Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goldilocks on 2009-07-05

Hi everyone!

I survived to the moving!

I finally found the camera in a box today so I can send you my progress of the last 4 or 5 weeks... Sorry for the long time since my last post but if you once move in a house in your lifetime, you'll understand me...

And I must tell you girls, if you decided to paint your walls in red, it must take you 4 or 5 painting and 24 hours between each time. So loooong! And it was raining cats and dogs for 5 days here, humidity level was very high inside (and outside of course ;))

But now that (almost) everything is done, I can say that I LOVE our new house and I'm really happy with the red choice for our kitchen.

Enough talking, let me now show you Goldilocks!:

I wish you all a nice stitchy week!


Carolyn NC said...

So glad that you are settled and happy in your new home. Goldilocks is looking wonderful!

Marie said...

Hello Valerie !!

I was very often thinking about you, specially at the end of June... I feel very excited for you, and I'm glad to know that you survived to the moving !!! I would love to see a picture of your red kitchen !

And with all the work you had with your new house, how did find the time for this amazing progress ??! It's beautiful ! The design really grows fast... very good work !!

Have a nice week !!

Ingrid said...

congratulations on your new house, it's so much work to move. Goldilocks is beautiful, I see a lot of colors that are similar, and probably many confetty stabbing!Keep up the good work !

Joke said...

I wish you a lifetime of happiness in your new home. Enjoy it and leave some space on the wall when decorating. This stunning piece is going to take some space :) Great progress!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful, huge and with lots of colours haed wips like yours always make my jaws drop and say 'WOW! Stunning!' I hope I have the courage to stitch one of these huge ones one day.

We found our dream house 2 years ago and we are still doing stuff in and outside the house whenever we can.

I wish you great prosperity and happiness in your new home.


Cindy F. said...

Oh that is such wonderful news about you being all moved in and red walls!! I bet they are gorgeous!!
I am so happy for you Valerie!!
and your Goldilocks is amazing! Such beautiful progress!!

Wendy said...

Wow, that is some nice progress!! It is such a beautiful design.

That is wonderful news that you moved in you new house.

kerbear said...

I am glad your move went well! I've moved 13 times since moving to colorado 12 years ago and the last move was nearly 5 years ago so I completely understand!

That is some really great progress on Goldilocks! I am really looking forward to seeing this one grow! :)