Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Life here has been SO hectic lately, sometimes I didn't think that I was going to have any computer time, ever again! But, for better or worse, here I am! lol

For you to truly understand my dilemmas that I had this week, you need to know that decision making among things that I like, is almost torture for me. I am a Virgo/Libra cusp person, with her Moon & Rising signs in Libra, so it is natural intent to continually try to find balance and harmony, and maintain it. That is not always an easy task. It also makes it extremely hard to make decisions when the choices are all good. This past week, I had three such occurrences. But happily, now that I've made them, I feel VERY good and content, so they were right for me! whew!! lol

When I logged on here, on the evening of March 31st, it was with intent to view all of the latest updates. My mind wasn't even on the drawing, so to say that I was stunned to see my name flashing in neon lights at me, is an understatement! I read, and re-read, then looked at the membership list to see if there was more than one Suzie! lol I know that there are some other Sue's, but didn't know if anyone else went by my nickname. I never win anything, but sure made up for it this time! I was so excited, I hardly got any sleep that night. This is a very big deal to me! lol

I've been in contact with Michele several times, and I let her know my choice of pattern. It was not an easy decision. My HAED wish list is as long as my arm, so how do you pick and choose. I went with logic, since my emotions were absolutely useless, jumping from pattern to pattern, with gleaming high hopes enticing me to pick that one over all of the others. My train of thought went something like this. .I already have several patterns of Fantasy, Santas, Winter & Folk Art, and while there are a good number of each of those still waiting for me to purchase, I didn't have a scenic.

And one scenic jumped out at me, the first time that I ever entered the HAED website. It features a Victorian home, that I love so much, nestled by the sea, with a Tall Ship, which I also love, coming home under full sail, trying to beat the storm. You have the illusion that just out of the frame, there is a huge, old fashioned garden, and beyond that woods provide a barrier to the hectic outside world. SO peaceful, yet with a hint of excitement of the approaching turbulence. So that is what I requested from Michele. And now, may I present for your viewing pleasure, Seaside Victorian.

On the practical note, after living most of my life alongside a big body of water, I know that no one should build this close to the water, but I'm not letting that little tidbit get in the way of my romantic setting. lol

So after sending my choice off to Michele, I'm breathing a big sigh of relief, very happy in my choice. No regrets popping up in my face. No second thoughts niggling at me. I'm at peace and all is right with the world. I can sit back and savor the anticipation of my pattern arriving.

My reverie lasted until my next e-mail from Michele. She is presenting me with my choice of needle threaders!! Aaaack! More decision making of beautiful things! What torture! lol

After going back and forth a number of times, trying to compare the aesthetics of each one, I realized that there were things about each one that I loved, and none that I disliked! So, I did what every intelligent, well -trained- in- executive- decisions person would do. I made out little slips of paper with numbers on them, and had my dear hubby pull out one from a hat! lol

The Fates chose #1 for me, which I realize, suits me just fine! It looks rather old fashioned to me, but with a modern interpretation, which is like everything else in my home. Antiques, mixed with quirky, personal touches.

Michele has informed me that my pattern and my needle threader are coming from two separate locations, so I can happily anticipate the mail arrival twice! What fun!!!

Thursday morning, the day that I had set aside for finally working on my Iris QS, found me sitting in the waiting room of our car dealership, getting 4 new tires put on the car. I had put my pattern, fabric & floss into my bag, along with another project on 18 count, just in case the lighting was too bad, even with my little clamp on light. Well, it was terrible. More in tune for watching their large screen TV.

But I did manage to fumble through a little stitching on my other project. Then we had multiple errands to run, since we were out, and I didn't get back home until late afternoon. Finally, after making dinner, etc. I sat down to work on my Irises, only to face the fact that I'm not having fun with the fabric. (Cindy, I admire your fortitude!). Gridding usually goes very smoothly for me, but didn't with the Dublin linen. And if it isn't going to be fun to stitch, then I know that I'll keep finding reasons not to work on it. SO, with wild abandon, I began pulling out those gridlines, keeping them in a baggie for future use. As for the fabric? Well, maybe it will be good for stitching ornies. I then came in here and ordered myself some new fabric, and will begin anew. And I immediately felt better, so it was the right decision. And, I gave myself another reason to watch the mailbox! lol

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes for my win. I know how much each of you were hoping that their name would be picked. I hope that I'm not speaking out of place here, but I've asked Cindy to discuss with Wendy, the possibility of me providing a surprise for one of their drawings, whenever they can work it into their schedule. It felt SO good and uplifting to win this prize, I'd like to pass along that euphoria to someone else.

And a BIG thanks once again, to Cindy & Wendy for not only starting this group blog, but for offering a drawing, and to Michele, for her generous and thoughtful gifts!! This is the kind of win that will keep on giving for a long, long time!

BIG Hugs to you all!!


Louanne said...

Lovely picks, Suzie. Congrats on the win!

Yvonne said...

Wow Suzie, I just came back after being out of the house the whole day and I am so tired but i just have to read this blog. Your post is really amazing and very inspiring. That chart is a great choice.

I think the contest is a great fun and is happy for anyone who wins this contest. This blog rules!

Congratulations to you again, Suzie and would this be one of your projects in the near future?


Cindy F. said...

Ah girl!! What a wonderful post:)
I LOVE the chart and the needle threader you selected!! Great choices! I'd love to be sitting in front of YOUR mailbox;)

Thanks for your sweetness Suzie! Our blog is a great place because of you and all the members.

and fortitude...more like stubborness! I just didn't know the difference when I started with the dublin and I'm just determined I'm going to get through this one. OK, I'm too lazy to start over!

BIG HUGS right back at ya!! and CONGRATS again;)

pethair-xstitcher said...

Congratulations on winning this super prize, your picks are just wonderful. I know just how hard it must have been to make that final choice but it is Wow!

Carolyn NC said...

Great choice, Suzie! Beautiful chart and needle threader. Congrats again!

Gabi said...

Congratulations with winning this price. You made beautiful choices. I like your chart and also the needle threader.

Wendy said...

Thanks Suzie for your wonderful post! This is a really great group here and I'm enjoying our blog too. It is really inspiring and encouraging.
You have chosen a wonderful pattern and needle threader.

Joke said...

Suzie what a great post to read, it was like sitting right next to you, and I suddenly noticed I was speaking aloud behind my computer, telling you what a great choice, and how I can understand the difficulty of deciding which one you had to pick. But you (and your husband) did great, so enjoy!

Suzie said...

Cindy, my friend, if I see you sitting out in front of my house, I will most certainly bring you inside, where we will eat bowls of homemade soup (it is raining, with snow in the forecast) fresh warm homemade bread, followed by fresh baked cookies or pie. We will drink tea, and maybe savor a little wine later on. Youll bring your stitching and we'll share my Ott light, sitting around my round antique oak dining room table, each working on our projects, while watching old movies, or I'll introduce you to Nero Wolfe Mystery stories on CD's. We'll share stories,and laugh lots (maybe more, if we drink too much wine!).

But, my dear, there is no way that you are getting your hot little hands on my new pattern, needle threader or even the fabric that I ordered! So wipe that thought right out of your mind! rofl

And to everyone else, thanks SO much for your continued good wishes, and endorsement of my choices! Yes, I'll be bumping this pattern right up to current WIP status! I'll be posting my progress along with my QS Iris, making my Iris not so much of a quick stitch after all! lol

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful weekend!


Sabine S. said...

Still happy for you and so glad you made choices that feel right and will bring you joy!

Ingrid said...

oooo wow this pattern is one of my favorites, good choice and again congratulations!

Lynn B said...

Congratulations Suzie!