Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Giveaway!!!

This month I wanted to give away something I'd really love to have myself, but I'm going to put it on my Christmas wish list for Mr. Right;)

Midsummer Night Remember Me Stitching Pocket

Now this is just the pattern but....

I'm also going to give away the thread pack!!
This thread pack includes DMC 778, Crescent Colours Cotton Apple Fritter, Cherry Tomato, Blackbird, Weeping Willow, Sassy Brass, and Shamrock.

So all you need is the fabric:)

I hope you like this month's giveaway and I truly appreciate your suggestions...especially the

To be eligible: (1) must be a member OR a buddy
(2) must post progress pic anytime between 10/1 and 10/31
(3) must leave comment on THIS post

Good luck to all who enter:) and don't forget I'm giving away scissors and needles on my personal blog!

I'm still working on St. Nick...just a little more before I post again.

Have fun stitching and have a blessed week!
Cindy F.

Beck's Oriental Landscape Update

Hi all! I forgot to send my picture in on Oriental Landscape on Thursday but am just loving it. Purple is my favourite colour anyway so this is a dream. I'm working on the cascading clouds now and soon will be onto the sky to the right and then back underneath to the tree that comes off of the cliff on the page that follows. I have some large sections today to work on but then it's back to confetti stitching, lol...but it's all good!

I know we almost all say it but I do love seeing everyone's updates and getting to hear what is going on in our lives. It's been a quiet week here but that's good too! What with a SIL being deployed soon and then our son getting married Dec 2010, there's enough going on all around us - we're just the island of calm!

We're doing trick-or-treating here tonight for the first time. My DH doesn't usually like to do that but it will be a first for him and it was his idea - you just never know!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and much happy stitching! Hugs, Beck in SC

Vibrant Vista and Call of the Raven

Refering to the title of this post, it is the other way around. Call of the Raven has been my main stitching these past weeks. I want to finish the stitching to the left border, so she gets a little bit more attention.

October 25th

October 31th

Vibrant Vista has some progress too, I finished page three, so all I have to do to complete the first row is to finish page two LOL.

October 17th

October 31th

From my Buddy, Valerie J.

Hello my friends!

I am happy to show you a new photograph today of my advance on "A Long Winter's Nap".
The chimney takes form and I am happy. Now, I am sure that it will be finished for Christmas 2009!

Here is the photograph before:
And the photograph now:
And bravo to all for your advances, your works are superb!
Happy stitching everyone

Kathy A - Peacock Lagoon

And another week's progress. We now have a moon except for a few small confetti stitches.
I see someone else is stitching Peacock Lagoon too. How cool is that!!!



Faery Tales update

Hi Everyone

Everyone'supdates are amazing and as a result my wishlist just keeps growing!Here's my update on Faery Tales.More blues with a handful of orange's down the bottom which is the top of the giant.Have a good week.

Cheers Sharine

Friday, October 30, 2009

Manhattan Wonderland

My update on Manhattan Wonderland. :)

I admired everyone's WIP and all look simply fantastic.

Astronomer Update

I haven't been able to stitch on this much for the past two weeks, but I came home early Tuesday from work and stayed home on Wednesday since I wasn't feeling real great. So of course I had to do some stitching to make me feel better right? I am still on page 1 but only have two more columns to finish. Maybe this weekend.


Unicorn Dreams

Here's my progress on Unicorn Dream. Too bad I can't seem to get a decent picture, because the different shades are really starting to show. Maybe I should try to take the next picture by daylight :)



Hello everybody!

No, no... I'm not lost ! I still know the way to the blog...!
Here are some news...

My dear husband told me that Autumn is my Spring. And he's right !

While the leaves are falling and while the nature gets ready for it's long winter's sleep, stitching projects are blossoming by me !
First, I was not enchanted with the idea of having more than one HAED project at the same time. And the, some circumstances have changed my phylosophy. I was then slowly telling myself : "Why not ?"... Life is too short !

Do you remember when I was writing how much I was looking forward to see my Winter Angel finished ? Lately, I really realized how the journey is much much more important than the destination. So I'm going to begin new trips, with a lot of colors adventures, and feelings that you don't find anywhere else than in a HAED journey...

I will start two charts from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and one from Scott Gustafson.
So, for the moment, I'm working on gridding fabrics and ordering all the floss... It's such a pleasure to prepare the journey !

I'm so glad to be here sharing my enthusiasm with you !
I'm looking forward to show you the first stitches of each one as soon as I will be stitching on them. Of course, my Winter Angel will continue to progress too !

Let me wish you all fun and a great amazement by your stitching journey...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Progress of World Tarot (Law) - my newest start

I was very bad and started yet another HAED...I couldn't resist, though, because A) I love this chart and B) I ordered some yummy 30-count linen from Passione Ricamo and had to try it out! Here's my progress so far - 20 rows finished, yay!

Thanks for looking!


Our Thursday SAL

Hi my friends,

Who is ready for our Thursday SAL ? I'm in for sure and I'm looking forward to it.

I will be stitching on "Land of Enchantment". I would love to start something new. Maybe after I finished my page on "Land of Enchantment" I can start a new HAED. After finishing pages I can switch between those 2 HAED's. I have 6 WIP's on the run and the box where I collect my WIP's was full. So no reason to start something new. But now I have put all my WIP's in a bigger box, so now I have plenty of room to start something new :) Is this a good excuse ?

Wishing you all a lovely stitching day and a very lovely weekend.

Wendy and Cindy F.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guardian Progress

I really must apologise for not updating regularly of late but this piece is going a bit slow at the moment! I have finished 5 pages now so only 25 to go! This is Guardian, artwork by Selina Fenech, and a piece I absolutely adore:)


Maxine's Dragon Riders Update

I'm a bit late putting up my progress, have a bad cold so I've not felt like being on the computer but as you probably know by now it's not stopped me stitching lol.
Here's my before pic...
Here's my after pic...

still not at the half page finish so I'm going to keep on with it :)
Thanks for reading and commenting and keep up the great work :)

Maxine (So Much Stash - Sew Little Time my blog)


Here I am with a progress of my gothic rose... the photo is not really good, sorry for that, but I'm sure you can see a bit more of the butterfly.. almost 2 pages done..

Hugs Marleen

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Tiny Bit of Stitching

I managed a little bit of stitching today - about 50 stitches, not much, LOL. The last two weeks have been busy for me. I have been looking at all the beautiful HAEDs; you all are doing wonderful stitching. I really enjoy coming to this blog and seeing how everyone is progressing. I hope you all have a lovely, stitchy week!

Fairy Tales updated

I have stitched some more on Fairy Tales - she is the only one I am stitching on at the moment, the only one I want to stitch.  All the other patterns will just have to wait for a little while longer - I just love working on her.  I decided to take out the little patch on her forehead and I feel much happier with it at the moment - will have to see how I feel after the whole face is finished (hope that two froggings were enough!).

Happy Stitching


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been working steadily, I have done a lot of the black to the
left, you can see it is higher up than before, also I have done a fair
bit of confetti here and there which means my progress is not as
noticeable this week, but if you compare to the previous picture you
can see the difference! You can see this and other cross stitches I
have worked on at


After two weeks of heavy stitching I made great progress with the Sifter. I am so in a black mood...... I cant help it. I think it is the time of the year........I am looking every day at this blog at the progresses of everybody. You are all a fantastic bunch of people who enjoy the stitching as much as I do.... And the Buddy members work are a joy to look at also.
I have together with my dil, a new chart choice.... a christmas stokking...... help!!!!! so much colors !!!!! I feel almost happy (lol) everybody have fun with the stitching !!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Manhattan Wonderland

Another update on Manhattan Wonderland. :)

And I'm admiring also all these most beautiful WIP's. They are all gorgeous and inspiring.

Feels like a Finish!

Well, it kind of is a finish!!!!!!! I have FINALLY finished the first page of my Little Drummer Boy. At the rate I am going, it will take 49 years to finish this project!!! Hopefully, I can speed that up a little bit.
He is now being put away for a little while, so I can work on a few other WIP pieces!

Reintroducing Jolly Old Fellow

I'm sure you've all forgotten about me and my Santa. I haven't posted since June, as I've not been working on Jolly Old Fellow in that time. I had a break so I could stitch a Christmas project that I could actually hang this Christmas (L&L's Angel of Hope - she's at the framer now). Santa's back on my floor-frame now, and I will be stitching on him next week. I'll be starting back on page 8. I'm hoping to finish page 8 before Christmas.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Unicorn Dreams

Here's my progress on Unicorn Dream after two weeks... I haven't worked as much on it as I originally planned because working on Montecristo's letters was too tempting, but I did manage to start using 3 more shades of blue. It's a good thing blue is my favorite color! :D


New Start SAL

First off... WOW! You guys have been stitching up a storm! Gorgeous work - all of it! Kudos to all!

Next, I want to tell you about my excitement. For the Special New Start SAL on the board last week I started Jo Wall's Dragon Charmer. Here's the original:
Now don't throw stuff at me, but I am going to admit that I am not a big fan of Ms. Wall's charts. Her art is lovely, but not usually anything I would want to stitch, with this ONE exception, a dragon, and beautiful blues (my favorite color)! Plus, to tell the truth, they scared me! They looked like so much detail, I figured every other stitch would be a different color, and it would drive me mad. I am happy to report that is not the case. I am really enjoying this one. I started in the upper left corner and got approx. 1400 stitches in so far. Here's what it looks like now:

Stats: 28 ct. Joblean - light blue, DMC Floss, 1 X 1 Full Cross.

For the HAEDless Sal this weekend, I will be working on A Bouquet of Cheryl.

Thanks for looking!
Till next time
Happy Stitching!

Faery Tales Update

Hi All

Great progress everyone. All I've had this week are the blues.Here is an update on Faery Tales.I've almost finished page 6 then I have 1 more full page and a part page to finish the top row.


Buddy introduction

Hello everyone!

thanks to the Buddy programm I can finally take part in this wonderful community instaed of just looking at all the wonderful pictures everyone is posting. Thank you very much!
My name is Anna and I'm currently working on two HAEDs.

The first one is Fly Me To The Moon by Josephine Wall. I started this in february this year and it is 1 over 1 on 25 ct Lugana

The second one is Bunch of Love QS by Ching-Chou Kuik. I work this on 18 ct pre-gridded Aida and started it some weeks ago but only work on it for one week in a month.

I hope to finish the 4th page of Fly Me To The Moon soon! It's such an enjoyable piece!

Thank you for looking!!~

Wendy's Land of Enchantment

Hi my friends,

Finally I did have some time to do some stitching the last 2 days. I have been stitching on "Land of Enchantment". It is not a very big progress, but it is something :)

Here is my update



In the meantime I have been watching all of your wonderful progresses. Since I was so busy lately with my own business, I didn't have time to comment on all of your progresses. I hope it will be a little relaxed for me now, so I will be able to catch up on reading blogs and comment on your wonderful progresses. Keep up the good work everybody.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beck's Oriental Landscape

Yippee! I'm back stitching again on HAED - this time it's Oriental Landscape and it's really going well. I'm happy with purple of any shade and there have only been 4 colour changes this time. It doesn't look like many actual stitches but it's a huge achievement for me. I'm looking forward to having more progress pics in the weeks will keep me from being stressed - my son and his long-time girlfriend just got engaged and this will be a BIG wedding - makes me glad I'm mother of the groom this time! I'm also working away on the weight loss and that's steady progress...I'm getting stronger muscles all the time and that's worth it overall too.

Hope everyone has as much fun this week as I'm having - I am one of the most fortunate women around! Life is great and friends like you all here - it's wonderful.

Hugs, Beck


It's SAL day again and I'm getting ready to plant myself in my stitching chair.

You guys did an AMAZING job last week! So many stitches! So many beautiful wips!

Looking forward to seeing more;)

Have fun....and remember!! This isn't a job, so don't make it one! We stitch because we enjoy it and we love our finishes!! Need a break, take guilt allowed:)

Sending you all BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

Cindy F.

Wrath - Page 2 Complete!

Hi everyone! Well I finally finished page 2 last night! I was making record speed on this until I hit that piece of her hair and then it was about 45 different color changes and it felt like I was just stitching 1 or 2 stitches and then having to switch colors. I also noticed that the dark purple I used in part of page 1 is slightly different in shade (meaning the dye lot is different) than the purple used in the rest of page 1 and in page 2. It's noticeable but not horrible looking.. I decided to go ahead and leave it for now since it is just background and in the grand scheme of things, it probably won't be too terribly noticeable. You can kinda see it in the picture...

Anyways, here's where I was last time:
And this is after finishing page 2:

Hope you are all doing great and always looking forward to all of your updates!

Koukiotis Angel of Spring - NB

Hi Everyone :0))

This is my first post after a few months of break from my last HAED finish (Koukiotis Sleeping Beauty) since July. I really miss posting wips on this blog but I enjoy watching your beautiful wips. It is reallly nice to be back and join my fellow HAED stitchers every Thursday.
I actually started Koukiotis Angel of Spring - NB in 2008. You can see my last update of the old Angel of Spring here.

Current one was started on 10 Oct 2009 and I've completed 1 1/2 pages. I am stitching her at a very slow pace since I am starting to play the baker everyday and had been checking for tutorials online for making Christmas ornaments. Like what Cindy and Wendy always tell us - no stress on this SAL blog :0)) Looking forward to see more wips later.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonderful pieces

I have lost my stitching bug at the moment due to a few things that life is throwing at me at the moment. But I thought I would come on the blog and have a look at the wonderful pieces people are stitching... and I can feel myself thinking, ohh I would love to stitch that, and thats a lovely colour... LOL

I know I have HAEDs to stitch (one being for my daughter Katie) so over this coming school holiay I might just sit down at work out some kind of rota so get in some stitching.

Your pieces of work ladies are wonderful and truly encouraging and enabling! I just wanted to say that you are all doing marvellous jobs with each and every piece that I have seen posted!


Susan's Stitching

I have the great pleasure to be Susan's stitching buddy. Here is what she is working on.

I'm working on Witching Hour and you can see here almost 500 stitches. Doesn't look like much does it? But it's got black and 3 shades of blue. I'm working on ecru aida, 18 ct with 2 strands of floss.

More to come next month and in the meantime I'll keep enjoying all your progress pics/tales.

From My Buddy, Valerie J.

Good morning my friends !
Here is the photograph from 10 days ago.

And here is my progress on " A Long Winter's Nap " today :

I'm embroidering the chimney, and I'm impatient to embroider fire!

Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lonneke (buddy member)

Hi everyone,

I am Lonneke and it's so nice to be able to post here now! Thank you buddy Astrid!
I have been away on vacation to Sweden and had some great stitching time. This is what I am currently working on:
QS Bliss by Hannah Lynn
QS Creativity by Lisa Victoria(new start for the HAED birthday!)
From the Ashes by SPML
Have fun! Lonneke.....

Aurora's Garden and The Astronomer

Hello friends!
I am very late with my Saturday update! I have been preoccupied with something non-stitchy, but I have been stitching most days. Here are the before and afters:

I have quickly looked at all your progress, but need to go back and leave comments! Hope everyone has a productive stitching week!

Thank you and Quick update

First, I want to say "Thank You" to Wendy for the cute bear kit from the September Giveaway! It arrived last week, but I didn't get a chance to post. My kids were all on vacation from school last week - conferences and professional development days - so not a lot of stitching got done. I haven't stitched much this month, and this week I need to work on a Round Robin I need to get in the mail on Saturday. I've hardly touched it. Hopefully next week will be a better week for stitching. QS Reflections 2 is really begging for some attention and I have a couple new HAEDs that are kitted that have started to call me... What's one more WIP??

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great job

Wonderful updates from everyone. I was out of town last week and I'm slowly catching up! Beautiful progress!

Carolyn NC

Unicorn Dreams

Here's my first week's progress on Unicorn Dream... it's not too visible yet, but there are actually three shades of dark blue :) I'm getting closer and closer to the lighter shades, so hopefully this wip will look a lot better by next week :)