Thursday, August 29, 2013

Faces of Faery 75 finished

I finished it! It was already last week, but immediately afterwards I take to advance on Queen of Hearts, and could not find the time to take a good photo and upload it to the blog. I love how it turned out, except, perhaps, for yellow patches on his chest, I do not like much so contrast ... but I love the rest, especially the headband and earring, which gave a lot of trouble with so much confetti, but I think the result is amazing. Now I'll continue the charts that I have started, and may be soon I'll start another project.

Happy stitching!!!


Magnificent Wings and Berry Branches

Here are my updates.
Progress is slow, but I love stitching them both.

stitched on 18 cnt aida, 2 threads, full crosses

stitched on 25 cnt black evenweave, 1 over 1, full crosses

Monday, August 26, 2013

Next Progress

Now if I think I can finish it for Christmas

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Solstice and Equinox 25/8/13 ~ Faerie

I've decided to start showing mini updates as it can take me a long time to finish a page on a chart. I now have a whole dragon head! I'm at the halfway point of page 2 and I'm starting to see the second wing! It's a shame the sparklies don't show up aswell on camera. I'm really enjoying stitching this one so far. I'm thinking I'll stick with it until I've finished page 3 before I go back to QS Siberian Forest. I might aswell since I am on a roll =)

Thanks for looking!

Ali xx

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

next advance

I want to finish the piece of tree to move to the next page!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gothic from marta Dahlig

Outrageous of myself, that I do this again to slow to show the progress. Anyway, now still just taken time. I have quite a lot done. I've already been down to the edge. And now a top piece started. I see her jewelry emerge. Fun to do. Only strange that the example shows a purple dress but I have to make it green. Maybe it even changed towards the front. Well I was just enamored of the color.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Progress Picture for the HAED Blog

A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch
Designer - HAED - Schim Schimmel
Material - 25 Count White Lugana
Threads - DMC 1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch
More progress on this.  I have stitched 5 (50 Rows) if you count by 10.  Now I will be going across those five rows and than I will do the next 5 (50 rows) after that. 
Thanks for looking....Enjoy
Linda K. Klinedinst

Reading:  Following The Mystery Man - Mary Downing Hahn
Daisy Offerings - HAED - Sandra Kuck
A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch - HAED - Schim Schimmel
Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell
Beyond Spring Gate - Thomas Kinkade
1.  I See The Moon Birth Announcement - Janlynn Corp - Jan 11, 2013
2.  Glory Of Autumn - Dimensions - Tues. Feb 5, 2013
3.  America - Jeanette Crew Designs - Saturday June 8, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Christmas Tree Harvest Ornament - Kim Hopkins

Pages 3 and 4 complete half of page 2 complete. 18 count 2 over 1.

Monday, August 12, 2013

And we!

following progress!

And we!

Following progress! not a lot to none at all now ascended back to be with him!

Mini Transcendence is FINISHED as of 11th August 2013 by Gizzimomo

Here's my finish of Mini Transcendence!

Mini Transcendence by Adele Sessler
Stitched on 25 count hand dyed 'Emerald Sky' lugana by Sparklies
1 thread over 1 square
Started on 25th September 2012
Finished on 11th August 2013 (in rotation with other pieces)

I hope you like him as much as I do!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mini Renaissance Angel of J. Galbreth

Hallo, this is my new haed work.

I'm working this pattern on white cotton fabric with DMC floss, full cross 1x1
I have begin in june 2013 and this is my first WIP , line 84, one quarter of finished design.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Over Two Pages Done!

Here is my latest progress pic.  I finally paused to figure out how much I've completed and I'm stunned to learn it's over two pages.  I've never gotten that far in the past when I've attempted one of these marathon stitching patterns.  I love it though...just needed to pick something with colors and subject that I love.

Pattern is Touching the Hem of God, 1 full cross over one thread on 25 ct lugana.