Friday, October 2, 2009

New Buddy List and WELCOME to our new friends!!!

I've added 12 new buddies to our right side bar showing who each is paired up with. WELCOME TO OUR NEW BUDDIES!!!! We're so excited to have you all!

I have linked the blogs of the buddies, if they have one. I wanted to link the members blogs too, but blogger doesn't let us double The ones without blogs, I had to link to something, so I linked to our blog:) Having a blog is not a requirement to be a member or buddy here.

Sabine worked really hard on this and we really appreciate it!! The more the merrier!!
Now the buddies are eligible for monthly drawings, but same rules apply for all....must post at least once during the month of drawing and must leave a comment on giveaway post. Sabine is waiting to hear from a few people, but if we don't hear within a week of her emailing them, we'll assume they're not interested.

Thanks to all who have so nicely volunteered to be a buddy and thanks again to Sabine:)

I'm still thinking about October's giveaway....hmmmm.....suggestions???

Have a great weekend guys! I'll post my Thursday SAL progress by the weekend. (I'm still working on it!)

Cindy F.


Astrid said...

Suggestions??? mmmm fabric ? or dmc (310 lol) a box for the bobbins to HAED chart choice of the winner ???
And a great hugh for Sabine for all her effort to get the HAED familie greater !!!! (XX)

kerbear said...

had to laugh when you said DMC310..I think I still need about 40 skeins of it!

Jan said...

I think a box of 310 would be great! I too need a lot of it.
Thanks to Sabine again for her great idea.

Yvonne said...

Thank you Sabine and Cindy & Wendy for making it for non members to be able to show their wips!

AND YES! I got a buddy! This is such a great idea. Having a buddy means it will boost my urge to stitch, a great encouragement!

Sabine S. said...

Well I'm certainly happy if everyone else is happy! The more WIPs and the more encouragement the better! Welcome everyone new AND we have 2 more joining us.!!

MarchAnn58 said...

Thanks to Cindy and Sabine for all the hard work on setting this up. I love sharing my progress with everyone. Plus it keeps me stitching.
I am set up with my buddy and gee what do you know, She and I already get together once a month at my house for a stitch and Bi**h.

Gabi said...

Hey....March Ann!!!! Waving exited to a fellow ILCS friend.

And don't have any suggestions about a give away. :)

Gabi said...

Forgot completely to say what I came to
Great that the buddie system is set up. Great work Sabine!!!
My buddy Chrysette has already contacted me and I think we're all set up:)

sharine said...

hi just a quick question how do we contact our buddies

Sabine S. said...

Sending you a private e-mail now with your buddy's e-mail addy.