Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vibrant Vista has its first house

Yes, indeed, the first (small) house is up! It has a lot of colours, so it took some time, but here it is. I also noticed the fabric looks blue-ish, while it is white. I took the picture outside on the terrace under a blue sky, perhaps that caused it LOL
I barely stitch on Vivrant Vista at daytime, it is my evening project. Today I took the liberty to stitch this afternoon, for I won't be able to join in the SAL tomorrownight and upload a picture afterwards.
The picture above is the last update of July 13th, so you can see I can built a home in about nine days! Okay, except for the roof, but then not everything with is roof is a home, eh?

Saturday morning we are leaving for France! (Marie, you live in France, don't you?) We have a two weeks holiday near Paris, so I will be MIA until the beginning of August. Keep up the good work everyone, and be sure I will miss you!


Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful - I do love this piece. Have a terrific time on your vacation!

Carolyn NC said...

PS - left a comment on your last blog post. :)

Ingrid said...

it looks beautiful Joke, you can already see a lot more!Have a good holiday and enjoy it!

kerbear said...

Oh wow I love that house and you have done so much! Have a great vacation and will look forward to more pics once you are back!

CathE said...

Great progress! Enjoy your holiday.

Jan said...

I love it! JWS is one of my favorite artist.
Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Joke, It is beautiful! Have a lovely time on your holiday!

Yvonne said...

You are really fast, Joke. It looks even lovlier with the first house. It is really gorgeous! Have a great holiday and thank you so much again for the Dutch translation few days ago :0))

Marie said...

Hellooooo Joke !!!

So you are coming in France ?!!!! Yes, I live there !! I'm living at the East side of the country, in Alsace. It's about 500 kms from Paris... but knowing that you will be in France... my heart will feel so warm !!! I hope that you will enjoy your holiday here... I don't know if you were already in France, but if you have some time left, maybe could you wink the Eiffel Tower for me...!

And concerning your work... ahh... so beautiful week after week...!
I sure would be glad to live in this house, in this wonderful landscape... Just stitch me a little postbox with Marie on it, and I move there....!!!

Joke, I wish you a very nice holiday, and..... come back as soon as you can....!!!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your home's completion!! Amazing progress Joke!

Going on holiday sounds so exciting!
Can't wait to hear about your trip and see your pics:)

Hope you guys have a most wonderful time!!

We really will miss you!!!

Astrid said...

O the house is very nice...... Many more to go :)))))
Have a nice holiday!!! I have never been in Paris, but sometime I go !!!

beth said...

You've made such great progress- I love seeing your updates! It's such a beautiful piece and your stitching is lovely.

enjoy your holiday!

Valerie L. said...

Hi Joke!
Your little house seems warm and cozy... Built in 9 days! Some bulders must learn from you :P
I've once traveled in France when I was 14, a student exchange... I still have wonderful memories... Beautiful architecture and so much history!
Have a great holiday there!