Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello all,

I was very surprised today when I noticed the invite for this blog and so happy. I'm the newest member here at the moment, so I think it's nice to introduce myself.

I'm Babs, that short for Barbara (which I don't like, it's to long ;-)) and I'm from Belgium. I only recently started doing some embroidery, but I'm allready addicted.

My piece for this blog is the Queen of Hearts. I started a few weeks ago on it, and I'm slowly progressing. I hope to finish it in about a year or so.

This is me in a nutshell, if you have questions or so, feel free to ask.

Greetings, Babs (aka Embroidery girl)


Yvonne said...

Hi Bab! This is Yvonne from Denmark. Big welcome to the blog. I call this the E&E Blog (Encouraging and Enabling). Hope to see a picture of your Queen of Hearts soon.

Carolyn NC said...

Hi Babs,
So glad to have you here. You will be so encouraged to stitch and will love it here.

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Babs!! We are so happy you've joined our wonderful group!
Can't wait to see your progress pics:)

Gabi said...

Welcome to the group Babs. Looking forward to see pictures of your Queen of Hearts

Marie said...

Welcome to the blog Babs ! I'm looking forward to see your work !!
Happy stitching !

Wendy said...

Welcome Babs to our blog! You will be very much encouraged here and can't wait to see your progress.
I have been watching your blog too several times and you make very lovely designs.