Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I wonder

First and foremost I hope you understand me (bad english) it is also difficult to explain!I have always a question how you stitching, you take your thread (s) of your fabric at one time on your needle (which is difficult if the work is stretched) or stitching your first down and then back to the top again and again. Do you understand what I mean? Sorry I hope this is a bit understandable?


Terri said...

I think I understand. When I stitch one over one. I cross each one by itself so they don't slip under the fabric threads.

Sabine S. said...

Your English is perfectly understandable. I think you're asking this: to make a cross stitch, I come up at the lower left corner, pull the thread all the way through, go down at the upper right, pull thread all the way through, up, pull, down, pull. As opposed to coming up at lower left, going down at upper right and THEN pulling all the thread through, which is hard to do when the material is stretched and it seems to pull too hard on the thread.

Ingrid said...

yes this is what I mean, you've helped me very well, thank you so much

Anita H said...

I lay down all my bottom stitches first if covering a large area, come up at bottom left, full length of the floss, down at upper right, pull tight, then keep going. I use a hoop, so fabric is tight.I think it's called the stab method, as opposed to the sewing method, where you stitch from the front only. Clear?