Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wendy's update on 05/21/09

Hi my friends,

Another week has passed and I was able to do a lot of stitching on my Land of Enchantment. I enjoy it so much that I didn't even stitch on my other WIP's.
So here is my update on my HAED. I did about 2400 stitches last week.



I really enjoy so much seeing your progresses that I want to stitch some more HAED. You guys are doing such a wonderful job.
Next week on Saturday it is my birthday, so I ordered 2 new patterns. I don't know if I will be able to wait before I will start one of them.
I ordered 2 patterns from Scott Gustafson which are "Pegasus and the Muses" and Santa Claus at the North pole". I'm all excited to receive them.



Gabi said...

What a beautiful progress. Can't wait to see your new ones started as well. I know the is another one I would LOVE to start as well. Doing that as a birthday gift is not a bad idea at (Wonder how early one can be with that? days? weeks? couple of months?)

Sabine S. said...

Wonderful progress Wendy! Happy Early Birthday to you!!!! Hope you enjoy (and start) your new charts. Santa is so cute with all those little details, especially Mrs. Claus coming out of the house to greet him with cocoa!

Caroline said...

That is a great birthday gift for yourself! Your design is starting to come to life - wonderful progress!

Jan said...

You really got a lot done. It looks great.
What a great birthday gift to get. Enjoy them.

Joke said...

Great progress, I'm looking forward to the next update :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice progress.

Marie said...

Hello Wendy !

First of all, what a beautiful progress you made ! The sky becomes bright and wonderful, and the piece is growing very fast ! Very very nice to look at, as always !

And so you choose two new Gustafson... it's so great !! Pegasus is magical, and so does Santa Claus too ! You made great choices !!

I can't wait to see your next update Wendy !
Have a nice week !!

Ingrid said...

Wendy Wow, what a great progress, now you see a lot more of the design! And you chose a different Scott Gustafson, I love this also!

Cindy F. said...

That is a lot of stitches!! I wish you would put 2400 stitches in mine for!!
Beautiful progress Wendy!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - lots of stitching - looks great!