Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch A Falling Star - July 27, 2009

Hi Everyone! Well another week has gone by and glad to say that I got a lot done again this week. I managed to get about 2,000 more stitches this week and am pretty close to finishing page 2 which I think will be done by the end of this week. I had set a goal of finishing the first 7 pages by the end of the year and as of now, I am a little ahead of schedule so that makes me really happy!

Here is my progress from last week:
And this is where I am now:

Sorry for the blurry pic. My cell phone has a delay when you take the picture and so if you move it even a little the pictures come out blurry!

Look forward to all the progress pics this week!

Kerri :)


Cindy F. said...

2000 stitches is AWESOME!!! Good job Kerri! I bet you'll meet your goal with no problem!

Beatrice said...

I saw yours and staggering is what i will do from now on. It's a learning curve!!!!Thanks

Carolyn NC said...

2000 stitches - excellent work! It looks great!