Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations on all the posts

I just noticed that Beck has made post nr. 1000 !!!!
Congrats to all ladies that have been showing us the most amazing stitchery during the last couple of months.
Keep on going, all of you and you know what ... when I will be back in Sweden later on this week, I don't think it will take long before I will take my "Cabin the woods" in my hands again, even if I said something else, a few weeks ago ;-))


Cindy F. said...

How cool!! Thanks for pointing that out:)
We're hoping you're just taking a short break:) work your stitching, never let it work you:)

Have a great week Mich!!

AND 1000 posts!!! That is AWESOME!!!
Great job ladies!!

Beck said...

And I think that's 1000 quality posts too lol...I love reading what everyone else is working on and hearing just little bits of what's going on in your world. Today here it's cold and rainy (my favourite!) and I'm making bean soup and stewed apples for dinner tonight. That makes it easy to get more stitching in too!