Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Encounter update by Bellatrix

Hello all!
I haven't been updating here for long time. Sorry about that. First our camera was broken and then my mother-in-low was in eye-operation, witch didn't went very well, so we lived whit her couple weeks, she don't have computer - I haven't eaven had chance to check out your progresses.

My encounter is progressing slowly. Two pages - and then second row is finished. I must say, that I'm quite bored to stitch those mountains, only blue , blue blue, grey, grey, grey. So I bought new design. Astronomer - yes me too! Haven't started it jet, but I have fabric and threads now -so soon it begin:-)

From now on I update every week agin, so see you soon!

And great progresses for all of you!

Bellatrix / ingrid


Valérie (french) said...

The colors and the design is very beautiful.Congratulations

Marie said...

Oh my God.... WONDERFUL !!!!
Really, your work is just amazing. The details are so beautiful, I'm totally there when I look at your mountains !
It's maybe a little bit boring for you to sticth the blue and the grey, but, believe me, the!! SO BEAUTIFUL...

It's nice to see you again !
Have a great week !!

Astrid said...

it is so gorgeous !!!!!
everything is better than all the black I am into !!
And the Astronomer... goed choice !!

CathE said...

It's beautiful. Don't give up on those mountains, they are very impressive.

Sabine S. said...

I know that telling you the mountains are breathtaking won't make you any less bored! So join us in The Astronomer and when you get bored of the black,come back to the blues and grays!Good to hear from you again.

Jan said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about blues. I had that with Fantasies of the Seas. Now it's the black in the Astronomer. Come on and join us! We are having a great time stitching on it.

Cindy F. said...

We've miss you friend!! So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's eye surger. Hope she is feeling much better now.

Your Encounter is GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful stitching Ingrid! The mountains may be a pain to stitch, but they are incredible!!