Thursday, July 30, 2009

Val Introduction

Many thanks for the invitation, I 'm an avid watcher of the blog.

Brief intro, my name is Valérie, I leave in Belgium, I 'm 37 year old, I am married to Eric and we have two childrens

My english is very limited lol than excuse me but I try;)

I discovered the HAED pattern since 2 years I seems, I immediately like it, but I 'm afraid a little also lol it's biggest with a lot colors!

One year ago, I started with my friend " A Long Winter's Nap", we like both very much father christmas patterns

I'm stopped the stitching several times until I discovered your blog and your method to park the thread, it was a revelation for me and since I stitch it almost every day, it's a completely addiction althougt I have some obligation (sal, birthday gifts and so on). I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 28ct. Linen.

I stop talking, here's where I came

Happy Stitching



Suzie said...

Welcome Val! This pattern is near and dear to my heart. Although it is still in the original packaging, due to too many others already in my rotation, and another HAED that I want to complete for someone else first, this pattern was the one that caught my eye, and introduced me to the world of HAED patterns!

I'm SO excited to see that you are stitching it, and I'll get to enjoy your progress on it!

You've already accomplished quite a bit, and it is looking much more beautiful than I imagined!

Thanks SO much for sharing your work with us!

Astrid said...

Welcome to this Blog !!! nice Santa you are making.

Yvonne said...

Welcome Val! Wow! Your Santa is really very lovely. The colours are really rich.

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Valerie!! We are so excited you're joining us! Your Santa is BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW! You've really made incredible progress! I admire anyone who does the hanging threads,,,,cause I can't! I make a mess!
I'll get you posted on our sidebar, just as soon as I find your blog link again:)

Carolyn NC said...

Welcome Val! Your Santa is coming along beautifully. Look forward to seeing your progress!

Beck said...

Val, I too had quit stitching until I found HAED and this blog Father Christmas patterns too - and yours in particular...welcome!

dine said...

super val c'est super beau mais tu le sais

marleen said...

welcome to the group!

nice santa! I'm from Belgium too and I also don't speak very much english, but i'll try too... it's the stitching that counts, isn't it?