Wednesday, July 22, 2009

QS Iris Update & New Pattern

Progress on my QS Iris has been sporadic and slow, but I have gotten a little more done since I last posted. My planned span of lazy days of doing nothing much more than stitching disappeared in a *poof*, almost the moment I dreamed about them, but as always, I keep hoping that life's events will soon fall into some sort of order to allow me more time to stitch.

Here is my update on my QS Iris:

I don't know if it the colors, or what, but I am finding this depressing to stitch, which surprises me, because the finished piece appears to be gorgeous. I guess I just haven't gotten to the colorful parts yet.

So what do I do to pick myself up? What any marginally sane person would do in the same circumstances. I took advantage of the recent HAED sale to celebrate Michele's Birthday (Happy Birthday, Michele!! Wishing you a fantastic year, and many, many more!), and bought myself another HAED pattern. Honestly. .I did go through the ones in my stash, and while I eventually want to stitch them, right now, none of them inspired me out of my funk.
But this one is tempting me, and I couldn't resist. It is a new pattern, Luna, by Marjorie Sarnat. My pattern arrived today, and now I have to go about getting fabric and seeing what threads I need. Then gridding and seeing where to fit it into my already crowded rotation.

Hmmmm, I wonder if one of my kitties would let me paint him or her to look like this one. I guess not. I'll have to be happy and love my furry friends, just as they are, and settle for a fanciful stitched cat.
I wish everyone a happy, peaceful and productive Stitching Thursday tomorrow!


Joke said...

Suzie, you made the right decision and I'm sure you will pick up Irises again, some other time. In the meanwhile you are starting a really colourful disign, that should cheer you up! Looking forward to see your progress :)

Cindy F. said...

Suzie, you have already made amazing progress on Irises, but I may need a short break from it.
I think Luna is just the thing to get you out of your stitching slump!

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching looks good; I love your new pattern!

Astrid said...

Wow the new one is very nice..... Colors and design is great.... Love to see a start next time!!!!

beth said...

Beautiful stitching on Irises! I think it's always good to have other pieces to switch to when we need a break- even the quick stitches are challenging, long-term projects, I think!

Looking forward to seeing WIPs of Luna- it's such a colorful design!

Valerie L. said...

Hi Suzie,
Your already made a great job on Iris and we have to keep in mind that stitching is a hobbie, not a work... You took the right decision and your new pattern is lovely! My cat is black and white like this one! So cute!