Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two week update

Even though I was here and commenting on others' posts last week, I forgot to post my own update! Duh!

I managed to buy the rest of my floss and get them all bagged and labeled with DMC name, number, and symbol, cut from the chart. That has been so helpful throughout the week! I also now have the five colors I needed to finish the blue area. I placed my first 6 Kreinik stitches, which with your advice went smoothly. I did a full cross stitch, but after handling it all week I think I will frog them and go with only a half stitch. Also started on the browns which was fun, reminded me of pebbles in a stream. Here is last week's pic.
This week I lost some of my sanity stitching Winter White DMC on Antique White lugana, 1 over 1. At first I was a bit put off, but once the tawny and peach and yellow blended in it started to seem worthwhile. The gap in the brown is DMC 3860, which neither Michaels nor Hobby Lobby sells. Here's the pic.
Oh and in case anyone is wondering, yes, the red floss leaves fuzzies, much to my dismay! I gridded half of the fabric in the Q Snap and accidently pulled one out and discovered the red hole. So I pulled all the rest and using tape to pull some fuzzies and running floss through the holes to capture some more, you can still see red, but the stitching covers it up. Don't know yet what to do about the perimeter grid lines.


Terri said...

Sabine it looks beautiful. I have extra of 3860. Send me your address to threadsthroughouttime@shaw.ca and I'll get it in the mail for you.

Carolyn NC said...

Great progress!

Gabi said...

Nice progress. Hope you'll get the missing color soon.

Wendy said...

This really looks beautiful! Nice progress on it.

Ingrid said...

WOW beautiful stitching and a great progress !

Cindy F. said...

Sabine, you really have made amazing progress! You let me know if you don't get your floss, I'll gladly send you some.
Oooh...sorry to hear about the red floss leaving fuzzies. I hope you're able to remove the red from the perimeter.....all I can think is tape too. Good luck!

Yoyo said...

Great progress.

Fishing line!!! About 4# test weight. Fabulous!!! and cheap too! But you do need a slightly larger needle to put it in as the line is too "fat" for our regular needles. 4# line will not mark your fabric in any way AT ALL and will pull smoothly out when your stitching is finished.