Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Encounter update


I haven't time to update last week, but here I am now! I have been stitching some, but not as much as normaly. First because I have done LOT of gardening but allso because I'm really bored to stitch that heaven agin. Large areas same color - not so fun to do actually. But - when I finish that page, I can move on to stitch towers. That would bee something new! Yay!

Our puppy is coming home this saturday! His name is Rudolf , by the way. . So probably I wount be able to stitch so much next couple weeks. But i defenetly participate SAL and of course read all of your great and wonderful updates!

Ingrid / Bellatrix


Wendy said...

First of all have fun with the new puppy coming. This is really exciting! Your work is looking so great and I love the mountains on it.

Carolyn NC said...

Gorgeous - great progress! Enjoy your little puppy!

http://ingridsknitting.blogspot.be/ said...

wow very nice progress, the mountains are beautiful and have fun with your puppy ..... what exciting!

Gabi said...

These mountains look fantastic. Great progress. Have fun with Rudolf.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful progress!! and I'm so excited for you getting a puppy!!
I hope you will post a pic on this blog of Rudolf:)

Anne said...

Beautiful. You have done a lot of stitching. Good luck with your puppy, they are such fun.