HAED design in June. I'm a SAL and love cross stitching. I want to show my progress with other SALs because none of school friends are really interested.
Luv 2 stitch,
Amanda Julene
(P S ) My mom is a SAL too. She has three projects she's working on right now.
I hope I can figure out how to do this like the rest of you"
Next email.
"Yay! I'll try to get some photos soon. I'm working on Pearl Princess by Hannah Disney. My mom likes Dennis Lewan and she's doing a Hannah Disney one too. It's called Felicia and she's jealous because on my first page I'm stitching a fish. I LOVE Josephine Wall, Sandra Kuck and Dona Gelsinger. HAED is the best web site ever!
Happy Crafting,
 So without further ado I'd like to present Amanda's Pearl Princess

Robyn's Tuscan Serenade
 Robyn's Sanctuary of Knowledge
And finally Robyn's Felicia

Please join me in welcoming Amanda & Robyn to our humble blog.  I am so thrilled to have you both here with us!