Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday SAL

Well, it's Thursday morning here in Texas. I suspect many of you are busy stitching already, as your day overseas is ending soon! I may bring out Aurora's Garden for the SAL. Brought her out one other day this week, but went straight back to The Astronomer. Can't wait to see everyone's progress. Stitch away my friends!


Marie said...

Thank you Sabine for your post ! It is so motivating to know that we are thinking on each other !
I'm in for the SAL !

I wish at everyone a very nice and happy Thursday SAL !!!

Happy Stitching !!

Wendy said...

Thanks Sabine for this wonderful post!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a lot of stitching :( I'm very busy for the moment with my business and I hope I will soon find some time to stitch again.