Monday, July 27, 2009

Another mega post - Pethair-xstitcher

The month of July has been a cool and rainy one, so much so that most outdoor acitvities have been spoilt by the constant douwnpouring of rain. All those vacationers with hopes of camping, sunbathing and swimming have been very disappointed. The only thing that the weather has not dampened are the festivals held every year here in Montreal : the International Jazz fest, The comedy fest and the International fireworks competition.... oh and yup, mushrooms are popping up all over.

Lots of time for stitching too as that is an indoor activity, so here it is: (as this is a pictere heavy post I will not put in before and after pics...)
First, a new start : Advice from a caterpillar (S Gustafson) Tented 1 0ver 1 in HDF silks on 32 ct Lugana (SMF Vista)

Then Claire's Wings (Kinuko). I am moving upwards in the chart to catch a glimpse of Clarie.

Heart of the World (Sanderson), I started the next page across and doing more of the black and red leaves.:

and some colour is coming in on QS Poppy Fairy(JBG)

Lastly, some more work on Home is where the Cat is (Sanderson) - the picture of the kitties in the background are here.
Well that is it for the month of July... here is hoping that the summer arrives soon and that we all have a great stitching month!


Cindy F. said...

Sonya, you are working on some gorgeous designs and making awesome progress on each! Good job girl!!
Wish we could get a tiny bit of your rain...we're now 36 days in the 100 degrees...and desperately need rain. Been on water restriction for months.
Hope you get your summer very soon!

Valerie L. said...

I live in Trois-Rivières... I SO UNDERSTAND YOU!!!! It's been raining for what... an entire month? But it's a nice time for stitching...
Your designs are gorgeous! Great progress!

Claire said...

WOW - what gorgeous pieces!! Great progress on them!

Jan said...

What, only 5 going at once LOL! I have trouble keeping up with two. They all look great.

Sue in N. Va said...

Amazing, Sonya! Totally amazing! *hugs*

Yvonne said...

Sonya! what do all your projects often make my jaws dropped???? Stunning wips and I actually can't wait to see more of Advice from a Caterpillar and Heart of the World

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - your stitching is fabulous! I'm impressed you're actually stitching on all of these together!