Friday, April 10, 2009

Wendy's progress on 0409/09

Hi my dear HAED friends,

We did enjoy a lot of stitching last week and I'm happy with the progress now, since you can really see something. I don't know if it is a fox, a cat or a wolf. But I'm happy how it looks like now. It really is an addiction for me because it is the only thing I stitched on last week, and I still have so many other WIP's :(

So here is my progress :



I'm wishing you all a wonderful Easterweekend. Our kids has to go find some chocolate eggs in our garden :)
How do you all celebrate Easter at your place ?



Valerie L. said...

Nice progress Wendy! To answer your question, I will celebrate Easter with my family at my grand-mother's house. I can't wait to see my Godmother from Montreal and my parents back from their trip to Jamaica!!
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Carolyn NC said...

Love it - fantastic progress! My children are older, so normally we go to church and whomever can come over will come and eat and hang out awhile. This year we'll have my DD and her DH, my DS and his new bride, and my youngest DD (BF is working!). So we're going to grill out. Even though my youngest is in college, she still begs for jelly beans and the Reese's peanut butter eggs, so I'll probably include them. We used to do egg and treasure hunts outside and in the house, but they're older now (even though I have still been known to make them look for something!) Have a wonderful Easter!

Gabi said...

Great progress. It's fantastic to see it growing.
We don't do much for Easter. Kids are older. We have a nice Easter breakfast together, and I have Easter Eggs and chocolates for all of them. In the after noon the whole family (us, in laws, brother in law and his family) meet at our Aunts place and we all bring some food and have a barbeque together

Kyriaki said...

Love the progress and the shadow, whatever it is :)

For Easter - my close family is protestant so they celebrate Easter this weekend. We'll have an egg hunt in the afternoon tomorrow after Church. It's also my 21st birthday!

For my actual celebration of Easter, Orthodox (Greek/Russian/Serbian/whatever) Pascha (our name for easter) falls next weekend this year, so I'm going to be at Church for Holy Week most of this week, then we have the midnight Mass Saturday night and eat at Church, then go back to my boyfriend's family's house for a stupid amount of food at 3am - eggs, lots of cheesy dishes, lamb... and chocolate! Then in the afternoon we have lunch with the whole extended family at his cousin's house, more food and I will feel sick by the end of the day. In a completely happy, wonderful way, of course.

Marie said...

Hello Wendy !

Thank you for your encouragement on my last post, it really helps me.

I love to see your work growing, week after week. And for me, it is the same as you : I have other WIP's which are not from HAED, but since I know HAED, I'm completly addicted and I only want to work on my HAED. I don't think at my other WIP's anymore, they have just fallen in a long long sleep...!
Your Land of Enchantment is becoming beautiful, and with the first character appearing, it really coming to life !

Have a great Easterweekend !

Anita H said...

Wow, it looks great. Wahoo to you for all that black. It's a great pic.

Our son and his wife and sons will be here for dinner later. Hopefully the rain is gone, so hunting eggs outside is looking more possible. Happy Easter to you.


Ingrid said...

Wauw Wendy , wonderful progress, you have a beautiful finished piece, it's so nice to see it grow

Cindy F. said...

Oh Wendy!! WOW!!! I am so amazed at how fast you're stitching this!
It's such an incredible project and you're moving through it effortlessly:) Beautiful!!!