Saturday, October 10, 2009



I finished the face of page 1 and have only a few stitches to go before page 1 will be finished.  I am very happy with the results so far except for a few stitches on her forehead.

I have checked and checked and checked again to see if I used the right colour but it keeps on saying DMC 407 everytime I look. :) This is the colour that I used . . . but it seems wrong.  It just jumps off the face and hits you in the eye.  It looks totally out of place and much too dark for the rest of the face.

Please help - should I change it and if so, to what colour?

 Happy Stitching



Astrid said...

I hope somebody can help you. I dont. Sometimes it seems wrong but later it was te right color.
Fore te rest she is beautiful !!!

Carolyn NC said...

She looks beautiful, but you might want to stitch a little more before you decide. :)

Sabine S. said...

I see the stitches you are talking about. I would not change them until her face is finished. By then they will probably be just right! Many of us have had that doubt. It usually takes standing back a bit and looking at a bigger part of it (look at her whole face when it's done, from a few feet away)before it looks right. She's looking great. I've added this pattern to my wishlist!

CathE said...

I agree with what the others have said, wait until you've finished her face before making any decisions. She's looking great though.

Chrizette said...

Got a suggestion to mix the 407 with the colour next to it. It looks much better but maybe still to dark. I will do the other side of the face and look again. Gabi gave some suggestions of colours. We will see. :)

Anonymous said...
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Cindy F. said...

I hope you get the colors like you want them Chrizette. The ladies offered great suggestions. If you need more help, I'm sure Michele (CEO of HAED) will gladly help:)