Monday, November 30, 2009

Buddy Lisa's Queen of Hearts

Here is the progress of my buddy (Lisa) Queen of Hearts. She apologised for the blurriness of the picture. She is currently very busy doing up some Christmas gifts and will post another pictures, hopefully after Christmas.

Kathy A - Peacock Lagoon

Here is my latest progress on Peacock Lagoon.

Although you can't really see it I did some more detail inside the moon. There are a few stitches left in the moon but I am going to have to spend some time with a magnifier to sort them out.

Oh for some other color than blue!!!!!

The Sifter

Well friends, I was very sick of the loss of our friend. But slowly I am coming to my senses again.
The pain in my hart is still there but I can do something again.
So the Sifter is half ready and is going into the box till after newyear. I am working at the Madonna (Christensen) till Newyear.

I looked with a half eye to everybodys updates. Some of them are Gorgeous.... Good work on you....... I hope I can pick up my brains to give next week respons again to everybodys work.


It's been a while.. but I'm finished my second page of this project...

and a little on the cat

happy stitching!
Hugs Marleen

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wendy's progress on Land of Enchantment

Hi my stitching friends,

It's been a while but I finally can show you a progress on my "Land of Enchantment". I did enjoy stitching again on this project, but I'm planning to start a 2nd HAED as well. You guys did encourage me to do it and I love the theory of Marie that "we have to enjoy the journey instead of the destination". Thanks Marie for this lovely comment, because I really love this saying :)

My 2nd start will be "Santa Claus at the North Pole", because it is now Holiday season I really would love to stitch something with Santa on it :) I'll show my new start :)
Here is my progress on "Land of Enchantment"


Wishing you all a lovely stitching week.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crabby Crush QS

Here is the latest pic of Crabby Crush QS.  I am nearly finished Page 3.  She has her yellow rose and you can just see the crab's claw.  She is such a little sweetie to stitch.  I am going to have a break though when I have finished stitching Page 3 but you will have to wait and see what the new piece is.

Friday, November 27, 2009

From My Buddy, Valerie J. in France

Hello my friends!

I am happy to show you my Santa, almost finished. Just a page and it will be finished. I'm late showing you the picture and I'm sorry. I have started the last page. I promise that soon you will see the photo of my stitching completely finished.

Before and after:

Good day to you all!

Unicorn Dream; Gaudi

Unfortunately I couldn't participate in the SAL last week, but I managed to make up for it this week! :) Here's my progress on Unicorn dream, I'm getting closer and closer to finishing the first page...

As for Gaudí, I'm almost done with the patch of 820, and I only have 20 lines left from page one... I've decided to continue with the page below the first one, that way I'll be able to put some colors other than blue in the picture! :)


Vibrant Vista

Hi stitching friends! I have been working on Vibrant Vista again and I almost accomplished page 2 and with that I have done the first row! I know, the order is a bit strange for anybody who didn't follow my progress. I started on page 1, then moved to page 5, because I liked stitching from right to left more, so now I finally closed the gap between the pages. The sky is done, there are a few stitches to do between the tree and on the bottom of page 2 where a small roof is coming up.

October 31th

November 27th


Hi Friends !! I finally finished my second page, I'm really happy and ..... I am already started on my third page! Again only dark colors, I'll be glad when I get to see something else like a dwarf or a piece of snow white self! Now first ahead to page four!
See you next time
Hugs Ingrid



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Koukiotis Angel of Spring 26 Nov 09

Hi everyone, here is my Koukiotis Angel of Spring. The last time I updated was on the 10 Nov. Here she is after 16 days. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow stitchers :0))

26 Nov 09

10 Nov 09

Jolly Old Fellow

I am pleased to be working again on Jolly Old Fellow, after a 6 month 'rest'. I'm about a quarter of the way through page 8 now, and fairly confident that I will finish page 8 before the end of 2009. I've done the page 8 sky, so I'll be leaving alone the blues (not my favourite colour to stitch) and stitching with the reds, pinks, creams and whites of Santa's hat for the rest of page 8.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moon Fantasy

HAED SAL - Moon Fantasy
Thank you for the opportunity to post on this board through a buddy, I am Annette (29) from Winchester, New Zealand, I found HAED approximately 8 months ago and have taken on 3 projects so far, Moon Fantasy storykeep that is currently running through the HAED board, Merry Christmas to All where i am on the first page and very much looking forward to getting back to stitching it, and Gossamer Princess Storykeep which I am on the first page and she is put away temporarily.
Here are a couple of photos that I took over the last weekend, I had this totally relaxing stitching weekend, where it was just me, my stitching, music/dvd's and food, no distractions like internet, phones, tv, it was just me and my stitching, I am looking forward to finishing this HAED, it will be my first finish, the end is totally in sight with 400-500 stitches left to stitch, so I am getting pretty excited to get her finished.

Annette, New Zealand

Three Graces - update

Have been stitching away on Josephine Wall's Three Graces: I have almost completed half.

Three Graces Nov 09

Have been lurking looking at everyone's wonderful pictures.

Happy Stitching.

My Stitching Blog

Our Thursday SAL

Hi my stitching friends,

Who is this time ready for our thursday SAL. I'm in for sure with "Land of Enchantment". In fact I'm already stitching on this one this week even though I'm not feeling too well since last week. But I will show my progress for sure :)

In the meantime I keep watching your wonderful progress and it did encourage me to keep stitching on mine. I have to admit also I was a little bored again with "Land of Enchantment". Maybe I should not feel guilty and start a new HAED. I wouldn't be the only one I think with different HAED's on the run ;)

Wishing you all a lovely stitching week.

Wendy and Cindy F.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marie, Beauty and the Beast.

Hello everybody !

I hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful season !
As you already know it, I'm working on many new starts, and today, I want to present you the first one !

This is Beauty and the Beast, from Gustafson.

I'm stitching it on a new fabric that I discovered. It's called "Colmar", 25 count. It is between Dublin and Lugana. In fact, this fabric is not regular (as the Dublin), and it is rigid like the Lugana.
I really enjoy stitching of it, and the design Beauty and the Beast... What an enchantment to work on...

Here is my first update :

I wish you all a great week, and I just want to tell you that it's fabulous to be here, with you all.

Happy Stitching !!!


Kim's Dragonfly Update (Buddy)

Here is my buddy friend Kim's Update.

Dragonfly by Selena Fenech.
Scully 236

Thanks to my buddy for posting my progress!

I started this as part of the new start SAL project last month and here is
my before picture and current progress picture. I am still on page 1 and
working on the background, saving starting her hair until last. I just love
the colours that are being used, which is unusual for me, as I am
predominantly a purple person!

Kim (scully 236) My Blog: Scully's Stitching

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Rose

Here are the before and afters of First Rose for this last week:

I have decided to restart The Astronomer :-(. I love the pattern, had to immediately buy it, but everytime I pick it up I feel less than enthusiastic. I finally figured out why. It's the color of the fabric. I choose Ivory, as oppossed to the Cream for Aurora's Garden and Ash Rose for First Rose, because I wasn't planning on letting any of it show when it's framed. But it is so drab and dingy. It makes the whole piece feel washed out, not like the rich colors it has. I'm going to order Lavender istead. I know this is extremely picky and borders on absurd, but I'm no longer enjoying the piece that needs years of TLC.
Happy stitching to all this week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My November update on Oriental Landscape

Here I am, ready for Thanksgiving here in the States...and stitching away! It will be quiet here this year so I'm hoping to get lots of stitching in this week in between church activities and specials...and parades! I love the parades on Thanksgiving morning....and then football in the afternoon.

My stitching has taken on a new focus. I am concentrating on getting a page done at a time but also a square at a time if I only have limited amounts of time to stitch. That way I enjoy finishing something and still seeing progress. It's working well so far.

Hope all are doing well and having a wonderful weekend. To all of you, give thanks for all the blessings in your life...they are all around us!

Hugs, Beck

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sally's Guardian Progress

Here's my progress on Guardian ( artwork by Selina Fenech) at long last. Seems ages since I last posted and I'm so sorry.

I'm halfway down my 6th page now :) and starting to wonder if I will ever finish this! Lol!


The beginning of "a long winters nap"

Hi friends, this is the start of "a long winters nap" as you know I stitch for the first time 1x1 and it's really small! You look even a little of the white matter through, is this normal? The fabric is 25 ct lugano! You all make beautiful things, thanks for sharing!

(:HUGS:) Ingrid

Friday, November 20, 2009

QS White Cat (19/11/09)

First an eye and now a little man - where did he come from;



It must be the title of this design, I sure am enlightened. I never stitched that fast, in less than a week I finished two pages! Okay, I have to admit one of them was empty and the other one only had a small parrakeet on it LOL

Faery Tales Update

Hi All

Here is an update on Faery Tales. I am nearly at the end of the row now and should have hopefully started the next row by next week.(Although with two little one I shouldn't be jinxing myself:-) )


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday SAL

For those wishing to participate in our Thursday SAL, get those needles ready:)

I'll be working on a Christmas ornie for our IH35 Austin stitching group's exchange. I have til the 1st Sat. in Dec. and as much as I hate finish, finishing small items, if I don't do it now whomever gets my gift will have a piece of stitched fabric only.

I really wish I'd thought of it earlier, because we could have done a "volunteer only" Christmas exchange. Drats!!

Have fun tomorrow! Can't wait to see more of all your stitchy goodness:)

Cindy F. and Wendy

18 november

Here is my progress, my first page made welcome.groetjes sandra

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dark Cherry ~ progress

Here's my progress on QS Dark Cherry after this month's SAL. Finally finished page 3!

I've Been a Naughty Stitcher

It's true, but here are my reasons (excuses)!

1. In this bad economy, I'm just doing my part to keep a mom and pop business afloat.
2. I got it on sale, 30% off!
3. It will keep me busy and off the streets for years to come for a small price.
4. My livingroom is big enough.
5. I'm addicted, I can't help it, it's my only vice

Yes, I have a new start! This is First Rose by James C. Christensen. I started it for the Thursday SAL. It's on 25ct Ash Rose lugana, 1x1, full crosses. I *believe* I started on the left side of her hair, on the bun just above the green ribbon. I say believe because I had no where to spread out the 65 (large print) pages to find a beginning other than background.

Now if only I could commit to one and really make some progress instead of stitching a little on this and a little on that!

Cheryl's update: The Waiting (Schim Schimmel)

I have been very busy with not much time to stitch so this is about 3
weeks progress...I completed a page and am working on the tiger's head
which is very slow going! I haven't been able to do as much of the
black (310) as I would have liked as I have nearly run out but I have
ordered more... 18 skeins of 310 to be exact!!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Wrath - Page 4 Complete

I've finished page 4 of Wrath and in just under 2 months of working on this. I'm really hoping I can finish the next 3 pages by Christmas and then the first row will be complete. I really enjoy working on this and it's the most I've ever finished on any project so I am very proud of it!!

Here's where I was last time:
And this is after completing page 4:

And this is a close up of page 4:

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their HAED's!!

Manhattan Wonderland

Finished page 3!!! And at this stage I simply refuse to look how much more pages to go. I don't look any further then pages 4 and

Everybody's work is so lovely. I admire all of them. Although I have at the moment not the time time for commenting. Life is pretty busy here with a sick family member and some other stuff.

Wishing everybody a great week


Sunday, November 15, 2009

New start, Rak'ed and progress

Am I a fool or what? I started a new design today and I am about to start another one in a week or two. I already ordered the floss I need :)
But let's begin at the beginning. Last week a dear friend surprised me with a lovely email. She had been given the opportunity by Michelle to pick a design of HAED and she wanted me to have it! I could freely make a choice of the beautiful charts of HAED! So it's not quite a RAK, but a GIFT. I like the idea stitching for the next years on a design (to my wish), chosen by my friend. So I emailed her my wishlist and asked her to make the final decision. And she chose the design I wanted the most! Forgone, by Marta Dahlig.

The new start I made today is on Overdressed Yet Enlightened. I had it all kitted up for some weeks, but I told myself I had to finish the page on Call of the Raven I was stitching on before starting another one.

This morning I finished page 25 so I can move on to page 40 (working from right to left) Halfway!

The only thing I have to add to this post is my admiration to all the beautiful stitching you all do! I enjoy my daily visit (not always leaving a message to all of you, because I sometimes take a quick look at work). Keep up the spirit!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unicorn Dreams; Gaudi

Here's my progress on my wips. I'm getting closer and closer to completing my first page of Unicorn Dream :)

As for Gaudí, the patch of 820 slowly grows, hopefully in two weeks I'll get to do another color :)