Monday, July 27, 2009


I want to thank you for making me me feel much better about the line in my stitching. I was thinking it only happen to me.
The comments have made a few of us aware that staggered stitching at the end of a page is the thing to do when there are larger blocs of colour!
I'm going to work on mine today so we will see how things are looking. I've decided to come in from the left to right at the line and see if that will help for now.
I'll let you know soon.

Stitch with happy fingers!


Cindy F. said...

Beatrice, I'm also wondering if it has anything to do with where we start and end our threads....constantly going under the same areas pulls the stitches closer to the fabric. Know what I mean??
Anyway, I'm really paying attention now too and staggering where I can.
Good luck! I know yours will be fine!

kerbear said...

If you take a look at my catch a falling star you can see that I stagger my stitching at the end of the page and it's worked wonders with not leaving that line. I had that happen to me on another project but as far as everyone has told me is that once you wash and iron it, the line should come out!

Yoyo said...

I don't stagger my stitching at the end of a page...too much paper for me to keep straight. But I do leave lonnnnnggggg lengths of thread when there is a page break. For one thing this color may continue on when the new page comes in. And secondly with that long length, if I'm going to 'end' the thread I can 'go under' in any direction I want on the back. Keeping myself from having a ton of threads all ending in the same place.

In the same vein, if several colors are going to start at one place I will 'go under' for a longer distance with some of them, again, so a bunch of 'go under' threads are not all in the same place.

I hope that makes sense because it works really well, I don't think I've ever had that line your speaking of.