Friday, May 15, 2009

Frustrated!!!! Ideas?

I stitch using a 6x6 Q-Snap. I have the 8x8, but because of the angeled way I hold it, it makes my shoulder sore. I also have the 11x11, but that monster just isn't for me. I don't use a lap or floor stand because it needs to stay portable and small.

So now I have a 33x27 piece of Lugana in my baby Q-Snap. I started the pattern in the lower left corner so I rolled/folded the material down at the top and in to the right. Used safety pins and hair clips to hold it in place, but the extra bulk flops to the back, pulling on itself and being in the way of my right hand. I took a piece of cotton material, wrapped it under and around the bulk of extra material at the upper right corner and tied it under the upper left corner. Kept the material from flopping, but if I pick up and put down the Q-Snap a few times, it all slides out of place and covers my stitching area.

I spent most of my time these last two days fighting the material. I have frogged more stitches than the number left on the material! Tomorrow I'm stitching something else so I don't get fed up with my new pattern.

Any ideas,thoughts, suggestions? Or is there no better way to tame it?



Yvonne said...

I have the same problem with one of my HAED too. How about this Q-snap covers but I don't think you can put your excess fabric in. Barbara made these Qsnap Booties which you can probably try.

Hope that helps :0))

Wendy said...

I use a wooden ring to stitch my HAED. I do have a lot of fabric on my lap, but I don't have to fold it. I also have a floorstand, but I haven't tried it yet to put my HAED in it.

Patchesmany said...

How about rolling the extra fabby and securing it with spare floss? YOu could position it where you want it, and use the floss to secure it.

Cindy F. said...

Sabine, I'm currently using a 6x6 qsnap too. I roll the sides and put clips at top and bottom. But, I'm thinking about moving to my lap or floor stand cause I'm not crazy about the stitches getting squashed in the qsnaps. Good luck girl. I know it's a real pain until you get it situated.