Monday, July 13, 2009

Vibrant Vista and an award

Here's my Vibrant Vista. I'm almost done with page 4, moving along to the page beneath it. This sky is getting a little bit boring, so I'm looking for some adventure again. No, Cindy, I'm not going to stitch with my eyes closed, or, like your uncle did with jigsaw puzzles, upside down *wink*

Another thing to mention is this nice award Bonnie gave me. I have to pass it along to a couple of other stitchers and as soon as I saw the award I thought it would be nice to give it to all HAED stitchers of the group I'm in. Ingrid had the same idea and posted before I had the chance to do so. Nonetheless I'll hand the reward over to all the great members of this group.


Carolyn NC said...

Looking great!

Bellatrix said...

Great progress! I totally agree that sky is sometimes very boring to stitch. Same colors all the time. In my work (The Encounter) there is lots of sky also - and im so bored to stitch it. But when it's ready - then we can be happy!

Cindy F. said...

Ha!! but you ARE stitching in your sleep, I know!! Beautiful progress Joke! and thank you soooo much for sharing this sweet award with us!
and congrats on getting it too!!

Marie said...

Hello Joke !
Always glad to see your post...!
I never tire of looking at this beautiful sky. It is really enchanting, and I just have to listen to your work...yes yes, listen... because it whispers me a warm day which is ending, and when I close my eyes, I can still see the flag floating in the calm atmosphere of Vibrant Vista. You make me dream... Thank you !!

I wish you a wonderful week !!!

Wendy said...

Wonderful progress Joke! I really want to see this design grow. I love it too.

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely award with all of us!!

Mimosa said...

Wonderful progress! It's beautiful!