Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back from holidays

Hi you all, I'm back from a week's holiday in Germany, and we loved it. I will be updating my blog with pictures soon, but I wanted to show some progresses here in the first place. I've seen the newly updated progresses of all of you, and I enjoyed them!
I have been able to stitch quite a lot. No computer, and long evenings. DH, DD and DS were playing games, and as they now I HATE playing games, they let me sit and stitch and so we all had fun.
To start with my oldest WIP, here is Call of the Raven. Her cloak (is that the word?) on the left side is almost finished now.

On Vibrant Vista is growing a second tree, and I love it as much as the first.

And I have been working a little bit on QS Elfland. I think it's the first picture of this one and until now I find it harder to stitch on than the other two. Call of the Raven pulled me out of a big depression some years ago, due to its colours. Vibrant Vista is a love at first sight, and in a way, so is QS Elfland, but for now the colours are dark brown and black, not my favorites. It's just something that has to be done, I suppose.


Yvonne said...

Welcome back, Joke. Lots of progress on your wips. I really love the colours on Raven.

Thank you so much again for the great help today. I really appreciate it so much.


Cindy F. said...

Pretty progress on all 3!! So glad you're back with us Joke, but happy you had a nice vacation:)
Blacks and browns do seem to be less than exciting, but just think how it affects the finish! It's going to be awesome!!

Gabi said...

Welcome back Joke :)
And your progress is just amazing. Call of Raven has the most amazing colors, it's simply stunning.
Vibrant Vista is also one of my favorites and it's always a joy to see your progress on this one. And the last one will grow on you, give it a while and you'll love it. :)

Marie said...

Hello Joke !!
Your works are so beautiful !
You already know it, but I told it again... I LOVE your Vibrant Vista !!! Colors are so beautiful.. it's always so appeasing to look at !
And I can't wait to see your QS Elfland growing....!!

Thank you to be here !
Have a nice week !

Wendy said...

Wonderful progress on all your WIP's. I really love the colors of Call of Raven, this is a gorgeous design.