Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New to HAED

Hi all! I'm so glad to be here...I'm Beck, from South Carolina,a professional genealogist and in the middle of a 140 pound weight loss (exactly 70 lost to date - started 8/08) and have just taken up spinning - always thought the kind of spinning I would do would have been with a wheel - but not anymore, lol!

I have been stitching 28+ years (counted, pulled thread, needlepoint) but NEVER an HAED until now...what a treat this is going to be! I have chosen Christmas Animals for my first project...will be starting after I get back from my daughter's wedding in Charleston on May 23.

I am going to be signing up for the birthday club but the hard part is going to be choosing which chart I want to stitch after I finish this one!

Have been looking at everyone's work and y'all are so inspirational! Thank you all for having me here, Beck


Cindy F. said...

Welcome Beck!! We are beyond thrilled to have you join us!!
70 pounds is an incredible achievement!! Thinking of spinning makes my head spin!! I think I'd fall off the bike!
Can't wait to see your new start!
and please tell the bride to be we send her the best of wishes in her new life with her new hubby:)

Carolyn NC said...

Very impressive weight loss, Beck - congrats! So glad to have you here!

Gabi said...

Welcome to the blog and nice to meet you. And bowing for the fact that you lost 70 pounds. That's not an easy task.

Sabine S. said...

Hi and welcome, Beck! You will love both this blog and your HAED!Can't wait for you to start.

Marie said...

Welcome to the blog Beck !
It will be a pleasure to follow your work ...

Louanne said...

Welcome! I spin too! It's addicting! Good luck! Best wishes to your daughter. Awaiting you fist wip pic!

Wendy said...

Hi Beck, Welcome to our blog!! I'm looking forward to see your stitching.

Yvonne said...

Hi Beck, welcome to the blog! Looking forward to see your wip pic.