Thursday, January 28, 2010

Second row is almost finished!

Hello everybody!

I'm really enjoying to read this blog. Almost every day I check up what's new in here. Such a wonderful progresses you have done.

My own work is moving on quite fast now. I found some motivation to finish my second row. Page 11 is finished finally (it took me really long time) Now I'm working page 12 witch is last page in this row and also smaller than other ones. Few thousand stitches and sky is done (only Kreinik is left now). After that I will celebrate because it has been really frustrating to stitch 6 pages blue sky. And some mountains to do also, but I'm hoping to manage that promptly.
Around 30 % is ready now. Huh.

I haven't touch my Astronomer many weeks now, but that's OK. My priority is finish The Encounter first, so I don't take any pressure about moving on Astronomer.

Have a nice stitching week and SAL my friends!

Ingrid / Bellatrix


MarchAnn58 said...

You Are Doing A Great Job. Those mountains look so real and the castles looks like its waiting for us to visit.

Claire said...

WOW!! all looks stunning!!


Terri said...

Wow Ingrid this is beautiful. I love it. I have to see if I have this chart now :)