Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm a little late because I'm a bit sick and already a day or 3 lying in bed but still my progress for April 30! It is a slow progress and still not much to see the owl, which is easily visible and left you see the veranda there are, I've been a little less but I really enjoy your progress and thank you all for sharing!
Cindy and Wendy, thank you for this blog
xxx hugs Ingrid


Cindy F. said...

Ingrid, so sorry to hearing you're not feeling well. We hope you feel 100% better very soon:)
WOW! That's amazing progress girl!
This is an awesome design:)

Gabi said...

Great progress. And I agree with Cindy...it's awesome

Yvonne said...

Hope you get well soon. I started my flu 2 days ago and suddenly it is gone. Yours will be gone fast too. There's an amazing progress despite the fact that you are not feeling well. I love to watch this wip of yours growing.

Marie said...

Hello Ingrid !
I'm always waiting for your progress !! Snow white is a so beautiful chart with all the details ! Your work looks so nice and the owl takes definitely shape !
I wish you a nice week Ingrid !

Wendy said...

Wow Ingrid, this is coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see the rest of it.