Monday, May 4, 2009

Hi everyone!

After the nice surprise of Friday, I stitched a lot on Goldilocks! I was so excited, I'll start another project (Christmas Journey, I showed the picture on another post) when I'll receive my new threads (Thank you again Wendy and Cindy!)

I decided to start the 6th page because I had enough of dark brown. Papa Bear is going well but I'll stitch him a nice window, he'll see clearer who is sleeping in his bed ;)

We'll have our house for June 24th... Something really funny is that for the last 6 or 8 months, I was always joking with my husband and my family that I wanted a house for my birthday (wich is on June 25th!!!)

It REALLY works for me!
So girls, wish anything for your birthday! :P

Good bye!

Oh and by the way, the post for the June Giveaway is so nice! Good idea to add this picture in it!

Good byyyye!

A really happy girl


Gabi said...

Wow, thats quite some progress. Father bear popped in.

Marie said...

Coucou Valérie !

Your joy is so good to read !! Sun is shining in your life and it's so beautiful to feel your happiness !!
Concerning your stitchwork... it's amazing how fast you stitch ! The picture is growing so fast, it's wonderful...!!! I can already see Goldilocks framed in your new house...!!!!
Have a nice day Valérie, and happy stitching of course !!

Anita H said...

Nice progress, the detail is amazing. Wahoo on the new house too!

Cindy F. said...

OH MY GOSH GIRL!! I thought you'd be too excited about your new house to stitch, but you're stitching double time! and how exciting you're getting it for your birthday;) WooHoo!
It's amazing! Good job!

Wendy said...

Oooh I just love this design, this is coming along so nicely.

That is so exciting you will get a house for your birthday :) I bet the bear will hang nicely in your new house.