Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Thursday SAL

Hi everyone,

Are you guys ready for our next Thursday Sal tomorrow ?
I'm in and we are lucky tomorrow, because it is a holiday. This means I will be stitching on my HAED the whole day tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. It is probably for everybody a holiday tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to see all your updates on your stitching.

Wendy & Cindy F.


http://ingridsknitting.blogspot.be/ said...

Tomorrow is a holiday ... I go to my parents but in the evening I am working on my HAED and I look forward already!
to you all, a very nice day!

Yvonne said...

Yes, it is a holiday here in Denmark too and we are invited to our friend's house for coffee and grill. Will try to stitch a bit tomorrow morning when DD And DH are still sleeping.

Mich said...

Gogogo, Wendy, stitching all day long tomorrow ;-))

I'm away during 4 days now together with my mother to discover some new parts of Sweden that I have not seen before, but of course, I have my HAED with me, can't leave my house without my HAED of course !!

Lonneke said...

Hi, I'm Lonneke and I would love to become a member here. Is that possible? I love looking at all your WIPS, they're so great!

Kim said...

I plan on getting some overdue stitching time in today--in between picking up kiddos from school, housework, yardwork, and cooking.

I may get some quality time in during the hockey game tonight.