Monday, April 6, 2009

Missing Comments

This is really weird. Last night I went through and left comments on all the work - had to do the word recognition thingy which I hadn't seen on the comments before and now all my comments have disappeared. Maybe my comments have turned up on someone else's blog.......LOL

I was pretty tired after being away for the week-end. So I will tell you all that your WIP's are all fabulous and there is some serious HAED stitching going on. Well done everyone.


Sabine S. said...

The exact same thing has happened to me more than once. All I can say is that it happens when I'm not logged in. I have been careful to make sure I am logged in before commenting, and no more word recognition and my comments post instantly. Don't know where the other posts went either!

Cindy F. said...

That really is weird!!
We don't have the word recognition on this blog. It's supposed to cut down on spamming...but I still get spam emails;)