Friday, November 30, 2012

Lots of Progress! (and the Inspector General Approves)

I'm please to show more progress than usual this time.  And Miss Pollyrose had to get in the pic again...nosy little thing that she is.

Project is Touching the Hem of God and it's 1 full cross over 1 on 25 ct Lugana.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WIP Bubble (Selina Fenech) bya Doris

WIP Bubble, Selina Fenech by Doris
I finally got to page 7, I advance step by step.

Monday, November 26, 2012

HAED's Princess Izzy and Mini Lucia Updates by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone,

I've got lots to report since my last post as I have finished Page 9 (out of 36) of Princess Izzy by Hannah Lynn AND Page 4 (out of 8) of Mini Lucia by Myka Jelina!

First up is Princess Izzy.....

Princess Izzy - After 9 Pages
.... so that's the middle block of 9 pages finished but still a very long way left to go! 

Next up is Mini Lucia....

Mini Lucia - After 4 Pages
Mini Lucia is a little minx as she is stuffed full of confetti but the effect is truly beautiful!

See you soon,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three Worlds Finished

After a year of much stitching it's done. Three Worlds, for my son. He has a pond with Koi carp. And I found this design fit well for him. In December last year I started it. In the summer months a small break. With little variation in color I found it at the end heavy. Next week I go to the framer to look for a nice frame. Ivan's birthday is on the last day of the year. I hope he has a lot of fun to look at it.
I stitched it on 18 ct aida. I start a new project when I feel up to it. I think a stocking.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Princess Izzy as of 9th November 2012 by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone,

I have some progress for you on my Princess Izzy by Hannah Lynn. I've now finished 8 pages and she's (literally) sitting very pretty!

Princess Izzy - After 8 Pages
I'm going to keep with her and do Page 9 to finish this block off. There's still an awful long way to go but I now have her on my brand new Millennium frame so hopefully the better tension will allow even better and quicker stitching.

See you all soon

QS Holly Angel - JBG

QS Holly Angel is stitched on 18 count aida 2 over 1 full cross stitch.
Pages 1 and 3 are complete.Just need to finish stitching her hair on page 2 and then the top row will be finished.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Faery Tales & Princess Izzy

Hi All, Here are how my two are looking after another month.
Faery Tales on 18ct aida(5 pages to go)
Princess Izzy on 20ct aida


Just completed my first HAED stocking today. Took four months to do. Can't wait toput the backing on and hang it up this year.

Sadness of Gaia - Josephine Wall

I am doing this design on 14 count aida and the final size will 33 x 44 inches.

6474 /272250 = 2.38% Completed.

You can follow my progress at:


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creativity finished!

Long time no see, but I'm back.
Here's QS Creativity by Lisa Victoria :
(Sorry she's sideways, can't fix it.)
She is stitched on 25 count evenweave, 1 over 1.
She was a pleasure to stitch!

I also started a new one, Mini Berry Branches by Hannah Lynn:
Stitched on 18 count white aida, 2 over 1