Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lesley's update for April 08, 2009

I finished my letter G last month. It turned out really nicely. I love how these letter stitch up. They are fairly quick to do and turn out lovely. I think I may be trying my hand at making pillows this summer. I am not sure yet what I want to get for the incentive program, but it will probably be another letter.

I finally managed to get the first row of pages finished on Wizard's Emissary this week. It has only taken me 14 months to complete and I have another 6 rows to do. I need to either concentrate more on this one or get faster needles. Love the detail in the stonework though and can's wait to see what the next row brings me. I should be starting the wizard's hat and continuing with the dragon on the right hand side.
March also saw a restart on my Daydreaming Fairy. I finally found the perfect material for her. She is being done on 22 count Hardanger material and it is working up just great. I managed to get all of this done in four days over the challenge SAL weekend on the forum. Can't wait to get to the hair and face on the rest of page 1 and 2. I will be working on this again this weekend so hope to get some of it done.

Yours in stitching,



Jan said...

The "G" is just great. Keep on truckin' on the WE. You'll get there!

Valerie L. said...

You'll see, this blog will motivate you to finish your Wizard's Emissary!
Nice job Lesley!

Cindy F. said...

Faster needles?? Your needles are moving faster than mine;)
~~HAPPY DANCE AND CONGRATS!!~~ on your beautiful "G"! It's gorgeous!
Pillows would be a beautiful idea!
Wizard is coming along beautifully and wow! what a great start on Daydreaming Fairy! YOU GO LESLEY;)
Can't wait to hear which design you choose for the HAED incentive program!!

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the finish! Stitching is progressing each time; it'll happen. You're definitely in the right place to be encouraged to stitch on your HAED!

Gabi said...

Congrats on finishing the first row. It looks gorgeous. Oh...and if you find somewhere motorized stitching needles, just give me a shout. I'll buy them in a wink...LOL. Until then I'm afraid we have to deal with "normal" needles.

Wendy said...

Congrats on finishing the first row! You need faster needles??? You did a lot of stitching already. I love your WIP's, great work on it! We will encourage you to keep up the good work.

Sabine S. said...

Congrats on finishing the G and on your progress on the others! I've seen several of these letters now and may just have to do an S!

Ingrid said...

gosh you did a lot of stitching already and you have very quick needles lol

Mimosa said...

Congrats on finishing the G!!