Friday, May 22, 2009

QS Alisha

I finally picked QS Alisha up again after a long break. Been dealing with lots of things going on in my life recently and feeling very down, and my stitching is suffering, I seem to have lost my mojo. So while I've been trying to work out if I just need a break from my stitching or if starting something new would help I've been putting the odd stitch in on her and have no added another 800 stitches in total. The colours are just lovely, pinks and purples, my favourites.
Still nothing is really calling, although I have been thinking about trying a rotation again to see if that will liven things up a bit. So watch this space I guess.
In the meantime I've been sure to keep looking at all your update pics for inspiration and motivation, there are some stunning wips out there, keep up the good work.


Carolyn NC said...

Hope you find something to motivate you, but you've made some excellent progress here!

Cindy F. said...

Oh Lisa! Maybe you need a short break or a change like you said.
But I hope you don't give up on her. Alisha is gorgeous and you've come a long way already!
Sending you BIG MOJO (((HUGS)))!!!

Sabine S. said...

The colors are very nice, I do hope you'll keep working on her when you feel up to it. Being in a rut stinks, sometimes I think I live in one. Is there a new chart you're excited about? HAED is having a sale...

Claire said...

Love the colours - so fresh and bright. You know where we all are Lisa for encouragement and motivation to continue. Little and often is what I have learnt - so just stitch when you feel like it - no pressures on yourself!


Wendy said...

Oooh Lisa! I can agree with what Cindy wrote. Maybe you can take a short break or start something new. I hope things will work out for you and you will feel much better very soon.