Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally got a start

I started late, but after frogging what I'd done before and switching to one strand, I finally stitched on Secret Garden 3. You certainly wouldn't know it by the amount done, but this is several hours work. Of course, that's in between taking the dog out, finding my threads, realizing that I definitely needed more light and going to get my new lamp :), threading the threads, desperately searching for one of my multiple needle and floss holders to keep track of all these threads, and stitching nothing but confetti stitches. So I figure at the rate I'm stitching, I'll be done about 2025. LOL But I'm getting the hang of it now, so hopefully my next bout will be faster! I was wondering, I had thought of putting this on a frame and going with it, but having to flip it back and forth so much with the confetti stitches would take forever. Do any of you stitch your HAED's on frames? Also, do you all stitch the special way for over one, or just regular? Evenweave isn't as bad as linen, but over one stitching can sometimes get lost in the fabric or look uneven, if you're not careful. Stitching it the "correct" way has never seemed to really make a difference. So, if any of you HAED pros have special tips to make it a little faster , easier, or look better, please let me know. :) I'm doubly impressed with all the stitching everyone is doing, now that I've started stitching my own HAED. You'll are a real encouragement!
Carolyn NC


Wendy said...

That is a great start already, Carolyn. Can't wait to see this one grow with all those beautiful colors.
I stitch my HAED with a hoop and I park my threads, which is very easy to do and you don't have to flip the frame everytime :)
It sure is an encouragement our blog here. I'm also enjoying my stitching and I love to stitch on this one because of the encouragement that I forget about all my other stitching for the moment :(

Cindy F. said...

Carolyn, I do believe this was hours of stitching yesterday was the same...lots of confetti.
The thing about linen, why I won't use it again on an HAED, is the fibers aren't all the same some x's (1 over 1) I get perfect coverage, but the thicker fibers...I see fabric.
I'm too stubborn to take out and start over, but it's not bad enough to make me want to either:)

Gabi said...

Wow Carolyn, that's quite impressive. It will look stunning, and I really admire anyone who will stitch such a big project on black. When working on black it helps me normally to have some light coming from under the work to see easier the lines.
And yes, I do use a floor stand which adapts to my seating position in a wink and swivels with ease (System 4 Needlework).
Threads can slip under when stitching over one because of the way of weaving. When you look close at woven fabric then you see that one thread is running under and one above. I learned that you need to grab the one running under to prevent slipping, and I never have any problems with slipping at all. I can make an example pic for you if you like. Just give me a shout by email. You can also make sure that you grab 2 threads before starting the cross, but I never tried that one.

Elfie said...

I'm stitching my first HAED too. I started in mid January, and it has been a very steep learning curve for me! I'm stitching mine on a floor-frame, and I find the frame very helpful. I'm doing my background in cross stitch 1 strand over 1, but for the Santa I'm using 2 strands of floss and continental stitch. I really like the way it's looking.