Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marie, Winter Angel.

Hello everybody !

My Angel finally begins to get a right wing... It is only an embryo for the moment, but I think that she will soon be able to take flight.

Here is my work :

I wanted to present you something else... This week, I received a parcel from Willmar...
In fact, I ordered the book called "A Year in Stitches". The cover of each one is unique, and here is mine :

The two angels are so cute, and it particularly affects my heart.
It is so delightful to look at every work inside... I wish to be in the next one... so I must go to stitching...!!!!!!

I hope that everybody will have a nice week, and Joke.... HAPPY HOLIDAY IN FRANCE !!!




Joke said...

Marie, sweet dear Marie!
That is how I feel about you, reading you lovely post on my Vibrant Vista. I would love to send you a little box with your name on it :)
Instead I will take Vibrant Vista with me to France, so it will be closer than ever for you to dream you a home.
Of course I will wink at the Eiffel Tower in your name, maybe even take a picture.

Now on to you beautiful Angel. She is about to fly, and you have achieved a lot of progress! Keep this embryo close to your heart, where an embryo belongs.

And what a beautiful cover on your book. I didn't know every copy of it has its unique cover, and yours fits your Angel perfectly. It really is meant to be yours. See you in about two weeks after I return from France. Take care!

Cindy F. said...

Marie, I look forward to your post each week:) Your stitchy progress is so inspiring, just as your words are.
Your book is so pretty and what a great idea to have releases yearly of everyone's finishes for that year!

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely stitching! Book is very pretty.

Astrid said...

The book is great !! I also didnt know they were different !! beautiful... And the stitching is also get there !!!

beth said...

Beautiful stitching! I love watching your weekly progress on this beautiful piece!

I didn't know each of the covers were different- I've been wanting to order one of these since they came out.

Jan said...

I wait every week to see your progress. It is great.
Like the others, I didn't know that the covers on the books were different. Thanks for showing us yours.

Valerie L. said...

Hi sweet Marie :P
I'm glad to see that you can work on your angel with enthousiasm again! I'm sure you will be in the next HAED album and I'll try to reach this goal myself...
I heard there was a big fire in Marseilles, I hope you're not in this part of France...
Your new HAED album is beautiful.
Good bye and have a nice stitchy week!