Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post for Valerie J.

My name is Valérie, I live in France. I am 34 years old, married , and I have 3 children, ages 6,8, and 10.

I have been embroidering since 1991. I've been embroidering this Santa since June, 2008, with a Belgian friend who is on this blog, with pauses in my stitching. Each time I embroider 300 crosses, I take a photo of my work and I show it to my French and Belgian embroidery friends, met on the Internet. I am going to try to show you my advancement every week.

I love HAED and as soon as it is finished, I plan to begin another HAED! I am very happy to be part of your blog and I look every day at your photographs, your works are really splendid.
Happy stitching everyone.



Valérie j said...

Many thanks Sabine for this post.It's wonderfule what you do for me

Unknown said...

That's a lovely design you've chose to stitch. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Jan said...

Welcome Valerie! This is a wonderful piece to be stitching. I look forward to seeing more.

Valerie L. said...

Bienvenue Valérie,
Beautiful name you have ;)
I said Bonjour from Québec, and I'm really glad to read you through Sabine's post.

Sabine S. said...

You're most welcome! Your stitching is beautiful! I can smell the hot chocolate and cookies and the kitty looks so real I may need to sneeze!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful!! The Santa looks so real! Looking forward to see the next update.

val said...

hello my friend
i'm so happy that you join us

kisses from Belgium


Carolyn NC said...

Welcome - looking forward to seeing your pics!

kerbear said...

Welcome to the blog! I look forward to seeing this one stitched up!

Wendy said...

Welcome Valerie! That is a wonderful design, love this one too ;)

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Valerie!! We are so excited Sabine can post for you til a spot comes open!! This is a design I would love to stitch too!!