Friday, July 31, 2009

July's Winner!!!

Congratulations to Carla !!! You're the winner of our July giveaway!! We hope you enjoy the scissors and the needles:)

First I mixed the names up, then I typed then into the random generator....and Carla came out as #1!

If you'll email me @ with your home address, I'll get your prizes out to you if I hear from you in the next few hours:)

I'm still thinking about the August drawing:)

Have a great weekend everyone! You guys are doing an awesome job on all your wips!! and Congratulations to everyone who had a finish this month!!

Cindy F.


Suzie said...

Wow! I get to be the first one to send a BIG congratulations hug out to Carla! Way to go!! Whooo!!Whooo!!!

I'm sure that you are going to enjoy using those scissors and needles! Just looking at those scissors makes you smile, and will brighten your day and those needles will make your stitching sing! I guarantee it!

Congrats again, and have a great weekend! It is off to a wonderful start!!

Astrid said...

Congratulations Carla !!! beautifull scissor and needles....

Yvonne said...

Congratulations and thank you to Cindy and Wendy for these monthly Giveaways.

Carla said...

oh my goodness!! I won!! I can't believe it ... YAY!!! ºÜº

Thank you!!!

Beatrice said...

Congrats CARLA yippee!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Congratulations, Carla!