Monday, August 31, 2009

A Wintery Heirloom by Vickie

WOW!! It has been months since I posted here!!! I have a confession to make....I didn't pick up my HAED all summer long!!! Isn't that just terrible of me??? I finally started stitching on it again this past Friday and instead of doing the blue which is a really quick stitch...No, I started another dreaded tree!! It is coming along nicely!! I am going to start working on this once a week again...that is my goal for the rest of the year. I hope everyone is doing well...and I have alot of back posts to go through!!!

August Giveaway!!

This month, I'm giving away one of my very favorite tools!! The DMC Needlework Threads Color Card. If you don't have a color or want to change a color, this is a very good tool! It's also great for helping you decide if you want to go up or down a shade.

It does not come with floss samples, like the old cards did. It groups color lines together. All of the colors lines in DMC...satin, pearl, six strand, variegated. I use mine a lot!!
Last month one of our members suggested I went to our local book store and got what they had! I wish they carried more;) The Christmas Ornament Preview Issue from Just Cross Stitch (July/August 2009), Stoney Creek Cross Stitch (June 2009) and Cross Stitch Gold (June 2009).

Rules for drawing...same as always 1) must be a member to enter 2) must enter comment on this post only 3) must have posted at least one progress (or finish) pic by 8/31/09. Drawing will be 9/1/09. Good luck and thank you all for being such wonderful members!! We look forward to your posts:)

Cindy F.

Just a little bit...

Unfortunately, I did not get a lot stitched since the last picture. It was so hot here in Germany and my appartement is right under the roof. Some evenings it was just to hot to stitch. The other evenings when I could stitch I had to stitch for two friendship samplers that I signed up to stitch for. So, here is the picture.

As the weather gets cooler, I will be able to stitch more.

I love what you are doing with your projects and really enjoy seeing your progress pictures.

Have a great evening

Sunday, August 30, 2009

TT Pat A Cake (Faulkner)

I've been stitching, but haven't kept up with posting this month,

I finished another of the Tiny treasures- pat a cake.


this week I'll be picking up QS Leo (butcher) for the SAL. here's where she is now:


Still here....

Very behind.
Quit the job! I was #31 since January of THIS YEAR! You just wouldn't believe the stories I could
I'm really missing blogging, especially reading your blogs....but don't give up on me:)
My son is moving 1900+ miles, coming here first for jeep repairs and hugs.
Not going to think negative, but just got certified letter from hospital my mammogram came back with "area of concern" as soon as I know my son is safe and I get through more tests...I'll be back! (My grandmother had breast cancer but lived many years after having hers removed.) I'm very scared, but trying to stay focused on my son's happiness right now:)
Cross your fingers my 50th, which is on our Labor Day holiday (so Mr. Right will be home that day) will be a peaceful, stress-free day, happy day:)
Lots of love and hugs!!

Cindy F.

Dragon Knot update

Here's my latest update on Dragon Knot. Life has been getting in the way lately of making significant progress! So slow is the pace for now!

Aurora's Garden

Here's my progress for the week. It doesn't yet amount to anything and now I've found three new patterns that I like! It's hopeless. I'm well on my way to the world's largest collection of WIPs and serial starts. So sad...I can't commit!

Happy stitching to all of you this week! I love to see all of your progress, even if it is intimidating at times! LOL!


Sorry that it took two weeks for an update. But very hot weather, sick (again) and much work. But I have this morning finalized the Firefly. Finally finished so I can go to the Madonna of Christensen. Everyone has a lot of progress. Great. all a good stitching week.
I add a picture of the Madonna were I was ended in april I believe...... So you can see next week or I made any progress. But my mil is brought to the hospital so i hope i can show some progress. life is more inportent than any stitching on this world i think........

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Queen of Hearts (Babs)

Page 5 is progressing, and still at least 4 pages left to do with only those 4 stupid colors. I don't like it anymore. There are over 80 colors in this work, but all I stitch is 4. I start to think that the other colors are in it with only 1-2 stitches.


I love this design and the more I have to work ......the more I enjoy them ! The very very many confetty stitches are not so difficult ( no longer)and it's varied work! Soon I am on the lower part of the pattern and then almost to page 3! It is a shame that so slow moving forward, I know it's not a competition but I've already seen so much that I find very beautiful and I would like to make!
But time is simply not for sale!
I always enjoy your progress and beautiful designs, great job!!!


a very nice weekend all!


So sorry....

but I didn't do any stitching on my HAED last week.

I really hope I can catch up next week. We have been very busy here with our store and I have just finished a felt balloon, for which we will give a workshop of it. I can't wait to pick up my HAED again.

In the meantime I did enjoy all of your progresses!! Keep up the good work, you guys rock!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Start

I was so excited to see Linda Ravenscroft's Mystic Mogs charted by HAED! I got them all. I have no self control. I started Arthur over the weekend. It's not that exciting looking, as I started in the upper left corner. It's all background so far.

First the Original beauty:

Here's my start:

Stats: 32 ct. Zweigart Belfast Linen, Olive Green. Full cross 1 X 1.

Belfast isn't my favorite, but it was the perfect size and I liked the contrast from the backround of the chart to the fabric. The background is a lot of creamy, peachy, yellowy floss, and I thought it would be too hard to see where I stitched and where I didn't if I went with a more netural color. I can always run the matt right up to the edge of the stitching later on if I don't like the look of the fabby. It isn't a dark color, it's soft and light, not like you would think of an Olive Green. This is the first HAED I am attempting on 32 ct. Everything else is on 28 ct. What do you think? Does it look okay?

It's soothing, just stitching a lot of one color for a while. It's a contrast to other projects with a lot of detail stitching. I'm going to try to work my way (cross country) down to his ears. Get some of the detail stitches going, then I'll have a reference point to work over to where there is less detal stitching on the other side. That way I can work on either a lot of detail, or not, depending on my mood. Plus getting used to the 32 ct. doing a lot of one color is helpful.

I haven't been leaving comments, but I do want to tell you all that your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous stitching!

Progress Finally

I finally finished page 3 yesterday. I'm working longer hours now and it is cutting into my stitiching time! However, more money for more stash. Well, let's get to why we all come here. Here it is with a little lap over onto page 4.

Have a good stitching weekend!

St Nick in His Study

Here's my SAL pics of St Nick in His Study.
That 'green stuff' behind Santa's head is the beginnings of his chair. Love this pattern. Have a wonderful week-end everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Update

I have not stitched on my HAED (Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge) this week due to the tendonitis in my right arm, which flares up from time to time. Also my hands are hurting due to the fact that I had to archive a year worth of files at the temporary assignment I am currently on. So I must take this small break from stitching and knitting :( I plan to pick up my needles this weekend since I have rested my hands and arm this week.

You all are doing wonderful stitching and making great progress. I love looking at everyones' HAEDs; you all keep me motivated!!

Have a great weekend!!!

The Final Few

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a great week of stitching. I stitch and stitch and don't seem to make much progress. But that is the nature of this beast that we call counted cross stitch. My little panda is coming along pretty good, I am anxious to share her with you. O.K. I know that I am sexist because I call the little one she.

Hope everyone has a great week of stitching, stitching, stitching.


Marie, Winter Angel.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After some turbulences, the sky is clearing and the travel continues. We hope that you enjoy the flight with the Winter Angel airline.
We are getting near our next destination, which is the island of the Second Raw.

Meanwhile, you can open your seat belt, relax, and appreciate the view through the porthole :

Have a good trip !

Your air hostess, Marie.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crabby Crush QS

Here is my update - a little early this week as I will be away tomorrow. I have finished off my monthly goal for her. She is such a fun bright stitch and it is always a joy to work on her.

A Long Winter'Nap on 2009-08-26

I almost finished my page, I have again 2 lines but I will stitch it with the next page. I am happy .... my work is progressing well and I like very much to stitch it

thanks for your supports, it's very important for my motivation

Good Stitching


Update on Vintage Rose

It's been a while since I posted an update on Vintage Rose

Three photos!

Three photos at once, I do stitch a lot, but I can hardly manage to blog, I'm really bad... I’m 34 weeks pregnant now and it feels like I’m tired all the time.
I almost finished the second page of Waterlily Mermaid, but I was short of two colours. I ordered them, but only this morning they arrived by mail, over three weeks after ordering! It's becoming beautiful, but to be honest, I think this work is a bit small with only four pages.
The wizard of Oz is fun to stitch. I have a part of Tinman now and the but of lion. It doesn't stitch quicky, but that doesn't matter.

And within a week I stitched the second page of Impossible love. Compared to The wizard of Oz this is quite simple, only little colour changes. I'm looking forward to something else than sky, but of course the clouds are beautiful as well. At the right of the picture I can stitch the wings of the angels. I love the colours, don't you?
I still enjoy reading this blog very much, it's nice to work on this kind of stitch work all together. In my own environment I don't know people who stitch as much as I do, most people admire it, but don't understand it. It's great to meet people who like it so much as well!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maxine's Puggles Update

I haven't been posting a great deal I have been so tired and apart from my HAED I haven't done any other stitching. I have read quite a few books though :)
I did join in with the SAL two weeks ago but I didn't get around to posting it so this first pic is of it after that SALAnd this pic is how it looks now after last weeks SAL I need to just work down the legs to have this page finished
My DD Jen has been stitching on her QS so here's her pic firstly how it looked I think at her last update...
and how it looks now.....
There has been some fantastic work done on your HAED's I love seeing all the different designs coming to life :) Thanks for reading and commenting :)

progress luna


my first page is finished of Luna! You can already see a part of the tree...

Hugs Marleen

Monday, August 24, 2009

New post from Beck

I made several MAJOR counting errors on Summer in Bavaria - to the point that I had to quit. I was so sad, I wanted to stop, just cry and then throw some things...which I did some of that, lol! I want to thank you all, and Cindy in particular, for encouraging me not to stop. Your work was my inspiration - and I didn't want to quit stitching anyway - just had to quit being mean to myself for being such a nut! I've decided to start on Oriental Landscape soon - have the threads but just can't work up yet to putting the material back on the bars. Also have chosen Abundance of Joy for my birthday club choice. I may someday go back to Summer in Bavaria - but not anytime soon, lol!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for not giving up on me so I wouldn't give up on myself!

Hugs, Beck in SC/Oriental Landscape

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm still here

Yes, I'm still here, looking at your wonderful stitching (missing an update from Marie, please don't feel obliged, but there is no way to contact you, and I'm a bit worried) and wishing there were more hours in a day to stitch. I have some other things to finish, as I am involved in some exchanges and I promised to stitch something for a friend. It has to be done, so Vibrant Vista has to wait these coming weeks. As soon as I have some progress to show, I will be back :)

I've Found My Way Back

Hello stitching friends!!!!!

It's been a long, long time since I have posted or commented and I apologize to everyone! I fell off the HAED wagon and then I think it ran over me 3 or 4 times! After binging on stitching HAEDs only for a few months, all of a sudden I had to work on my forgotten Cirque de Circles, Salem Sisters, and I started the Monopoly board. Too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good!

Then I woke up yesterday and felt like today was a great day to pull out a HAED! I picked Aurora's Garden and took it to work. Only got in 150 stitches, but will work on it again today. Here it is:

Going from the HAED to the Monopoly board was a tactile experience like no other. The 14 ct Aida felt like burlap and the needle is as big as a nail! I felt like I was working on the "Tonka Toy" of stitching projects.

Belated congrats to all who had finishes!!!! That must feel awesome! The rest of your progress I will catch up on.

Sabine (Cindy or Wendy-Will you make the link, please?)


Here is an updated picture of Leaf. My goal is to stitch 1/2 a page a month. Last week I managed 1,400 stitches and am on the last row of my goal. You can see the hint of red on the side which are the start of her lips. I can't wait to get to page 12 and to get her lips done.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morgana LeFey 8/22/09

Here she is, after 2 wks solid stitching. She's been a joy, even with all the color changes!!! I really need to get to work on some fall stitching, but find it hard to put down my HAEDs. She's 1 over1 on 28ct clay overdye, not doing the background outside of the oval.


TT Purple Dragon Finished!

Wahooo!! I am happy dancing here as my TT Purple Dragon is finished and here she is!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Queen of Hearts (Babs)

This is a small update from my Queen of Hearts. It's on my brandnew, selfmade stitching standard. I still have to get used to work in, but I hope that ends soon. At the moment stitching on it gives me pain in my back, neck and arms. It took us a bit of time to make, but eventually, it will be allright.

If you want to see more pics of the standard, I'm not bottering you with it here, but go check on my blog later this evening.

I love all of your weeks, keep up the good work. Babs

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just a little comment!

No picture to show at the mo - I am working on my HAEd for the next couple of days so will show one then, but in the meantime i just wanted to say how much i am enjoying this blog - seeing all the different HAED designs and watching them grow but the main thing is if it is a design i don't know the intrigue as to what the finished piece will be like - I have been trying desperately to refrain from having a look at the originals - it's much more fun seeing what will come next.. (and what to add to my wishlist lol!)

Wendy's progress

Hi my friends,

It has been a while since I showed my progress, but here is my update. I have been stitching on Thursday as well. I don't have a before picture now.

As you can see, there is some more of the palace now. I still enjoy stitching it.

I haven't been commenting a lot last week, but this is because I just got back from vacation, and then there is a lot of work to do at home too. But I'll try to catch up.

I have seen all of your wonderful progresses. Keep up the good work :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

progress gothic rose

Here I'm again with my progress.. page one is done! I like to stitch even the confetti-stitches...

Hugs Marleen

Mimosa's Dark Cherry Update

I had stitched Dark Cherry SAL all the time last week. I finished her face and hair decoration. But She will get rest until next

Thanks for looking

A Long Winter'Nap on 2009-08-17


This is my advanced

Forty lines more than prévious image...there is many fewers colors and than I stitch fastly

Good Stitching

Kisses and thanks for yours supports


Blue Pearls Mermaid

I know it has been ages since I posted. I have been stitching lots though. I have set myself a goal to stitch 1/2 page on Leaf and Crabby Crush QS every month. So far I have been able to meet the goals.

I have been working on Blue Pearls Mermaid QS which is in my 10 hrs rotation. There has been lots of blocks of 3685 and I will be glad to see a bit of confetti stitching.

Manhattan Wonderland

Due to family circumstances there wasn't much time lately to stitch on my HAED. I took it only once with me. Still loving stitching this chart and hopefully I will soon have more time to put more stitches in it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Contemplating the System

I am almost done with page 3. I have most of one column and four rows to go. I already have some overlap onto page 4. I hope to have it done by next week.




Hello everyone, I just let you see what I embroidered this week on snow white ..... it is always a small piece that it is almost not worth to show! It is also such a great job and I can for the moment do no more than two hundred stitches per week, because as a work of years, I must rotate so that it is not boring! I'm already very much like the many confetty stitches ...... because they make the work very nicely! I will be happy if I once again a page of the pattern have finished!



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yoyo Progress #4

HAED Dreams of Atlantis
artwork by Josephine Wahl
25 ct unknown ivory perle linen
BEFORE (Aug 6th)

The good news is I got a super new computer -- the bad news is it didn't want to connect to the internet. I've been trying to get this posted since Thursday night but my internet connection kept dieing out, very weird. And don't we all just love those "technical help" people, right! But I think the problem is, if not solved, at least temporarily fixed. So the better news is I have some pretty good progress this week on Dreams of Atlantis. I'm very happy with what I've accomplished since my last post (about 1900 stitches) especially since I had at least three days of no stitching at all.

clickable -- AFTER
August 14

I really enjoyed my visit over the blog today. There are so many stunning pieces on display. Way to go stitchers! Keep those needles burning! And thanks for looking.


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